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[Open Assets] 100% Accurate Characters Version 1.2

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100% Accurate Chars gives alot of cool moves to the player. I'll start with global changes.

Holding C1 as any character will make them run faster. Just a simple boost : ) (known as prime boost)

Sonic, being the star of the show, is the only character in this pack with moves (sorta)
Running for a long enough time provides boost mode, this slightly increases your speed and stacks with prime boost.

If Sonic holds C2 and jumps, he can perform perform the super jump, this launches him into the air without taking any speed away.

He can also do the double jump, to do this, double jump.

Though this might seem like a patch only for vanilla characters, I've also added support for some other characters. Though, only 1 change.

List of supported characters I added:
Tyson Hesse Sonic

Plays just like sonic, minus super jump, instead, infinite chaos snaps.
Plays just like Shadow, but with infinite flight.
Has boost mode, but instead of speed increase, gets infinite charge. Prime boost doesn't fit on them very much aswell.
Hate how I left your character out? (I bet you don't) well using player.PCAdded == true in your code, you can make certain things only work when 100% Accurate Chars is added.

Version 1.2:

There have been chances in how gameplay works, C1 is now completely useless, you now have to hit boost mode the be able to use Prime Boost, which is done automatically, thanks to PotCleanerL. for telling me about that!

Have fun and go do stuff!


TGTLS: Speedway Characters and Super Jump

SuperPhanto: Paper Styled Peelout

ArumnMighty: Camera Zoom

kirb the korb: Boost Mode Sparks

buggie the bug: Metal Sonic breathing stuff

delf: Smooth Spin Trail

StarManiaKG: Recurl

Ninja Sonic for the dust

Marcon for Sonic's Thok Mobj

Me : ): Everything else
You're already here!

Everything here is reusable besides TGTLS' mods, ask permission for those or else :threat:
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.2

    Fixed everyone always having speedshoes (now you must be in boost mode) Invincibility no longer...
  2. Version 1.1

    Gave sonic a thok by pressing C3 (or I forgor to mention it) Added Battle Mod Support, everyone...

Latest reviews

i love this mod, but it seems the C1 doesn't increase speed at all. maybe that's just me but you may want to make it increase the speed a little bit with the dash mode aswell.
Yeah, I forgot to mention that in the newest update, Dashmode is now what activates Prime Boost, I'll make sure to update the page saying that!
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Well... It works.

Everyone always has Speed Shoes, which makes them extremely hard to control (not to mention the jingle doesn't stop when getting actual Speed Shoes.)

Invincibility (from a monitor) wears off once you do a trick.

And the Speed Twok could be set to spin, but maybe I'm just being picky.

But the idea of characters being "canonically accurate" is actually pretty neat, keep it up.
Just patched all of these bugs, thanks for telling me!
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