Tyson Hesse Sonic

Tyson Hesse Sonic v5.1

I love the new sprites!! I don't have a single problem. I see that you took inspiration from the Sonic CD Concept art, or Toei version of Sonic.
Yeah because tyson hesse sonic is inspired by junio sonic
Yeah that's why I love how he moves, and I really like that he doesn't have the whole classic circle run cycle. It one of the things I love about Junio Sonic, but I don't use him anymore cuz I really don't like his Mid air Ability.
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Based on the feedback about the sprites I have decided that I'm going to be possibly remaking most if not all of the sprites
These are for the possible v2 version (Reusing ones that i've already had made but cleaned them up a bit.)
Or in fact, it may be hand drawn.
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In the future will he be getting his new sprites for the future versions? Because right now his sprites are still the same except the idol animation witch was reworked.
I do hope Hesse will get a proper run animation of some kind (that isn't identical in sprites to the peelout or jog sprites).
There are things to go off of, like the more leaned-into run of Junio (seen in pencil test for like a second before the peelout shows), or the "modern" run animation (as non-modern versions of sonic have been often shown running that way, hesse sonic included in the mania intro, sonic world in sonic jam, possibly sonic 3d blast saturn's special stages, etc.)

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