StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update!

StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update! v2.1


My PhD is made out of foam.

With his trusty backpack ready, Skip is ready to dive into a new adventure!

Inspired by collectathon platformers like A Hat in Time and Super Mario 64, Skip is designed for seamless movement across the levels with his simple yet hard to master abilities. Let's go over what Skip can do!

If you wanna get a quick rundown, here's a very helpful cheat sheet by my good friend Emi!

baby.pngDouble Jump!
The standard double jump. Skip can't damage enemies while jumping unless he lands on them, so be careful! Nothing really interesting at face value, but you'll be thankful to have it once we go over the next ability...

By pressing Spin, Skip lunges forwards. While diving, you can hurt enemies from all sides. If you land while diving, you'll slide on the ground - which can be used for sliding down slopes or even triggering those pesky DSZ2 spindash wheels!
Skip's first dive makes him go slightly higher, while the second dive doesn't. This ability is key for combat and maneuverability through the levels, since you can stay on the air far longer than usual. Be careful though, crashing on a wall will make you bounce off it!

baby.pngMonitor Crafting!
That backpack ain't for nothing! Destroying badniks and ring monitors will drop scraps that you can use for crafting monitors! Stand still and press Spin + Jump to open up the crafting menu. For a fair price, you can craft yourself your own shields to use on ANY level, including shields not present in the vanilla campaign! Skip is also able to keep any shield he carries through stages. Be careful though, getting hit without a shield or even dying will drop scrap, that other players might be able to snatch!
Use the movement keys to cycle through the monitors available, press Up to turn them into a Golden Monitor (That costs much more). Press Jump to craft and Spin to leave the menu.

And that's not all! You're probably saying to yourself "Hey, I don't need no shields to play!", well hold your tongue and listen - Shields now serve a secondary purpose...

baby.pngShield Abilities!

Shields change how you play Skip completely. Depending on what shield you wield, your Dive will be powered up differently! This makes some monitors more expensive than others, but they all have their strengths and weaknesses! Try 'em all if you can, see what best suits your playstyle!

Here's a handy cheat sheet from my friend Emi again!



If you know me, there's always some more fun extras to look out for. As always I encourage you go out and find them out yourself, but here ya go!
  • Particles galore for Skip's abilities!
  • running dust clouds and footsies sfx because i find it really cute okay
  • a dizzying continue
  • a very smol fox boy
  • Fireworks!
  • Custom NiGHTS sprites!
  • Gather all the Chaos Emeralds for a Steam Summer Sale Event (tm)
  • Afraid of the dark? Press Custom 1!
  • Be friendly and kind to others by hugging them with Custom 2 - you can also hug back!
  • No one's around to help
  • Life is hard, life is stressful
  • I need some peace and tranquility
  • I don't need to prove myself to anyone [Toss Flag]

baby.pngSpecial Thanks!

Man... I have a lot of people to thank for my OC finally being finished. You all were awesome and key in helping me finish what I think is my best work yet.

baby.pngSMS Alfredo, Bloops, Shine and MotdSpork - Coding and Bug fixing
Alfredo you pulled out all the stops for Skip and I can't thank you enough for all the work you've put in, I owe you big time. Bloops, thank you so much for the early versions of Skip that laid the groundwork. Shine and Spork, thank you so so much for the extra help on smoothing out Skip's abilities and all the bug fixing. Yall are great c:

baby.pngEmi - Help images
These SRB2 Help styled pics are great to have so I can summarize his gameplay, thank you so much for them and also for fixing them constantly as we shuffled around abilities and names!

baby.pngIcezer, Frostiikin, CrystelleCore, LonelyFoxz, Spinslash and all of 'em above - Testing & Feedback
It was so much fun to test Skip with you guys. I'm forever grateful for all your help and all the laughs we had along the way.

baby.pngInazuma - Balancing ideas
It's thanks to you that Skip isn't an absolute mess. While we did change a few things, I'm super grateful for your feedback. Hope you have a lot of fun with Skip!!

Thanks for letting me use Amyhugs again C:

And finally but not least,
baby.pngSRB2 Discord - For hyping up this fox boy's release!

I hope you guys have fun with Skip, see ya around!

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I love this character so much. Absolutely adorable. The shield mechanic and scrap mechanic is super unique too and I LOVE it.

i busted a gut at the hat girl dance. omfg. also the flashlight is so stupid i love it

Welcome to Release!
It's him! Was so much fun helping with testing this boy, can't wait to help w/ future projects!
Ay, it was great to watch our little baby boy grow, it was fun helping out!
I do hope everyone enjoys him as much as we did!
Skip development out of context -

Skip went to Brasil, left, came back and now loves it. He then becomes a resident and opens up a mechanics shop. After this he doesn't do drugs. FLUDD explodes, and Skip gets trapped in Corona Mountain.

He listens to fire train music in Corona Mountain after reciting the entirety of Steamed Hams.
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Heh, here's a character mod I'm certainly not gonna Skip. See what I did there? Anyways, this is a great mod. Good work!
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Already like 2-3 minutes in, I already had a lot of fun with him!
A very cool character for a pretty cool fan game.
It was a blast helping test Skip; hopefully everyone else enjoys him just as much!
i found a small bug (i think) when tails is with skip tails can pick up the parts im not sure if you meant for this to happen

Could you please elaborate further, mate?
More specifically, did you recieve those scraps, or were they lost with Tails?

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