The Spark Cup Pack (It's the end - or not!)

[Open Assets] The Spark Cup Pack (It's the end - or not!) 2.7

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Introducing the "Spark Cup" Pack!

The Spark Cup is a map pack intended to be balanced around both RA and netgames alike, containing five tracks (Spark Cup), two experimental tracks (EX) and a battle map. These levels are inspired in their concept by the music that plays on them. If it exists, and you like it, thank the music! That's the main building block and inspiration for the entire map in the first place. The first five tracks (Spark Cup) are meant to give you a traditional SRB2K experience while the experimental tracks (EX) attempt to push the game to its limits and explore new ways of racing!

This pack is now open to you all! It's fully reusable and maintainable. Fix those blind turns as much as you want to, and let this be still a netgame mainstay!

The map pack features:​
  • Five regular tracks + Two experimental tracks (WIP) + Three hell maps​
  • Encore Mode versions for most tracks​
  • Compatible with Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties (shortcuts only guaranteed for Normal and Hard)​
  • One Battle Map, Battle Plus supported!​
  • Compatibility with Daytona Kart!​
  • Easter eggs (???)​

It's magic!

Magical Monolith Zone (MAPVA)


My first map for SRB2 Kart, Magical Monolith Zone is a 2-lap race that takes you through a detour in a road in the middle of a meadow, in order to take a trip around the nearby mountain. In this weird and mystical location, few things are as it seems... Despite being inside of a cave, portals open to the outside world, revealing strange ruins of ancient civilizations and glowing rocks in weird formations...

Did you already take the shortcut through the monolith? In this new, revamped version, new shortcuts are now available! Jump off the cliff of the remade mountain section and use the floating lanterns to your advantage for a flying boost! Land on the panel, though, or else you'll be out of luck!


Wait, how can a cookie ever work as a starting line?!

Sweet Wonderland Zone (MAPVB)

SwWoZ - Thumb.png

Sweet Wonderland Zone brings you to a small, yet colorful place filled to the brim with chocolate, ice cream, cake and candy! Explore this 5-lap track by going under a birthday cake tunnel, driving through the heart-shaped loop, drifting through a hairpin surrounded by candy canes and blasting over frosting paths and cookies under the gaze of the ever present unicorn cakes!

The heart-shaped loop even includes bouncy lollipop borders at one point. Use them to your advantage! If you have a sneaker, you may even take a shortcake through the shortcut. Wait... The other way around, that is...


(Uses Custom Sky Texture 424!)

Going down!

Submerged Shipwreck Zone (MAPVC)


Drift through land, sea, and fly like a cannonball in Submerged Shipwreck Zone, a 3-lap track with mostly underwater physics. Jump from the docks down to a sand pile with its landmark sandcastle, enter an abandoned ship and its abandoned dining hall and museum, make sure not to fall off the deck of the sunken galleon, explore a pirate cave full of treasure and fly back to the comfortable piece of land, where Chao gather to... Play beach volleyball??

The pirate cave entrance marks the start of a steep descent. If you were to make use of the ledge carefully, you could scratch valuable tenths of a second in RA mode... Maybe even without the need for a sneaker! Be risky and gain an edge over your rivals! And most importantly, make sure to speed capture the huge jump section for a last-second advantage. Few tracks send you through such crazy jumps!


Just in case you didn't have enough Monaco!

Cerulean Riviera Zone (MAPVD)

CeRiZ - Thumb.png

An adaptation of the famous real-life Circuit de Monaco / Côte d'Azur, Cerulean Riviera Zone takes you through a coastal principality with its famous recreational center / casino, allowing you to take into the pretty sights of such bustling city! Drive uphill towards the casino, and leave it through the tunnel leading to the harbour zone, full of dangerous chicane turns. Don't get distracted by the copious amounts of advertisements, even if yours is always open to be there! ;) Make sure not to crash into the walls in this highly technical 3-lapper.

This track, just like its real-life counterpart, has a pool! Except this one allows you to jump over it! Be careful, though, as the tight layout will not give you a break, especially on the latter half of the track. Make sure to polish your racing line! In Record Attack, all major shortcuts are disabled - so learn to take those turns!


(Uses Sky Textures 6461 to 6480!)​

"evo gfs lets go" - Ibuki 2020

Ironbed River Zone (MAPVE)


With more than 20000 FU of height difference between Start and Finish Line, Ironbed River Zone is one of the tallest maps in SRB2K, surpassing even Downhill Jam Zone, which served as inspiration for its verticality and variety of locales. This is a sprint map that follows the River from its source until it ends at the sea! You will travel through many different changing places - a fountain cavern, a lake, an emerald mine (which may be the source that powers those boost panels?!), beautiful rolling hills and donut-shaped mountains, and an idyllic and peaceful town based on the Mediterranean coast!

All major shortcuts are disabled in Record Attack - but don't fret! An EXTREME waterskipping section is mandatory. Will the river send you through the upper or the lower path? React accordingly - but be ready! The race continues through a dizzying minecart section!


(Uses Custom Sky Texture 300!)


Disclaimer: Some of these tracks may not be optimal for extra modes. Details:

MAPVF may be non-optimal for play in: Combi (due to player starts), Local Splitscreen (due to narration overlap)

Welcome to the world of Sega Rally! It's slippery when wet!

Sloppy Sludge Zone (MAPVF)


In a remote location on a mountain ladder, a small town witnesses brave racers participate in a rallycross course... The stadium roars as the racers get set on the finish... Lines?

Welcome to Sloppy Sludge Zone, a 4-lap track (or 2-lap, depending on how you see it) that runs parallel to itself on two lanes, akin to the Super Special stages in Colin McRae Rally and the Head2Head mode in DiRT! You'll drift through a muddy jungle, a set of very slippery caves and a lush mountainside village in a course based on the Muddy tracks from Sega Rally 2 (for Dreamcast and PC)! Certain sections of the track will be filled with slippery mud - so be ready for a really technical and challenging course that is difficult but satisfying to master! If you see an orange partition with thin red-white barriers, items can traverse through it. Watch out for flying orbinauts, sneaky Jawz and bouncing Ballhogs, and use those sections to your advantage for sick lane-to-lane shots!

The Sega Rally inspiration does not end there, as this map contains a brand-new lua functionality, courtesy of Eldog, that replicates the navigator voices and indications from the original game! Looks like we got ourselves an old-fashioned Sega Rally Championship!

Finally, do check out Encore Mode for a really "cool" twist on the track!


(You can use the command ss_shutup On to silence the announcer and ss_shutup Off to keep it working.)

I swear this plays differently than Baby Park.

Submerged Shipwreck Mini (MAPVH)


A very short and quick 7-lap round on the island featured in Submerged Shipwreck. Ever wanted to know what was in that tunnel? There you go! Mind the weather getting slowly more violent as the race progresses! By lap 5, the weather becomes so dark, you may not see a thing at all - so be careful! Inspired by short tracks with varying weather like Thunder Circuit by BMongrel as well as my need of including at least a short / long complex of tracks. You can blame Gran Turismo for that. Legends say that at the darkest times, there's always a place for love. Perhaps there's a secret path that leads to it...

Every map has its crusty origin.

Magical Monolith Classic (MAPVI)

Back in 2019, a younger me full of hope and passion for mapping decided to create a masterpiece. Instead of that, what ended up being was this first version of Magical Monolith, that you can now play, full of outdated features! It does go to show, though, how much a map can change from its original state until its finalized version. Any original mistakes the original version had are also kept here, so be careful! To differentiate it from the main version, it has its own music.

(Doesn't support Daytona Mode yet, but may be supported in future patches)

*Runa screams in the distance.*

Touge Zone (MAPVJ) [by Unusual_Infuriation]

Touge - Thumb.png

The highlight of Jartcast's S1E11 and S1E12, Touge Zone is here to sprinkle Map Hell with never-before seen levels of japes and madness! Featuring extremely narrow roads, insane jumps, ramps and elevation changes, and lots of general jank and maybe even some GBJs, this map is a testament that even the "worst" maps can be one of the most fun to drive through. An experience that you should try for yourself, now with working checkpoints and waypoints and added jank sections, this version is a unique mix of all known builds of the track!

For a less hellish version of the map, as intended by the original mapper, make sure to load KR_TougeOriginal for a version out of Map Hell with a proper thumbnail, minimap, and better turn scaling! Load this file after the pack for it to work!

(Doesn't support Daytona Mode. Why would it...?)

It's the entire circus!

Sound Insanity Zone (MAPVL)


Sound Insanity Zone comes along this pack as a Battle Map, featuring elements and music based on the Panel de Pon / Tetris Attack series. Don't get crushed by the blocks, which conveniently move up and down along with the theme's tempo. Take profit of the wacky elevator in the middle of the stage, which also moves up and down frantically to the rhythm, and use it either as an ambush route or an escape route! And (don't) slack off in the totally (dys-)functional piano sections! Although they are filled with items, they are slippery!

Starting at the 16-second mark, music bars will appear on what are otherwise death pits. Are you feeling brave? Then you can use your spring item to take a risky jump and style over your opponents! The music bars also move up and down to the rhythm. This might also be one of your best ways to escape in a pinch!

Load KBL_SoundInsanity to enjoy this course!


Battle plus mode supported!

V2.7 - Current
  • Magical Monolith
    • General layout overhaul
    • Graphic upgrades
    • More shortcuts
    • New music intros
    • New minimap and thumbnail
    • It's basically a new version of the map!
    • Is now considered finished. All further changes will be just fixes or minor stuff
  • Magical Monolith Classic
    • Added in Map Hell as MAPVI
    • Has new music to differentiate it from the main version
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • FIXED the issue in the first turn where a piece of off-road was incorrectly tagged as a death pit
    • Added more mountain
  • Touge Zone (Both versions)
    • FIXED the issue where a death pit wasn't marked as such
    • Touge Zone (Original) has a new version: V1.1

  • Magical Monolith
    • Widened the yellow springs section at the cave entrance
    • Widened the Monolith loop towards the outside
    • Widened the last turns on the forest / wooden section
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Has been REVAMPED, mostly visually to feel less vanilla
    • Lots of new custom textures
    • Changed layout in the first turn and the straight after it
    • Made the casino area turns generally wider
    • Changed location of first item set
    • Made some turns where decoration roads and main road meet slightly more open-ended
    • More ads!
    • A LOT of decoration and lighting effects added to spruce up the track with the new Restaurant and Hotel buildings
    • Sick fireworks effect on Lap 3 added
    • Is now considered finished. All further changes will be just fixes or more ads
  • Touge (Hell Version)
    • Fixed waypoint issues and unwanted map skips where you could go backwards in a loop and make sections count
    • Added measures to prevent backtracking
  • Touge (Original)
    • Added by the mapper's request
    • Replaces Touge (Hell Version) if loaded, please load AFTER the whole pack to prevent conflicts
    • Don't expect changes to this map beyond fixes since it's technically not mine!
  • Sound Insanity (Battle)
    • Fixed easter egg texture alignment

  • Touge
    • Added. Check update for lore.
    • Obviously, due to the nature of the track, this is now considered finished. All further changes will be just fixes.
  • General
    • Dynmusic support has been removed.
    • Maps VA to VE have native Encore mode music instead
    • Record Attack ghosts nuked until ALL MAPS are considered finished
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Changed the placement of some food and drink items to make it more consistent (drinks on one side, candy canes on another, cookies & cream on the last turn)
    • Updated thumbnail accordingly
    • Made the shortcake turn more readable by lifting the outer bank
    • Smoothened midlane at the candy cane hairpin
    • Is now considered finished. All further changes will be just fixes.
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Fixed issue where you could land out of bounds with enough speed at the huge jump.
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Changed placement of the last item box set so you can't take the P-Scene shortcut and the item set at the same time.
  • Sloppy Sludge
    • Is now MAPVF
    • Native ENCORE FINAL LAP music has been added
    • Visual upgrades to the jungle section
    • Added banners indicating lanes and instructions about the announcer
    • Made the last turn in the Bridge Lane significantly easier
    • Made hitting people from above in the last turns easier by changing the banked midlane in compensation
    • Added more mud in both lanes after the bridge / tunnel
    • Updated minimap accordingly
    • Updated DaytonaHUD times to be slightly easier
    • Is now considered finished. All further changes will be just fixes.
  • Submerged Shipwreck Mini
    • Is now MAPVH
    • Changed the weather mechanic to be triggered by the player going first, rather than the one going last. This guarantees that every race will reach the darkness state.
    • Added a certain Easter Egg that only pops up starting from Lap 5 onwards. Dedicated to those who need it the most
    • Is now considered finished. All further changes will be just fixes.
  • Sound Insanity (Battle)
    • Is now MAPVL
    • Is now its own file so as to not overuse freeslots
    • Moved some item boxes away from the piano keys into the central elevators
    • Slight visual upgrade
    • Fixed Battle Plus incompatibilities
    • Is now considered finished. All further changes will be just fixes.

  • General
    • GFZROCK has been purged from the entire map (Hopefully.)
    • Lowered opacity of all known sneaker panel highlights to 20%
  • Magical Monolith
    • Widened the Monolith loop and the turn after a bit more
    • Made the checkpoint on the Monolith loop a bit more forgiving
    • Fixed slope and alignment issues with fences at the start of the map
    • Minor visual improvements, and removal of useless linedefs
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Added pink patch of road to mark shortcut a bit better
    • Removal of slope physics on the heart loop
    • Some small visual upgrades and alignment fixes, and removal of useless linedefs
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Made some signs easier to read with OpenGL by separating them from the walls a bit more.
    • Widened the S-Turn near the sunken ship remains before the jump a little.
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Fixed a track mistake
  • Ironbed River
    • Minor visual improvements
    • Software glitch at the start now appears in a less egregious place - thus it shouldn't affect gameplay as hard
    • Changed Encore Palette
  • Submerged Shipwreck Mini
    • Fixed contradicting directioning of arrows around the track
  • Sloppy Sludge
    • Now has a client-side variable: ss_shutup. Off by default, turning it on silences the announcer on turns to make the experience more straightforward. Does not silence the announcer on voicelines near the finish line.
    • Minor visual improvements to both Normal and Encore versions

  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Fixed usually unreachable GBJs inside the ship
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Added more ads
    • Some small visual upgrades
  • Ironbed River
    • Fixed usually unreachable GBJ at the start of the map
    • Added more sneaker panel warnings on the two major shortcuts in the map
    • Minecart section is a bit wider on some turns
    • Small visual upgrades throughout the map
    • The exit of the "donut hole" shortcut now has normal driveable grass instead of a death pit for players that barely make it through. Lowered grass on the inside for slightly better visibility
  • Submerged Shipwreck Mini
    • Has a new layout to make the track even less like Baby Park
    • Race is now 7 laps long instead of 9 laps
    • Has a new lighting effect that makes it super dark starting on Lap 5. True map hell energy! Use the lightning strikes as visual aid!
  • Sloppy Sludge
    • Fixed some of the jank (unwanted air time) on one of the turns on the outer section of the track
    • Made inner loop slightly wider (and thus shorter) to balance time between both sides
    • Visual upgrade to the skybox to make the outer loop less boring
    • Small changes to already existing voice lines
    • Narrator now says "Checkpoint!" and "FINISH!" when reaching the finish line depending on the lap. Works both in Normal and Encore mode.
    • Spawns have been flipped for RA to pit you against the ghosts on different lanes, rather than on the same lane.
    • Fixed RA ghosts (shouldn't break anymore!)
    • Slight change to the finish line banner and ads
    • New thumbnail

  • Sloppy Sludge - Map Release
  • General
    • Custom game data is now called "customtracks.dat" to attempt everyone's custom game data to fall under the same file name!
    • Added more RA ghosts on all maps
  • Music Pack - Updated to include final lap music for Sloppy Sludge (Normal and Encore)
  • Magical Monolith
    • Fixed GBJs on the map
    • Increased width of the second half of the monolith loop (where the stone hole shortcut is) and raised the death pit there
    • Increased width of the turns on the wooden planks leading to the finish line
    • Added "secret behind the waterfall", same secret as Ironbed River Zone
    • Visual upgrades to certain sections, like the cliff section and the finish line
    • Shortened music loop to save space
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Very slightly reduced size of the first off-road patch so as to be less punishing for being sent there
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Raised death pit in the pirate cave area
    • Lowered lip on the landing docks area to remove even more potential for bonks
    • Added banner
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Fixed a problem with the linedef executor - Shotgun Kiss (Last Lap version) should now play for everyone
    • Some small visual upgrades to the skybox and other places, and one more ad
    • Improved minimap
  • Ironbed River
    • Fixed the two known instances of GBJs in the map
    • Added sneaker panel warnings on the two major shortcuts in the map
    • Added chevrons on a certain part of the minecart section to avoid people driving the wrong way
    • Reverted rail next to the yellow springs to a midtexture again. Grind the rail!
    • Lowered the "donut hole" at the shortcut in the second section (River Section) to make going through it when using invincibility and lower-speed attempts slightly easier
    • Extended platform at the start of the third section to avoid fallouts especially when using Grow
    • Minor visual changes to the wood used in the track, including fences at the start
    • Added pillar at the end for the end signpost to stand on
    • "Secret behind the waterfall" now has a kill plane if you bonk on it for quicker return to the track
  • Sound Insanity
    • Map has now more item sets on the banked sections of the map
  • Submerged Shipwreck Mini
    • Now occupies MAPVG, leaving room for the next maps to come after it

  • General
    • Daytona Kart time variables have been adjusted.
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Updated ads on the track to the latest version (V4) of Eldog's Community Resources
    • Increased size of the first set of springs slightly
    • Added instant kill sectors to the heart section of the course and the outsides to reduce punishes for rare out-of-bounds situations and avoid major skips
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Moved track boundaries to help a little with software performance
    • Updated minimap slightly to reflect the layout changes
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Updated ads to their most recent versions
    • Fixed small lighting bug
  • Ironbed River
    • Updated minimap
  • Sound Insanity
    • Map is now 10% smaller using Mobjscale
    • Reworked circus roof to make it easier for the eyes
    • Ice physics on the piano keys reduced from -25 to -15
    • The piano keys are now functional and emit sounds!
    • New Thumbnail
  • Submerged Shipwreck Mini
    • New Thumbnail

  • General
    • Pack now contains variables that make it compatible with Daytona Kart
  • Magical Monolith
    • The U-Turn signs should not appear half the size anymore when loaded with other packs
    • Added U-Turn sign on one of the turns on the last portion of the track
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • The U-Turn signs should not appear half the size anymore when loaded with other packs
    • Added slightly longer barriers in the ship entry jump to reduce number of people missing the blue springs
    • Minor fixes
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Added death pits around the track to fix GBJ issues
    • Added advertisements around the map - do check them out! If you have any ads you wish to see there, do send me a DM.
    • Adjusted the skybox slightly to make the casino building cleaner.
    • Changed fence texture in the first turn mini-shortcut to clarify track bounds easier.
    • Added Horizon Effect linedef
  • Submerged Shipwreck Mini
    • Added weather and lighting effect in a similar vein to Melon Pack's Thunder Circuit
    • Removed instances of GBJs in dock zones

  • Ironbed River - Map Release
  • Submerged Shipwreck Mini - Map Release (in Map Hell)
  • General
    • Map slots changed from 92-97 to VA-VI (and onward) to avoid conflicts with other maps
    • Spark Cup Banners sprawled across the maps
    • All Easter Eggs have been moved to places where they can be spotted by purely driving
    • Music Pack updated to v2 to accomodate the new tracks
    • New thumbnails on all tracks
  • Magical Monolith
    • The second turn has been completely reworked and now has no off-road
    • The main pillar shortcut now has strong off-road. It can still be taken without a shoe, but it's even riskier than before and the time gain is negligible without one.
    • Changed finish line banner
    • Small visual upgrades over the track, including the addition of U-Turn signs (Thanks SoupBowler!)
    • Landing zone after the red spring panels is now wider
    • Completely new minimap (slightly more optimized)
    • New Encore Palette
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Springs are now lollipop springs! They play a jelly-sounding sound effect when stepped on. Otherwise they work exactly like red spring panels.
    • Added a banner warning of possible jank involving firmsneakers
    • Added some gravity at the end of the shortcut to avoid flying off and nerfing the drift store slightly.
    • Minor visual upgrades, including a bigger fence and better unicorn eyes
    • Changed some death pits into instant kill sectors to avoid ultra major skips
    • Increased height of the final jump to reward speed captures
    • Added off-road on the left side of the finish line to reduce number of deaths per bump
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Adjusted the platform at the huge jump and removed a solid midtexture to make it more accesible to firmsneaker users, while keeping it safe for grow users.
    • Those same docks are now intangible from the bottom to avoid further issues
    • Extra gravity has been added at very end of the landing zone to make respawns faster and avoid going too far
    • Added a banner warning of possible jank anyway
    • Adjusted some checkpoints to extend over the off-road
    • Signing in the ship has been changed to U-Turn signs (Thanks again SoupBowler!)
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Widened the turns on the latter half of the track, while attempting to retain the technical challenge
    • Small visual upgrades to the casino and tunnel area
    • Added glue to the pool shortcut to make it impossible to take with a miniturbo
    • Moved the floor arrows back a notch to improve readability
    • Added banked inside on the first casino turn to improve readability
    • Initial sneaker panel is now sloped correctly
    • First turn cut now has the same flat as the rest of the tiled off-road
    • RA Mode now has the major shortcuts cut off. Want a good display of skill and time? NO FREE CLOUT.
    • Final lap music for this course has been fully integrated without the need for Dynamic Music. Because Shotgun Kiss is godlike.

  • Magical Monolith
    • Reduced the difficulty of the Monolith turn by adding rails and improving visibility slightly.
    • Made the monolith shortcut easier by raising the track road.
    • Small visual changes, including the initial area, the cliff area, and some turns in cave sections.
    • Added solid rails at the finish line to avoid frustrating bumps against pillars right before the finish line.
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Small visual upgrade to the outer parts of the track. (Lighting, candy sticks and oreos!)
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • New thumbnail. Again. Hopefully the last change in a while (until the ship zone is overhauled once more...)
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Fixed non-solid wall before the first chicane and the resulting chance of a GBJ
    • Added a solid FOF to attempt to avoid major skips.
    • Fixed a skybox error that caused a visual mistake close to the turn before the pool.
    • Added a visual panel to show the pool shortcut.
    • Small visual upgrade to the tunnel and pool sections.
    • Moved some floor arrows around to make the track even more readable.
  • Sound Insanity
    • Removed all instances of GFZROCK around the level.
  • General - The file should not load with warnings anymore.

  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Fixed a very small regal wall at the turn after the boost panel.
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Using Grow at the jump should no longer kill you. Docks extended and another set of boost panels added to help Grow users catch up quickly.
    • Increased width of the first turn. Hopefully, no more bottlenecks!
    • Cave entrance slope slightly altered.
    • The shortcut / ledge on the cave is slightly more powerful in order to accomodate for accel characters. It's also now more visible and has had a few cosmetic changes to make it stand out more.
    • Tiny cosmetic changes to the cave section.
    • The sea floor (as in, how the skybox handles it) should be much cleaner when approaching the springs, and the visuals should be a bit less jarring.
    • Waypoint fix - the second ship hairpin (Treasure Room) was not working properly and has been fixed.
    • Easter egg is on a different location now. Oops! Can you find it now? It seems she doesn't like water too much.

  • Sound Insanity - Map Release
  • Magical Monolith
    • Increased sneaker panel visibility
    • Improved visibility of blind turns in caves by adding more scenery
    • First cave turn has had its slope tweaked to make it less steep, but longer
    • Major texture changes in the outside areas
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Increased height of the shortcut to avoid sneakerless attempts
    • Increased sneaker panel visibility
  • Submerged Shipwreck - Slight visual upgrade to the cave section
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • Added Sneaker Panel on the uphill section
    • Increased width of the chicane shortcut after the tunnel
    • Floor arrow before said chicane moved back a few meters to make it more visible
    • Cleaned water textures
  • General: The map now supports custom replay data (look for the SparkCup folder to see your replays!)

  • Magical Monolith
    • Adjusted the checkpoints in the monolith part of the track to make it less punishing
    • Added light blocks around the torch area
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Improved cake shortcut, turning it into non-capped springs, and increased cake height to avoid jumping out of bounds
    • Adjusted positioning of item sets so taking the shortcut on the first turn doesn't make you skip the items anymore
    • New batch of RA ghosts to compensate for shortcut change
    • Better Encore palette
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Skybox tweaked to make water effects more polished
    • Slight visual improvement to the inside of the ship, the ship's nose, and the pit in the cave
    • The sneaker panels at the docks now should point in the right direction
    • Better Encore palette
  • Cerulean Riviera
    • New redesigned lighthouse (Similar to the one in Sunbeam Paradise Zone)
    • New thumbnail
    • More audience and decorative items have been added

  • Cerulean Riviera - Map Release
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Landing zone after the first turn has been made slightly bigger
    • Changed some of the ceiling heights in the first section
    • Added more plants before the big jump
    • Death barrier added near the last turn to avoid huge punishes. Horizontal death plane has also been slightly increased.
    • Added another boat to make the first turn more readable.
    • Minor texture alignments

V1.3c - Music compressed, reducing all file sizes considerably. Final lap music for MAP92 added (It was missing due to a mistake!)

  • Submerged Shipwreck - Hotfix solving some problems with the finish line and a new death barrier on the ship deck turn!

  • Magical Monolith
    • Second turn is harder to lawnmower
    • Slightly adjusted ramp after second turn
    • Added skybox! General visual upgrade to outdoor zones
    • New light effects in the torch area
    • The other warning sign on the cliff zone is now also solid
    • New thumbnail
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Shortcut now only doable through the intended route
    • Sneaker signs do not change color in Encore Mode
  • Submerged Shipwreck
    • Lighting is darker in inside zones, like the ship and the cave
    • Fixed some broken geometry in the cave
    • Modified skybox, now simulating the bottom of the sea
    • Crossing the finish line is now possible even outside of the poles (for clutch finishes!)
    • New thumbnail
  • General - Compressed music should make the pack just a bit smaller.

  • Sweet Wonderland - Improved Encore Mode palette
  • Submerged Shipwreck - Map release
  • Music Pack - Released. Added Encore + Final Lap + Encore Final Lap music to all maps so far.

  • Magical Monolith - Added Easter Egg.
  • Sweet Wonderland
    • Added Easter Egg.
    • Added set of bouncy ground under the tunnel to let players know that red = bouncy.
    • Someone ate part of the cake?! And as such made the bouncy ground on it easier to traverse through.
    • Changed texture to indicate a sneaker is necessary to go through the shortcut.
    • Visual upgrade: 2nd set of frosting on the road is now orange. Candy canes added on the side of the road, finish line textures fixed.
    • Record Attack Ghosts updated.

V1.0a - Changed map slots from >91 to >92 so as to not collide with other maps.

V1.0 - Sweet Wonderland Zone released.

  • MM V1.3
    • Track changes:
      • You can now no longer access the ledge when entering the cave section - an invisible wall will bump you right on the track instead.
      • Removed invisible walls in the final section - you can now spectate and snipe with items through the bridge onto the road below!
      • Added boost panel on the second hairpin in the climbing section.
      • Reshuffled item boxes on all sets except the first one to improve viability of Eggman boxes. Also added some more items in the second and third sets.
    • Visuals:
      • Brightness in the first cave increased from 160 to 172.
      • Texture on the finish line fixed.
      • Small visual upgrade in some of the caves.
  • MM V1.2
    • Track changes:
      • Added handrail to the bridge in the rocks section to prevent confusion.
      • Added boost pad in the climb section to benefit lighter and accel characters slightly more.
      • Offroad in the rocks section has a tiny slant towards the track.
      • Cave entrance has been lowered, reducing the vertical distance between yellow springs and floor.
    • Visuals:
      • General brightness in outdoor areas increased from 180 to 192, shadows from 160 to 172.
      • Cave section has received a graphic upgrade.
    • Other:
      • Record attack ghosts upgraded with the new track.
      • Updated thumbnail.
  • MM V1.1b - Name fixed in online rooms (Hopefully)
  • MM V1.1
    • Visuals:
      • Visual upgrade: The balloons in the climb section actually look like lanterns now! New lantern also added.
      • Very minor graphic bugs fixed.
  • MM V1.0 - Initial release

Known issues:

  • MAPVA: Some shortcut issues (plus respawn issues) have been noted and will be fixed next patch.
  • MAPVB:
  • MAPVC:
  • MAPVD:
  • MAPVE: Software users may experience a visual glitch around the first item set. However, it shouldn't affect gameplay.
  • MAPVF (EX):
  • MAPVH: (Hell):
  • MAPVI (Hell):
  • MAPVJ (Hell): Everything you find wrong here is probably intentional.
  • MAPVL (Battle):
  • General:

  • 2361 - Sloppy Sludge Tree
  • 2362 - Sloppy Sludge Minitree
  • 2363 - Sloppy Sludge Bush
  • 2364 - Sloppy Sludge Palmtree
  • 2365 - Sloppy Sludge Orbinaut Launcher
  • 2366 - Sloppy Sludge Snow Tree
  • 2367 - Sloppy Sludge Snow Pine
  • 2207 - Firework Spawner
  • 3378 - Dummy (For the Linedef461 Lua, by Altiami!)

This map pack uses textures from the Community Ressources Pack by Eldog and other people from the KartKrew Discord Server. Thank you kindly for the work!

Some Custom Objects have been ripped from Ninferno's Nightmare Pack (with permission), namely from Hadal Trench Zone.

Thank you so much to RoyKirbs and Eldog for helping me create the skybox in Submerged Shipwreck! Also thanks again to Eldog for the help with Battle Plus and the AMAZING new lua functionality present on Sloppy Sludge ^~^

Also, thanks to FaytxStay for helping me with skyboxes in general, as well as general map knowledge and textures, and helping with final lap music implementation and Encore remappings!

Big shoutouts to Mr. Logan for telling me a very simple way to reduce file sizes for music!

Lua code provided kindly by Chaobrother and Callmore!

U-Turn signs used with permission from SoupBowler.

The giant Daytona Sonic used in Ironbed River is an edit of the one used in Three-Seven Speedway by Bluegen!

Creation of the variable in Sloppy Sludge (and the lua required for it) done kindly by Altiami!

And finally, thanks to everyone who submitted RA ghosts for all tracks! Plus everyone who gave feedback and helped make these tracks better, and more accessible! Also, thanks to all the people who sent their advertisements for Cerulean Riviera - please do send me a DM if you have an ad and you want it in!

Have fun! Any feedback is highly welcome and appreciated!
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Latest reviews

For me, Spark Cup is all about consistency. Even Sloppy Sludge with its slippery mud, the tracks are solidly enjoyable to drive and free of jank. Most packs have some iffy maps, or at least turns/sections that can feel a bit off - but I find it hard to think of any examples for this pack.
Really, my only complaint is I wish all the maps lived up to Sweet Wonderland and Sloppy Sludge in terms of visuals.
Upvote 1
Sloppy Sludge, despite the name, is absolutely a top 10 best map for me. The rest of the tracks, notably Sweet Wonderland and Ironbed River are easy picks when they come up in vote, too.

The only real critiscism I have is that some of the tracks really show their age. Star has improved so fast as a mapper that some of the first maps released don't quite to stack up to some of the later ones.
Upvote 1
Great set of tracks!

I like all these maps and use this pack regularly. Great slopes, good and interesting layouts and a stellar battle map.

Iron bed sprint track is my least favourite since the last lap its about 20 seconds long and its tricky to catch-up unless 1st screws up. It feels like a premature end that's all
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