The Spark Cup Pack (It's the end - or not!)

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Okay, I've just been doing some testing, and... I'm not quite ready to give this pack the DaytonaKart stamp of approval just yet. I'll explain why with my verification runs, which I do without sneakers on Normal using Latias (7 Speed, 3 Weight):

Magical Monolith Zone
2 Laps, 100s starting time, 50s bonus time per lap (150s total)
Verification Time Left: 11s
Assuming that the fastest lap of this track is around 47-53s, I feel this works. However, I feel the fastest lap might be nearer 55s or even 60s, so the starting time and bonus time may need to be tweaked. Apart from that, this map passes verification.

Sweet Wonderland Zone
5 Laps, 80s starting time, 20s bonus time per lap (160s total)
Verification Time Left: 23s
Again, assuming the lastest lap is about 17-23s, this works, although it might be closer to 25s. Apart from this, this map passes verification

Submerged Shipwreck Zone
3 Laps, 80s starting time, 50s bonus time per lap (180s total)
Verification Time Left: 10s
I feel this is just about perfect, so it passes verification.

Cerulean Riviera Zone
3 Laps, 100s starting time, 40s bonus time per lap (180s total)
Verification Time Left: 35s
I personally feel you are a little bit too generous with the starting time for this map, given the Verification Time Left, even with a couple of small bumps, gave over 30s. I would suggest 85s for the starting time for this to pass verification with about 20s left, but unlike the ones below, this isn't as pressing of a matter.

Ironbed River Zone
3 Sections, 110s starting time, 45s bonus time per section (200s total)
Verification Time Left: 60s
When a Verification Time Left is this high, it means something is seriously wrong with the starting and/or bonus time values. Remember, the bonus time is based on the fastest lap. You will need to tweak the bonus time and the starting time before this passes verification, especially the bonus time, as I felt I could clear the last section in under 40s without sneakers.

Submerged Shipwreck Mini
9 Laps, 45s starting time, 15s bonus time per lap (165s total)
Verification Time Left: 61s
This map I feel really could do with a 10s bonus time per lap, instead of the 15s you gave. This by itself would take the Verification Time Left down to 21s... But due to the nature of the course, I would say making the starting time 50-60s (which takes the Verification Time Left to 26-36s, but which is okay for a map like this) would be a good move.
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Now for real, for real! Version 2.2 is out, adding a final set of QoL changes, Battle Map fixes, minimap fixes, Daytona Kart time fixes and more ads, courtesy of Eldog's Community Resources Pack V4!

I probably will not patch the pack any further unless a huge game-breaking bug pops up, and until the new maps are ready!
Version 2.3 is finally here with a new track based on Sega Rally 2. As always, check the changelog for details!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
Just played the Encore version of Sloppy. I was expecting a new Encore palette, and the full winter revamp impressed me, but a whole new announcer as well? Now that was a masterful touch.
Version 2.4 comes with a revamped Map Hell and some small QoL changes to existing maps, including Sloppy Sludge and Ironbed River. As always, check the full changelog for details.

Next map will be the last one in the pack, at least for now! Until it's released, as always, let me know if any mistakes pop up!
Version 2.5 is out. As always, check the Changelog for a full list of details. Most important changes include a new Encore palette for Ironbed River (basically Misty Maze's palette change) and a new command for Sloppy Sludge to give the announcers a break: ss_shutup.

When in Sloppy Sludge, open the console and type the command ss_shutup, followed by a space and then On or Off.

"Off" is the default option and changes nothing, giving you the original Sega Rally 2 experience.

"On" silences the announcer's narration of the turns in the track. However, so as to not completely lose its presence, will still be active at the countdown and finish line voice lines.

This variable is client-side, which means each player can decide for themselves regardless of server or situation! Huge thanks to Yoshimo, who came with some nifty lua code which made this possible. Have fun!
I got around to trying out Sloopy Sludge, and while I feel the time might need tweaking, I personally see it as a two section per lap, two lap track. Hence why as part of the upcoming DaytonaKart V1.7, I've added this feature:


Also, didn't get around to verifying it without sneakers, but with them, I often ended up with less than 10 seconds remaining.

If you want this to be included in DaytonaKart V1.7 when it comes out (hopefully very soon!) then a "lua.lapcheckpoints = 2" line for this track would allow it to get that.
Starman91 updated The Spark Cup Pack (V2.5) (Very Very Long K shut up) with a new update entry:

Plans for the future!

Hello! It's been a long time, and I've mostly taken a break from mapping. However, in the future (sooner or later, whenever it may be) I'd like to finish the pack and finally get it out of beta.

As a first notice, this is not a pack update so if you're only here to download stuff, you can move on. Thank you!

As for the plans for the future, this is what I have in mind regarding each track.

  • Magical Monolith
    • This was the first track that I made. Although I think...

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Starman91 updated The Spark Cup Pack (V2.5) (Very Very Long K shut up) with a new update entry:

V2.6 - The Return of a Legend


It's been a while. Today I release the Spark Cup V2.6, with some significant changes, including the separation between race and battle (See the battle map in a different file), no more dynmusic in favor of native Encore music, some minor changes to most tracks... And the addition of a certain legendary track, Touge Zone, by Unusual_Infuriation, into Map Hell (as MAPVJ). Remember that this track is meant to break all general mapping conventions, so take it as it is for how...

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Starman91 updated The Spark Cup Pack (The Return of a Legend) with a new update entry:

V2.65 - Riviera Reformations


This update is meant to be another transition update that brings the maps from the original Spark Cup into a new level by mostly giving them a needed coat of paint. Today's turn is Cerulean Riviera!View attachment 55489

The Monaco-based track now boasts a slightly altered layout that's generally wider and friendlier towards players, and it features more flare and less gray railings and floors! In addition, the casino visuals have been updated and Lap 3 adds...

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Touge is the worst thing me and my friends have ever seen and it is hell every time we play it. I absolutely love it, 11/10
Starman91 updated The Spark Cup Pack (Riviera Reformations) with a new update entry:

Return of the Monolith

Good evening! It's been a long while, hasn't it?

After beating this recent burnout, and in the span of just a few days, I've been able to throw another update! Not the huge new track (or remake of that other track) people were maybe expecting, but instead, it's the turn to give a facelift to my very first track: Magical Monolith!

View attachment 71348

Inspired by stuff like the Caverns of Time in World of Warcraft, this track now goes all out with the non-sensical...

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Starman91 updated The Spark Cup Pack (The Monolith Awakens) with a new update entry:

It's the end (or not!)

Hello, everyone.

Kart (as we know it) just turned 5 years old a few days ago. For a period of time, this game was the best outlet for my creative efforts, and mapping became incredibly fun, if also frustrating at times. Eventually, it all went well and I released something I'm very proud of, even today!

However, I've since moved onto other places and communities, and while coming back to lurk every once in a while is incredibly fun, I don't find myself in the place to return to mapping...

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Starman91 updated The Spark Cup Pack (It's the end - or not!) with a new update entry:

Thank you.

It's weird to think that at some point, the end would actually arrive.

Marking the end to all patches to this map pack (not counting possible emergency fixes), the Spark Cup reaches Version 3, and thus, the end of its maintenance, at least from me. Thanks to the input of multiple people, including Alug and Sunflower, as well as exhaustive testing, this final patch includes two main new changes.

First up, Ironbed River has now become Ironbed Descent.


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