What was the first version of srb2 yall played?


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story time my first time playing srb2 was around 2010 i think my brother had srb2 2.0 so i would always play on his computer
2 years later i got my own PC and i downloaded srb2 but it was 2.1 and i wanted the same version as my brother but i didn't know how so i played the whole game through before recently i started playing 2.2 and 2.1


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Back on 2007 or 2008, on the times where i was barely even born (i was born on 2004 and my brother on 2000) my uncle used to give us CDs or DVDs to my family with video games for PC, specially because we didn't have any internet connection at all back then

I remember playing a lot of SRB2 on 2009, and kept playing the same version even though it appears that on 2010 we also had "quite a few more levels" on another SRB2 disk that my uncle gave us

It was until 2016 when i realized my uncle initially gave us Final Demo 1.04 and that was the version we spent the most playing LOL, and the one from 2010 was version 2.0.6 but i think we were more familiarized with Final Demo 1.04 anyways

Yeah, i barely remember playing 2.0.6 quite a bit on either 2012 or 2013, and my brother once showed me 2.1 on what appears to be 2015, but it was until 2016 when i really went serious with this game... Starting from the fact me and my brother saw the Final Demo 1.04 having an option to host multiplayer games and we asked ourselves: "Do people even play this anymore? xd"

Imagine what happened after i got into 2.1 and months later (on December 2016 specifically) found how to connect to multiplayer matches on which i spent insanely active during 2017 and a big part of 2018... And now here am i writing this on 2022

(Yes, i know this is practically a summary of my entire story with Sonic Robo Blast 2 LOL but i guess i did correctly at detailing why Final Demo 1.04 was the version i kept playing the most even up to 13 years after it release)


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woah final demo werent you people were young back then before 2.0 got releasd?
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also in summer i went to play 2.2.25 becuase i havent played it before
Ye I was like 10 when I played, its been a long time, from when sonic 06 came out. *nostalgia
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It was very very VERY old story.
Best gfz 1 and 2.
But i'll stuck on tlz 2.
I just didn't think to press the button...
And I'll forgot.

And soon I back to game on new version 2.2
And I passed this game.

and I back to 2.1 for revenge STUPID BUTTON!

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