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Um okay...


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Alright, here's an actual update and not an April Fools joke.

You can now toggle the reticle SFX, and shut up the Jazz band too. Enjoy!


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Unrelated but I love that Byleth artwork you have.

On a more related note thanks to allow people to disable the jazz music.


Now i know that you've gotta be faithful and use the same sfx but JESUS HECK HE SCREAMS LIKE HE'S JUST BEEN STABBED IN THE LEG WITH A KNIFE MADE OUT OF ACID
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Thanks Zero!

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One Question, How do I put a Custom Character in a Wad File?

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Seriously, How do I put your Werehog in my wad file?


You know what? You don't need to answer that question! I already found out! But I had to disable Chip and the Grapple Punch because the Sprites didn't load correctly!
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My PhD is made out of foam.
Surprise update!

Thanks to Colacoot, Werehog has recieved a nice lil facelift for most, if not all his front facing sprites. His face looks way less goofy now!

More changes in the changelog.


It was no biggie, just about 2 days of editing faces whereever I saw them.
I overlooked the NiGHTS sprites and wanted to do something for the grappling hand, but figured those'd take a bit more time than I wanted to spend doing on this lol.
enjoy the less goofy faces


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Will he ever be compatible with battle mod? Please do try cause he's fun and I'd love to have him available for it.


My PhD is made out of foam.
Quick update, featuring some Quality of Life improvements!

Plus, a small little easter egg for those who find it. ;)


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I would like to report that the spin attack doesn't seem to grant the player any Score at all, which is an issue when it comes to KHBlast, as in that, Score = XP, and thus if an attack doesn't give Score, it doesn't give XP. This is not a bug in KHBlast, as I checked in the base SRB2, and the Werehog once again fails to gain any Score there.

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