What was the first version of srb2 yall played?

To be honest here I've been playing SRB2 since I was at least about 4 or 5 (2008-2009), though I've only really found archives of the game on my father's DVD backups from Sep '12.
CORRECTION: i was supposed to say "some months past 2.2's release" not "2.2's release, after a few months"
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Welcome to the fun, buddy! What do you think of the game so far?
2.2.10, not sure how long after release, but some time last year. I'm really enjoying the game so far, and I have shared it with most of my friends, and they have enjoyed it as much as I have.
I remember it as the days when the lasers of the Egg Mobile were separate sprites instead of the cool-looking one we have now.
Despite the fact i told people in the srb2 server i started in 2.2.9, i actually began on 2.0 but i didnt know, though when i began it was on a psp emulator, it lagged a lot, so i only played for like 5 minutes before quitting, I was SHOCKED to find out the psp version was 2.0, because i remembered it being EXACTLY like 2.2.
By the way i never got past gfz 1 because the lag was THAT bad. I used the psp emulator in a heavily outdated tablet that i dont own anymore.
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Another little fun story i wanna say is that, i actually remember seeing a ton of srb2 2.1 videos on yt cause the game was also blowing up at the time iirc, i played the psp version like i said, and yeah after i stopped i never touched it again despite seeing many videos on my recommended (never watched em though, just skipped through)
Then on 2.2's release, after a few months, i saw many srb2 2.2 videos, i just ignored them, then 2 weeks before 2.2.10's release, i began playing srb2 and still am to this day. I dont think ill ever stop.
2.2.4 or something, i'm late to the party. Yet, i'm ironically the biggest nerd for SRB2 history in provably the entire continent.
I recall seeing 2.1 once in a video because i was curious and i just went "uuuh yeah no nvm its just worse looking 2.2 i guess" one time, but it's actually kinda charming looking.
I don't remember the exact version but I remember seeing the 2.1 greenflower..... I've been playing srb2 since 2016\2017.....I really realize that I'm a bit old in srb2

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