Mid-tier Pixel Artist
Twins' Epic Cup

Featuring 5 race maps, 2 hell maps and a battle map. (Maybe an additional cup in the future? idunno.)

This cup's aim is to feature stages that have a bit of a visual identity, combining pre-made and custom textures to feature a unique aesthetic.

What stages are featured? Wellllllll.....
(excuse the spoiler jank, I can't get rid of it for some reason)
The stages:

TRACK I: Aqua Planet
Straight from the 8-bit Sonic Chaos, Aqua Planet takes place in an industrial ruin off the bay of South Island. There's barely any offroad here, so be careful, as one bump can have you be plummeting to the watery depths.


TRACK II: Ante-Station
DISCLAIMER: THIS MAP USES VISUAL EFFECTS THAT DO NOT DISPLAY IN OPENGL, THIS DOES NOT MAKE THE MAP UNPLAYABLE IN OPENGL HOWEVER. An original stage taking place in another dimension where the laws of Euclidean space doesn't always apply, this 2-lapper is not too difficult, but don't be surprised if you spinnout towards a place you might not like.


TRACK III: Heaven Pass
A remake of an old SRB2 vanilla circuit track by the same name, this one takes place in a mysterious garden high above the sky. Be careful, as one bump can send you plummeting from the stratosphere.


TRACK IV: Nightlit Woods Zone
In the woods, nearby a city, surrounding the mountains, features a stage with a midnight aesthetic like no other. A lo-fi 2 lapper that lets you r e l a x as you get bumpcoded into a hazard you probably saw coming.


TRACK V: Storm Station
Near Angel Island, above an oddly circular volcano overlooking a nearby landmass, rests a gigantic weather-control station whose purpose was once to help forcibly bring Angel Island down to cause a tidal wave, engulfing the neighboring islands and who knows what; It would've succeeded had Sonic & Tails not stop the heinous scheme from happening just in time. This is a toughie, knowledge of drift storage is recommended to navigate these tricky turns, one wrong bump, and you'll be sent plummeting through the clouds and into the ocean, had the kart's warp drive not kick in :v.


TRACK HELL I: v2.0.x Special Stage Zone K
This piece of terrible was my first attempt at mapping for kart that I never finished..........until now.

Taking place in an alternate dimension, this stage is an homage to the Special Stages of old in SRB2's 20+ long year development cycle. (MAP SLOT IS MAPYF)

TRACK HELL II: Ante-Station Classic

An earlier revision of a map that's already in this pack! It's quality is likely questionable, but it's the only map that pushed visual portals to an extreme so there's probably some kind of quality to that. (SLOT IS MAPYH)


On their way to the next track, they took a wrong turn when crossing dimensions, and somehow ended up in a militaristic starport overrun by demons. PERFECT ARENA FOR A BATTLE.

Coming straight from DOOM II, this map is a pseudo-remake of the original stage, allowing you and a couple of your buddies to deathmatch it out as if it was 1994................except with go-karts instead of shotguns, chainguns, or plasma rifles. (supports battleplus)

* Initial Release

+ Replaced the weird shortcut pipe with offroad
+ There's now a replacement texture in place of the mirror for OGL users
* Fixed some missing textures
*The map slot has changed from Y1 to YA to avoid conflicts with other mappacks

+ Now a map pack!
+ Added Ante-Station
+ Added Horizontal Springs (By Lach and DirkTH)

Aqua Planet:
+ Added a few dash panels as well as horizontal springs here and there to make the stage better flow.
+ Big u-turn now has a barrier
* Reworked the finish line area to get rid of the visual portals that were once there
* The invisible death FOFs in the arena area are now intangible.

+ Forgot to put an encore palette for Ante-Station, now it has one :>

* On both stages, there was checkpoint jank caused by unnecessary additional waypoints as well as misplaced waypoints, this should now be (hopefully) fixed.

+ Add barriers on the big S-turn to make it a little easier to traverse
+ Added blue springs at the end of both of the S turn shortcuts to make it easier to get yourself back on the right lane.
- Removed physics on a majority of the slopes and shortcuts towards the end of the lap.

Aqua Planet:
* Fixed a crash caused by stupid dumbness

Aqua Planet:
* Dumbness strikes again! Fixed missing textures and broken geometry near the start of the track.

+ There is now at least ONE boost pad at every spiral to hopefully make them more interesting
+ Item placements have been rearranged to hopefully encourage more competition.
+ Mini-maps have been edited for clarity

+ Beginning section has more deco in it now.
+ Slight texture upgrade.

+ Now there's asteroids* at the space part. *may not be real (good-lookin) asteroids
* New experimental spring placement at the end of both shortcuts, they shouldn't jettison you to your death now.

+ Added Heaven Pass
+ Added v2.0.x Special Stage Zone K
* Every single level select picture has been retaken and downscaled with bilinear filtering instead of nearest-neighbor, making them more crisp and high quality.
- Removed some unnecessary speed boosters in the previous two stages

* Some weird geometry has been fixed
* as well as some texture alignment issues
* The cut near the S-turn has been removed and replaced with some offroad on the concave side of both turns.

v2.0.x Special Stage Zone K:
*Fixed checkpoints spawning you under the floor.
*Fixed players being able to fall off the track at the SS6 part.

Heaven Pass:
+ :^)
+ Increased the number of checkpoints to prevent cheap deaths.
* The sloped u-turn has been made less steep
* Spring placement has been slightly changed at the platform part.
* There's now a sloped death barrier at the u-turn

v2.0.x Special Stage Zone K:
+ Another death pit has been tagged to prevent GBJs

+ Some sneaker panel textures have been fixed.
- Lap number has been reduced from 3 to 2.

*Hotfixed a crash involving missing vertex slopes

Heaven Pass:
- Removed a mysterious floating item box

Aqua Planet:
* Changed some lighting before the tunnel
* Moved some speed pads down further towards the finish line.
* Tweaked its Encore palette a bit more

* Added some springs at the non-euclidean spiral to hopefully fix some issues with offroad over there
* New encore palette.

Heaven Pass:
* Made the waterfall translucent as well as more animated than before
* The Horizon linedef is now being used in the skybox, making it look more vast and infinite

+ Added Entryway (with BattlePlus support)

Aqua Planet:
+ Added a custom flashpal to the stage.
* Revised the turn just before the arena area to improve directioning and turn flow

* Fixed a row of red springs clipping into the floor.

Hotfixed an issue where the music would play too loud, saving all of your eardrums the trouble.

Hotfixed ANOTHER issue where Freedoom's skies would conflict against the vanilla skies.

Oh boy.
+ New, nicer looking minimaps with graphics and cool stuff on them.
+ Retook all of the level select pictures AGAIN to account for the new/edited layouts.

+ Added Encore Music
+ Added Nightlit Woods
+ Added Ante-Station Classic as a hell map (MAPYH)

Aqua Planet:
* Yet another new palette to mitigate issues with skincolors
* Some boost pads have been moved, others have been lit up
* Issues with jeckpoints caused by overdrawn angles have been fixed

* Nearly 9/10ths of the stage has been overhauled, now its completely compatible with ogl
- The older version was jettisoned to hell under the name: "Ante-Station Classic"

Heaven Pass:
* Now 4 laps instead of 3
* The first spiral has been extended and has been telegraphed better
* The long straightaway now has a curve to make things more interesting
* The skipping stones bit has been retooled to be more visible as well as account for all stat types
* Changed waterfall textures
+ Took advantage of Encore Load to load up a new sky/skybox exclusive to this version of the stage
*....on top of redoing the Encore Palette in general to pay homage to SRB2: The Mystic Realm's Starlit Palace/Inner Sanctum.

* The music has now been rerecorded with the right soundfont
* A slime trail caused by a midtexture has been fixed

* Fixed an animdefs crash relating to the freedoom textures

Nightlit Woods:
* The island in the center of the lake now has 200% gravity, making it easier to land on it with speed mods (hopefully).

Aqua Planet:
Fixed a GBJ under the tunnel

Heaven Pass:
Fixed a GBJ at the spiral turn

Nightlit Woods:
Increased the gravity on the island out of paranoia with speed mods


+ Added Storm Station.
+ Added Palette Textures and Flats for use with certain stages.
+ Nearly all of the minimaps have been tweaked/redrawn to be cleaner/more readable.
- Pack's assets are now non-reusable. The textures and flats will eventually get released as part of something on a later date

Aqua Planet:
+ The stage is now flooded in certain areas.
* The waterfall at the end of the tunnel has been made transparent.
* The noclipping skybox has been fixed.

+ Minor bits of decoration added.
* The blue shortcut is now less jank, and has an indicator telling racers that it's there.
* Nearly every slope towards the end of the track has either been lowered, or their slope physics removed.
+ A Disclaimer has been added to warn OGL users about OGL's shortcomings :^(

Heaven Pass:
* The sloped u-turn has been lowered.
+ Additional decoration has been added to the entire stage, keeping its visual style more in-line to its inspiration :^).
+ Encore music has been replaced with something a bit more fast-paced.

Nightlit Woods:
+ New, more contrasting colormap.
* Some otherwise uninteresting areas have been made more interesting.
+ Signposts.
+ Slight visual upgrades in certain areas.

- The walls of text that pops up upon level load has now been removed

Nightlit Woods:
* Road now glows, increasing visibility even more
+ Some additional speed boosters added near the big jump

Storm Station:
* You shouldn't be able to fall off the final turn now

Supporters / Co-Authors:


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Instead of saying "Not compatible with OpenGL" could you please say that there is a rendering error of an opaque wall texture at the finish line in OpenGL that doesn't affect gameplay?

Really, when I read "Not compatible" I think that it is either going to tank framerate to be unplayable (Crystal Abyss) or crash the game. This is a minor graphical glitch and the map is still perfectly playable with it.

Also, I couldn't seem to find any sneaker shortcuts.
Updated description a bit:

Also, I couldn't seem to find any sneaker shortcuts.
There is one, its kinda hidden and shoehorned in tho (a better one will be replaced in an update)

theres a sloped pipe at the sloped u-turn, boosting into it at an angle will allow you to skip the turn

Fixed some things, revised some offroad, and oh yeah

Full changelog in first post

This stage is now a pack, featuring 2 levels with 5, in total, planned.

Full changelog in post.

aqua planet has been hotfixed so it doesnt crash anymore

---------- Post added at 05:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:52 PM ----------


Hopefully final update for today, now if you'll excuse me imma lay my head down in shame
Haven't had the chance to play this on netgames but I'd still like to give some criticism of these 2 maps.

--Aqua Planet--

The usage of thok barriers at the beginning is kinda weird, especially considering the path I enter and the place I exit from are all some type of structures yet the starting line is just an empty ramp.

Speaking of empty, there's pretty much nothing to do for the first half of the race until I finally hit the first item box set (which is at the halfway point of the map). And after I hit those item boxes, it's just a long, empty spiral until the next set of items. Said set of items are the last AND at the finish line so getting an item there is pretty much false hope.

On a side note, this map's minimap is missing a graphical indicator as to where the finish line is (aka the gray line).

I kinda like the aesthetic here. The mirrors at the start, the dimensions inside the giant machine, and the teleporting areas. Unfortunately, there's not much here.

The first area is, again, a long, empty spiral. After that, you get your first item set. The window to use them in a way that actually trips someone up efficiently enough, however, is very short. The path that follows are 2 sets of very small boost panels that are hugging the walls, followed by 3 wind sector paths that push you forwards. You basically have a second to hurt someone and speed items are pretty much useless.

At the end of the 3rd wind sector area is where you get your 2nd item and go into the 2nd area. I was worried as to why the minimap was covering this section, but it was just another long, empty spiral. This time with seamless teleporters that prevent you from going backwards (for whatever reason, not as if you'll get very far considering the wind sector cutoff) and also kinda mess with your drifting due to the stutter from the teleport.

The last area gives you an item and chucks you out into space. This is the most featureless part of the map imo, being just a long S-turn. There's also 2 cuts you can take, both having 2 extra item sets in total while taking the cut, with blue springs at the end of them that kill you. I mean, there's only 1 way to take this cut and NOT get flung into the pit, and that's to always be on the edge of the direction the cut is tilting towards AND you need to angle yourself in the air so that you just don't land then fall off later. Kinda strange as to why there was slope physics on one cut but not the other in a previous version, but now there's no slope physics on either cut. Either way, this cut needs work so unsuspecting players don't get punished for trying to go fast.

And at the end is another item box set. Again, right at the finish line, giving you false hope. The minimap is also missing a graphical indicator as to where the finish line is.
Update again :>

Some issues with Heaven Pass have been addressed
On top of spraying some more GBJ-B-Gone on v2.0.x Special Stage Zone K

Full Changelog in post!

---------- Post added at 07:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:54 PM ----------

shit crashes happened

should be hotfixed now :<
Oh boy here's a big one:

Added a new battle map straight from DOOM II with BattlePlus support. Full changelog in post.
im the only one inhabiting this thread and you cant tell me otherwise :^)))))))))))

Anyway hotfix for your eardrums. You might want to update if you haven't already
This update is BIG man, I had to purposefully and shamefully turn this title in clickbait to get people to understand but good GOD.

Literally EVERY stage has received some changes from major to minor, and this took the longest to do as well. Special thanks to jartcast for helping me get my track design shit together. I can only hope these hours upon hours of Zone Builder/Aseprite made it worth it.

You know the drill, full changelog in post!

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