What was the first version of srb2 yall played?


Neanderthal femboy
2.1 in 2017 or 2018, I don't know.
Thought it was official because it was reviewed by some German software distributor, who kinda also thought that it was official. He even praised SEGA for finally making a "return". That version was 2.1.14 and thus way older than the one that was considered the current version.
Well i wanted to play 2.1 but my mac from years ago was not working and did not play it but now that 2.2 is out i wanted to play it i also played the 2.1 version too and it was alright


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Despite the fact i told people in the srb2 server i started in 2.2.9, i actually began on 2.0 but i didnt know, though when i began it was on a psp emulator, it lagged a lot, so i only played for like 5 minutes before quitting, I was SHOCKED to find out the psp version was 2.0, because i remembered it being EXACTLY like 2.2.
By the way i never got past gfz 1 because the lag was THAT bad. I used the psp emulator in a heavily outdated tablet that i dont own anymore.
Similar story for me except I played 2.0 on PPSSPP because I didn't properly know of 2.2's existance. Then I downloaded the game on Windows (2.2.1) and yea.

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