I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
  1. Yes
(Alright luxis, you can do this...)

Hey guys... what's up? I made a level... ok... introduction:


Ya like Among Us?
Ya like Sonic Robo Blast 2?

Well, I am happy to announce that i have made the ENTIRE skeld in SRB2, the MAP looks almost the same as the original (the map:)

The Skeld.png

in level, is something different, because... Now is 3D!

I really hope you guys love this level like i did making it!

Sorry if I said something wrong ... I'm not very good at English

v1: Initial Release
v1.01: Fixed some errors, added Map image, and fixed some light errors.
v1.02: Fixed multiplayer errors, now it has Match Starts, and... now it has NEXTLEVEL.
· New Textures. (thanks Blurt/Sz for making them)
· Added rings. (now people that want to play Exe Terrorism can play it correctly)
· Fixed some things. (changed some ceiling and wall textures).
v1.03.01: Now it's reusable lololol.


· Blurt/Sz (helping me out with the Textures).
· Discord People (without them, i wouldn't do such an level).​
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Just Silus!
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  1. The Skeld - Among Us

    New update, i guess............ · Changed some textures of some places. · Changed the lighting...

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I mean it is exactly what you say so can't really give it anything other than 4. Should have had a goal post though.
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this is a cool level consept but it would be nice if you could add a goal post somewhere because if someone has put this level in a server they wont be able to finish the level without an admin so you should put in a way to finish the level
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Perhaps I would like to see a more detailed elaboration of the level as in Among Us. I'm not talking about a working camera and ventilation, but I would like to see decorative items.
Just Silus!
Just Silus!
Of course, i am planning to make it have more custom textures than SRB2 textures, and make it look more like in among us, thanks for playing!
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