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Alright, not a new update, but some thingies.

· Now the mod is reusable, epic.
· I have added images, because why not?

And nothing else... just a little sneak peek of Mira HQ map lol.

Not too much progress, but it's going well.
can someone help me? i cant use the mod i put it in the game then go to addons and select it but it does nothing! someone help me pls

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can someone help i cant get the mod to work i put it in and select it in addons but it does nothing! pls help
Added icon, for... Xenforo and that

and just saying, thanks for the 3000+ views, i can't believe people actually like this level, oh well, i maybe will work again on Mira HQ and then...
The hell, POLUS.
Did a video where I just run around the full map if anyone wants to see it. It's just the Among us map but there are some rings to collect and stuff.

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Yeah... hi, since this level is kind of horrible, has a lot of errors and honestly i don't think i can even fix it, i thought on better just start from scratch, so... here's the progress i guess.
I will try to make it look as accurate as possible to the original Skeld, and try not to use SRB2 textures...
(mira hq will probably be redone too)

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