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Just Luxis

Probably dead.
Alright, not a new update, but some thingies.

· Now the mod is reusable, epic.
· I have added images, because why not?

And nothing else... just a little sneak peek of Mira HQ map lol.

Not too much progress, but it's going well.
can someone help me? i cant use the mod i put it in the game then go to addons and select it but it does nothing! someone help me pls

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can someone help i cant get the mod to work i put it in and select it in addons but it does nothing! pls help

Just Luxis

Probably dead.
Added icon, for... Xenforo and that

and just saying, thanks for the 3000+ views, i can't believe people actually like this level, oh well, i maybe will work again on Mira HQ and then...
The hell, POLUS.

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