Adventure Sonic (v1.3d)

Adventure Sonic (v1.3d) v.1.3d

Yo! It's Son Goku Shine! There's another bug I'd feel guilty about leaving you guys to fend off until 1.4, so I added some extra changes to make it worth your while.
-You can now gift Yoshi eggs, gift a pity-shield/shieldless Nasya a shield, and gift either Wido or SMS a speed shoes powerup!
-Input buffer now activates from midair uncurls as well.
-SA Sonic now tricks off bosses as well.
-Buffed post-homing attack accel after hitting springs. (+8%)
-Buffed post-homing attack accel after hitting enemies. (+25%)
-Nerfed post-homing attack accel after hitting a boss. (Unless Super Sonic)

-Thundercoin Shield now uses a Sonic Advance-inspired attraction shield!

-Your SP colors no longer apply to other characters than SA-Sonic. Ouch, that's embarrassing.
-Disabled custom SA-music in splitscreen. It was buggy if player 2 was the cause of music changes.

Welcome to 3D!
Golden Shine posting!

Removed a buggy oversight and added some convenience I/O features to make this all worth the effort!

-Custom color load order no longer matters! But if you're missing a skincolor outright, it'll still default to auto.
-Now saves and loads your last Single Player (Advance/SADX/SA2) colors.
-Now auto-loads I/O saves in netgames as well.
-You no longer have to manually save to stop the "memories" scene from showing on reload.
-Tails encouragement emote now uses player's skincolor.
-Removed darkness oversight. Miss the darkness? Here it is in a funni command mod!

Your save file does not need resetting for this! (and probably never will, but don't take that as promise!) Now let's pray SA-Sonic won't need 1.3 to learn the entire alphabet!


Adventure Sonic in Mystic Realm Community Edition

Adventure Sonic in Sonic Frontiers (Real. Mockup by Kirb The Korb)
Golden Shine posting!

v1.3b fixes a rare bug where upon joining while everyone's finished, the level becomes dark and the level never ends unless the host decides to exitlevel. Dunno if that is an SRB2 bug or a sudden new Adventure Sonic bug, but I don't want to leave an inconvenience like that in, so here's a quick hotfix.


...this also fixes SA-Sonic handing out gifts from his victory animation.

Hey everyone, Golden Shine posting! 1.3 has patched out most major bugs, so I was allowed to have some fun this time! Lots of extra support for addons, new shields, more performance boosts, finally I/O saving...go read the changelog below!

-Added I/O. To be on the safe side, saves only load in netgames once you open SAmenu. That way if your game crashes exactly then, we can pinpoint it was I/O. Single Player loads automatically. All this will load automatically in netgames later once I've determined stability.
-Beating Black Hole as SA-Sonic now unlocks your reward permanently. (This save will not load in netgames!)
-Game now gives you a one-time notification about the SAmenu command.

-Bounce attack now isn't as harsh when used while submerged in goowater.
-Reduced range of vaultjump a little bit.
-You can now ledgegrab onto Eggman statues and most trees in the vanilla game.
-Super Sonic's blast taunt now blows up enemies.
-Added legendary destruction chop

-Redid Super Sonic's flying particles so the code can safely not execute at all for other netgame players.
-SRB2 now displays a less detailed Super Sonic aura on players that aren't you, or if you're in software mode.
-Other players now display even less detailed invincibility effects.
-Merged MobjDamage Hooks.

-Shields can take on alt appearances when collected by SA-Sonic. You'll keep whatever shield appearance you got on collection, even after switching skins.
-Bouncing now uses spin aura rather than revving aura
-Revving aura updated to be more consistent among colors.

-Once per level, taunts can give Skip, Samus, Duke, Mario, Shadow, Modern Sonic, or super characters a supportive gift!
-Kirby now gets abilities from sucking SA-Sonic.
-Improved compatibility for the newer L_Cosmetics-v1_3 mod.
-SA-Sonic can now speed up Dirk's ice skating with spin, and uses his braking animation.
-Surge can now charge herself by vaulting off a spinning/ancient light-charged Sonic!
-Added support for the footsteps mod.
-Wrestled with Axis2D to try improve compatibility. Keyword: try
-Added better model support. SPR_YTK6 is the Ancient Light glow effect(not the blue part). SPR_YTK7 is SA's jumptrail, SPR_YTK8 is the spintrail, SPR_YTK9 is the spindash revving aura. Also put in code to support models in NiGHTS. Good luck!
-You can now ledgegrab Dirk's ice platforms, and any custom objects modders want SA-Sonic to grab. To add ledgegrab support to your custom objects, add this to an Lua file!
local function LedgeGrabAble(s)
s.saledgegrab = true
addHook("MobjSpawn", LedgeGrabAble, MT_YOUROBJECTITEMNAME)

-Fixed a few minor NiGHTs hiccups
-Sonic's angle no longer shifts when ledgegrabbing up into an intangible platform.
-Fixed Super Sonic's uncurl animation not playing.
-Patched very specific bug where a lone SA-Sonic can suicide in a netgame to abuse Black Core's level teleport.
-Removed PF_CANCARRY when you die and a few Super Sonic flight oddities.
-The LSA now ignores enemies/monitors below platforms you're on.
-If everyone's doing the victory pose, new joiners can no longer stop it and prevent the level from exiting.
-Edited Metal Sonic to kill himself (NOW!) if he has 0 or less health, no matter his state or circumstance.
-Changed circumstances at which Sonic disabled SF_SUPER so transform sectors won't bug out.



On top of this, I've decided to post some of Metalwario64's awesome renders on the main page. Yes, with the same custom model used as reference for his sprites! Feel free to do with them as you please!

Speaking of models, I'd expect an official model to show up soon now that v1.3 has extra support build into it, so look forward to that if you love your polygons!
Okay, so I released 1.2 yesterday but forgot to make an actual update post for it, so here it is. (Seems I forgot to do it for 1.1 too, whoops)
-A quick tutorial message first time you boot up NiGHTS with SA-Sonic. Yes, you can indeed brake!
-Renamed GAME STYLE to GAME FLAIR, to not give the impression it changes actual gameplay elements.

-Buffed bounce-thok's speed and friction-override a little! (PS: Bounce Thok does not utilize the Far Thok!)
-Ledgestop mechanic no longer activates based on turning angle. It'll now only do it if you've braking or aren't holding the stick.
-You can no longer command-line your reward out of Black Hole Zone early. -Fixed silly Minecart taunt bug and turned it into a silly Minecart feature!
-Sonic (base form) now bonks off walls if he hits one during an active Lightspeed Attack.
-Added compatibility with L_SuperColorsRevamp-v1.pk3

-Players other than you now display less detailed Ancient Light lines
-Whether the LSA cam activates or not should be more resistant to resyncs.

-Spinrev Aura now adjusts sprite depending on additive blendmode or not
-Super Sonic now flashes Advance-style when using the Sonic Advance skincolor.(And Flash Effects are on)
-Improved Ancient Light line drawing for Software Mode.
-Super Sonic speed aura kicks in sooner.

-If hitting a horizontal/diagional spring, properly reset forced playerangle.
-Homing Animation now properly plays in the case of a corrupt nodes bug-failsafe.
-Fixed some errors with how/when Sonic died
-Fixed rollangle seldomly screwing up if you trick into a ledgegrab.
-Stopped taunts clashing with certain behaviors.
-SA-Sonic's 50-ring token behavior now only activates in COOP. Should fix Chaos Mode tokens!
-Fixed "YEEEEESSSS!!!" earrape if there's a billion end level signposts.
-Updated signpost camera again to try pick the closest signpost incase there's multiple.
-Minor other issues.

Feel free to keep bug reports or requests for mod support coming!

I/O (saving/loading menu settings) support will come later! I want to determine SA-Sonic is stable first, since Samus taught me I/O can cause SRB2 to crash with a higher probability the more stuff is loaded/the worse the user's device is. I/O was vital for Samus, but not so much SA-Sonic.

Here's 2 vanilla bugs I've seen directed at SA-Sonic. Fixing them requires crazy hardcode-fighting systems that'd take away from performance, so the plan's to wait. Thanks for understanding!

Moving platforms sending you flying when passing through from underneath.

Jumping into unact-able states from bobbing platforms. ("JD" being lit up means you can act)

Finally, I added some extra advanced tips, Adventure Emblems as extra recommended mod to the list, and a fun command you can add to AUTOEXEC.CFG to instantly load my list of recommended Adventure Mods. Have fun, everyone!