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fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
"Aw yeah, nobody can catch me now!"

yes, this is indeed correct, we have a new batch of ultra-sonic abilities. nope, not even super sonic. ultrasonic.

but wait, i hear, what even is in this pack of abilities for us to enjoy? well, i'm very much glad you asked. in this pack, we have five whole abilities for experiencing!


The Thok Burst
Don't be fooled, this is no regular thok, but rather one that will take you even farther! This won't send you far by itself, but build up more and more momentum, and you'll go flying farther than any regular lualess hedgehog could even dream of! You even get a bit of height from the thok too, though it is rather small. The thok will, though, get you up heights that Sonic can just barely not reach normally.



The Drop Roll
One that spawned from a failed attempt at a different ability, the Drop Roll is the unwanted cousin of the drop dash from Sonic Mania. Press Spin in mid-air, then watch as Sonic drops down in a spinning state! Even better, this ability sends Sonic downward so fast, that he gains crazy momentum off of slopes! Be careful however, Sonic is pretty difficult to control in this state, and it's definitely the hardest skill to master here!

Other Abilities?


Uncurl Thrust
Tired of going to slow speeds? Trust me, this ability won't disappoint. Sonic, whenever he uncurls from a ball, will thrust himself forward a little bit, giving him control again and giving him some more speed, but leaving him vulnerable. This ability will not thrust you forward when you're in dashmode (we're not that ruthless), but you'll still have the ability to uncurl normally.

Pivot Dash
The original idea this pack was based on has been unfortunately pushed to the side. How unfortunate! Sonic, using the Custom1 button, can immediately reverse his direction and preserve his momentum, but he has to be on the ground to do it! In addition to this, Sonic gains a little bit of speed every time he kicks off a pivot, so do with that what you please.

Yes indeed, Dashmode is back! We already know that the vanilla dashmode flag can't actually break spikes, but Sonic says nono to that and breaks spikes in dashmode anyway!​

Other changes?

Some of Sonic's stats have been changed to make sure he isn't overpowered with his new Thok Burst. Both his starting and current acceleration have been lowered.
I just made him sapphire for no reason lol deal with it

the pivot dash is bad and useless and bad don't use it

V1: Initial release.

V1.0.1: Quick patch to fix the drop roll and thok not adapting to reverse gravity.

V1.1: Almost completely reworked the drop roll (not that it matters, still plays the same) and added an extension to the Uncurl move, now renamed to the Uncurl Thrust. Also raised the height gain for the SuperSonic Thok.

V2: Split the thok burst into two different parts; one for low speeds, and one for high speeds. the high speed version is the same, but nerfed slightly, and the one for low speeds gives you a pity thok with a predetermined distance.

V3: wow huge update
reworked both the burst and drop yet again, added basic visual effects to each (and dashmode!), and spikes will now be broken if touched while in dashmode!

V3.1: added sound effects i forgot to put in whoops
[Bug fix details and other additions will creep their way here if there happen to be any, which I don't doubt.]


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Saturn Ross

The Local Bird-Brain
Oh man, I had a blast with this Sonic variant. The new Thok was fun to take advantage of, and dashmode is always a plus to have! Pivot dashing is a bit more useful than I expected, mostly to stop myself from idiotically running into CEZ3's pits and spike balls.

Oh god, the Drop Roll is like my original Drop Dash code coming back to haunt me... and it's stupid fun to use now slopes are a thing. You would not believe how fun it was to launch myself off in ACZ1 for instance~


nevermind, back to OC
I found a little exploit that allows you to use the reverse to pick up dashmode without standing still for a spindash, and without using much space.



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fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
I found a little exploit that allows you to use the reverse to pick up dashmode without standing still for a spindash, and without using much space.


as a matter of fact, i am actually aware of this exploit! (well, at least in this section here)
In addition to this, Sonic gains a little bit of speed every time he kicks off a pivot
honestly, i half considered just allowing you to preserve your momentum, but since this new moveset is all about getting to high speeds and keeping them, i thought it'd be fun to give sonic a little bit of extra speed!

Oh god, the Drop Roll is like my original Drop Dash code coming back to haunt me...

fun fact the drop roll...never actually stemmed from a drop dash! there is some useless code in the .pk3 file (that i should really clean up) that implies the existence of a 3d-sonic-esque bounce that never came to be...
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Yoko Shimomura
It's kinda nice to see all the changes that the community bring to Sonic's gameplay lately.

I gotta say the drop roll and pivot dash stand out to me the most in this addon. With the former feeling like a nice hybrid between the drop dash and stomp, while the latter serving as a very interesting way of keeping your momentum.
My only nitpick would be the fact that you can't use the drop roll if you have a shield with an ability.

the pivot dash is bad and useless and bad don't use it
I think this ability is pretty solid until you start strafing. Once I strafing and using it I just lose my sense of direction for a brief moment lol.


fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
V1.0.1 is live, just a patch to make the moves that give you vertical movement (i.e. drop roll and supersonic thok) reverse to suit flipped gravity sectors like in egg rock zone. no we will not be cheesing erz2 today folks


fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
bam, sonic just won't stop reaching higher speeds, especially now that version 1.1 is live! some changes were made, like sonic gaining more height when he uses the supersonic thok, but more of his abilities has been upgraded!

yes folks, introducing...the uncurl thrust!

what does it do? well, read the original post and download V1.1 to find out!


fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
V2 has been released, if i'm being honest i don't have an awful lot to say about it other than what's already in the changelog

i had a different move planned, but that's unfortunately not coming to fruition lol.

have fun with what i have right now!


fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
it crossed my mind recently that this still existed, and i decided to apply what i've learned from my modding lately and give this old lua mod a new coat of paint, coincidentally on christmas day how about that

check the changelog on the original post for details on the new Version 3 Update!

merry christmas, happy holidays, and a happy new year!


fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
SilverVortex updated Ultra-Sonic Abilities with a new update entry:

Rerelease for Xenforo Message Board

hey everyone! this is just a new rerelease of UltraSonic Abilities for the Xenforo Message Board. V4 is absolutely the last i plan to work on this mod in favour of other mods that i feel are more worth my attention. this is the definitive version, and coincidentally the only version where everything works as intended. please have fun with this mod!

Read the rest of this update entry...

Extem the Hedgeho

Bob is mad
The Pivot Dash is actually the exact opposite of useless.



Don't ability-shame your mod :P
Also sorry for messing up at the end of gifs 1 and 3, it's just hard to press F9 while you're in the middle of playing the game lol

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