What was the first version of srb2 yall played?


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I started playing SRB2 specifically on version 2.1.19. Used to prefer going online to playing the campaign.


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Srb2 2.0.6
Started playing around March of 2010. Only started created an account on this forum in September when I was smart enough to do the verification at the time.
Basically I found the best game for me at the time since my laptop back then was absolute garbage.


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while i may not remember the exact version, it was one of the 2.1 ones in 2020 and i got into online at the current version (2.2.10)
those were fun times


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Despite the fact i told people in the srb2 server i started in 2.2.9, i actually began on 2.0 but i didnt know, though when i began it was on a psp emulator, it lagged a lot, so i only played for like 5 minutes before quitting, I was SHOCKED to find out the psp version was 2.0, because i remembered it being EXACTLY like 2.2.
By the way i never got past gfz 1 because the lag was THAT bad. I used the psp emulator in a heavily outdated tablet that i dont own anymore.
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Another little fun story i wanna say is that, i actually remember seeing a ton of srb2 2.1 videos on yt cause the game was also blowing up at the time iirc, i played the psp version like i said, and yeah after i stopped i never touched it again despite seeing many videos on my recommended (never watched em though, just skipped through)
Then on 2.2's release, after a few months, i saw many srb2 2.2 videos, i just ignored them, then 2 weeks before 2.2.10's release, i began playing srb2 and still am to this day. I dont think ill ever stop.
I started about the beginning of this year on 2.2.10. Worth every megabyte on my hard drive.
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2.9.0?! Are you a time traveller?
Joke haha

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