Bad at every videogame ever


Everything here is pretty great, but there are few problems I have, mainly with the ssn models.

* Tails'.. tails seem to be all twitchy during his animations in trying to match the sprite work from SSNTails. Not trying to say that's bad, but it could be done better. Other than that, Tails is pretty good.
*Sonic's right shoe seems to clip through the cusp of his sock(?) during his idle animation. Also he seems to lack any facial animations.
*Probably a nitpick, but Knuckles being the same for Ugly Knux and Chrispy Marriage bugs me.. shouldn't they have different models? Or the same, slightly altered model just with different animations(like what you did for Super Mystic Sonic)? Also, he has the same problem as Sonic with his own facial animations.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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