Hey there, I'm Torbin Crow! ...You don't care who I am, but I bet you're more interested in these 16 (and more) characters I will bring! The sprites I drew for each character are my heart and joy... and I can't wait to show them all to you!


"Imma blast ya!"
Me! I'm a cartoon robot who rides around in a tophat-shaped car... who is actually my companion, Tophat Yabbi!
OC Character
Speed: 7
Weight: 2


"Sonic Speed!"
You've probably seen many like him before, but THIS Modern Sonic is actually voiced by Roger Craig Smith instead of Jason Griffith! There are also several different language alts; Japanese, Spanish, French, German, and Italian!
From: Sonic Series
Speed: 9
Weight: 3


"I'll make my uncle proud!"
Dr. Robotnik's niece, who is willing to do everything to defeat Sonic; so much she put herself in a kart to challenge him!
From: Sonic Mania
Speed: 4
Weight: 2


"I bet you weren't expecting ME to join the party; did you now?"
Fazbear Entertainment's mascot animatronic, who also comes with an alternate skin; Golden Freddy! Warning: If you are jumpy to loud noises, be cautious when putting Freddy in your server.
From: Five Nights at Freddy's
Speed: 7
Weight: 9


"It's my character! I'm the Trash Man!"
The legendary Trash Man, Danny DeVito! He has various voice clips based on his many roles, but mainly his role as the meme-famous wrestler.
From: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Speed: 3
Weight: 5


"Imagine if I hadn't been drunk! Heheh..."
One of the three Defense classes from Team Fortress 2! He makes himself most notable by being the only character who would dare drive while drunk!
From: Team Fortress 2
Speed: 4
Weight: 6


A strange mushroom girl from an even weirder fighting game. If her stats don't weird you out, her sprite-style sure will. Also includes NES Kinoko skin.
From: Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2
Speed: 1
Weight: 3


"Oh, hi! Welcome to my schoolhouse!"
The main antagonist of Baldi's Basics, now in full 2.5D glory! He also has a camper outfit! What's that? He's too loud in some voice clips? Hahahaaa!
From: Baldi's Basics
Speed: 5
Weight: 7


From: Dinosaur Adventure
Speed: 2
Weight: 6


"How's it going, bros?"
The former king of YouTube! Includes two different versions with the only difference being the sound that plays when he loses; if you don't like loud funny noises, go for the Normal version.
From: YouTube
Speed: 8
Weight: 4


Made of pen and ink, she'll win you with a wink! This character comes packed with 1930's voice clips, plus a black and white alt skin!
From: Betty Boop
Speed: 2
Weight: 3


"Yeah, I'm the bad guy."
The main protagonist of an underrated indie game, Nefarious! Much like his canon implies, Crow doesn't mind kart-racing with his rivals before going on his princess kidnapping spree!
From: Nefarious
Speed: 6
Weight: 5


"We were always together, weren't we?"
Is this character even allowed...? Should be fine, I tweaked her design. Anyway, this character's stats are most unusual, and her voice clips are very musical.
From: Me!Me!Me!
Speed: 9
Weight: 6


"Hello, I am Spooky."
The spookiest spooker of them all... Similar to Crow, Spooky has (seemingly) driven a car before, so being in a go-kart against Sonic and friends seems right up her ally!
From: Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion
Speed: 6
Weight: 2


There's already a Madotsuki addon out there, but I made this because the other one used original Yume Nikki sprites, which didn't fit so well with SRB2Kart's artstyle... so I made my own version.
From: Yume Nikki
Speed: 3
Weight: 1


A trojan who somehow snuck into the world of Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, threatening to corrupt Sonic and friends' codes!
OC Character
Speed: 4
Weight: 4

These are all the 16 characters in the pack... but wait, there is more! I've also included some Bonus Characters. Bonus Characters are characters I've made who share their stats with a base-game character, unlike others I've made.
Here are the two Bonus Characters included in this pack.


"U-Um... hello..."
This character belongs to an anonymous friend of mine, who requested that I make this a character. Like Torbin, she also gets her own unique kart, which is a heavy-duty slipper kart.
OC Character
Speed: 1
Weight: 9


I am aware someone already did Noob, but I had to make my own version (with a variety of ROBLOX sounds other than "oof") in response to a certain character being in Super Smash Bros. Noob also has an alternate skin with some very memey, loud sounds; Michael P!
Speed: 3
Weight: 3


Update 1.0.6: Fixed the default colors of NES Kinoko (Mustard), Baldi (Emerald), Oro (Moss), Crow (Dusk) and Spooky (Cyan). Now their icons use the right color when viewing them with the Moe Mansion version of the game. Also fixed a certain problem with Madotsuki's right-turning sprite, where a lone pixel would appear far to her left.

Update 1.1.0: Fixed certain drifting sprites of Oro and Danny so that their heads tilt towards the right direction. Speaking of drifting, Demoman has also been adjusted so his head tilts towards the direction he's drifting, instead of being upright. Also accurately fixed Crow's speed stat; before, it was 7, which contradicted me saying it was 6.


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Small update: Five characters have their default colors fixed (NES Kinoko, Baldi, Oro, Crow and Spooky), so they don't use the wrong colors when viewing them in the Moe Mansion version's character select, or when you're waiting to join a game. Also fixed a lone, pesky floating pixel that appeared in Madotsuki's turning sprites.
Another small update: Three characters have updated drift sprites; Oro and Danny now have their heads tilted in the right way when viewing the back of their head, and Demoman now actually tilts his head, instead of keeping it upright while drifting. Also adjusted Crow's speed stat; it was originally 7, when I intended it to be 6, and somehow I missed that until now.
Hi Torbin, change the version number of your addons (ndividual chars) to measures that you update, each of them says that they are still v1, and it is causing conflicts on some servers. By not doing so will cause conflict on the servers that use your characters.
Ah, okay. Thanks for the heads up, I dunno why that didn't occur to me... but I'll get to fixing those as soon as I can.

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Updated the version number of characters included in the Individual Pack. Dunno why that didn't occur to me before... but uh, yeah, now your servers won't have conflict. Hooray.

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