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[Reusable] The Gadd Science Inc. Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (FLUDD)

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


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That's right, FLUDD is back, and mostly unchanged from its 2.1 iteration. Regardless, this was listed as re-usable, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. I do plan on redoing the sprites, but for now I'll just leave it as is.

Basically, pressing Fire or Fire Normal will use the selected nozzle. Next weapon and previous weapon will select between the four, or you could use the number keys. If you need more detailed instructions, refer to the original post linked above.

Here's the changes I did make:
- Much like Sunshine, Fludd now shoots in the direction the player is facing. If you want more precision, play on Strafe mode.
- Singleplayer bot no longer grows larger when sprayed.

Take care, and have fun!


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I'll let this in, but there's some work to still be done;

-Your opening post needs instructions. I just had to guess how it worked. (Weaponwheell + weaponfire)

-It seems random weather I can actually get something to work or not, and I'm honestly not sure when its intentional and when it isnt. I can only seem to use the spray nozzle when standing, and it doesnt always come out when I fire...

-Getting hit while firing any of the nozzles will cause you to continuously fire, regardless of the nozzle and whatever nozzle it is, and I dont even know how I ever made it stop. Even switching nozzles will not stop you from repeatedly using the selected nozzle.

I've let it into releases because I feel like this is suitable for at least some public testing, as none of these bugs cause the game to break, at any rate.


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this is a bit...weird, i have to say. in many ways it's just very underpowered both as a movement tool and an offensive tool, and just has a lot of weird things put in it.
for one, sonic always fires in the direction his sprite is facing. keyphrase being "always". i used this in normal camera mode, which is the mode that activates character abilities based on your camera facing direction, which is a jarring inclusion, even weirder compared to the fact that ringslinger rings also fire away from the camera. this facing issue also applies to FPS mode, which makes the mod almost unplayable when you're in anything other than hover and rocket.
speaking of, they're...fine, i suppose. hover does its job how it's supposed to, and rocket as well. though, i find it super weird that rocket doesn't let you keep whatever momentum you already have and just stops you in place.
turbo also is fine, but it feels underpowered considering the fact that you have less control with it and you go only a little bit faster than normal sonic's speed.
all that, and the fact that you can't spin or jump with any other than spray makes it a serviceable mod and a pretty good port, but not much more in my opinion.

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i wish the Fludd would be compatible with XMomentum.
the reason is that the turbo nozzle would be perfect for making you build speed along with giving you a risky advantage for doing it

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