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Werehog Sonic and Chip join the race!
After a mission to stop Eggman goes awry, Sonic found himself with a new form and a new friend. How they're both here in SRB2K is a mystery... maybe the Phantom Ruby has something to do with it?

STATS: Handling 3, Acceleration 7
COLOUR: Blueberry

The Werehog is an alternate form for Sonic and part of Sonic Unleashed's main gimmick. His gameplay style is more combat and platform oriented as opposed to Sonic's more fast-paced boosting. Chip is your partner and a cruical part of the story.

I don't think anyone's done this yet, at least not with Chip in the same pack. Also, spikes are hard to draw from the back.

I hope you enjoy using these two in your racing experience!
Also ignore the stats in the first gif, I had issues with the file and forgot to change the stats in that build. They're correct in the current one.


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So, hypothetically, if I were to make a Second Color counterpart of this KC to change Chip's colors, would you mind is I released it for the public, or should I keep it for personal use?

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