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[Reusable] Tikal the Echidna [LuminousWarrior]

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The pre-existing Tikal, while nice, just wasn't quite up to par with the rest of the roster. So, I made my own.


Speed: 3
Weight: 3

Chengi, for making Amy Rose, who I used to make sure I didn't completely mess up the proportions.
B. Comet, for his help with the eyes and A4A6.
Various others users on the Discord for feedback.
The usual, SEGA for making Sonic, the Sonic Robo Blast team for Sonic Robo Blast, Kart Krew for SRB2Kart, the people who made the Doom engine being used, ect. Tell me if there's someone I missed.


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Kart Krew™️
The sounds kinda bother me though I imagine you didn't have much to work with. Still, welcome to releases!
Yeah, there really wasn't much to work with for the sounds. I wanted to go with something I felt fit her personality, friendly and pacifistic, so I had her be apologetic when she attacks you and wish you luck when she passes you. I think it fits well, but there's only so much to work with when most of her dialogue consists of hints and menu stuff.
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