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This is a custom game mode I've been working on since 2.2 first came out to port the popular game mode from GMOD and TF2 called prop hunt.

For those who don't know what prop hunt is, prop hunt consists of two teams, one team are known as the props and can disguise themselves as props such as rings, plants and monitors. The second team has to find them and shoot them down.

the hunters have a limited number of shots they can make before they lose but hitting a prop successfully will make them drop around 10 rings to replenish your ammo, watch out though, if you run out of rings and there's no rings left in the map it's game over for you!

the props have a 100 hp at the beginning of each match, a single hit with no defense will destroy you immediately but if you can find a large prop you'll be given additional defense for how many hits you can take before you hit 0, but watch out, your speed will drop depending on how strong the prop is.

Everyone has the same physics and game play, essentially making player characters purely cosmetic, as such prop hunt has it's own sub skin system for the hunters, to select a skin press next or previous weapon to cycle through them on the match starting screen. Currently only Mario and Doom guy are available

Prop hunt includes a number of sound clips for props to use to tease hunters, every time a prop taunts they emit a noise and gain a point, like with sub skins pressing next weapon and previous weapon will change what sound plays, however these can only be played once the match starts.
BE CAREFUL! there's a taunt timer that's counting down and if it hits 0 you'll be forced to taunt so you better make sure you're on a short clip!
Press fire to manually taunt.


This game mode includes several maps, some ported and some completely new.
These maps include

  • Green Flower Zone 1
  • Zim's Base
  • Desolate Twilight
  • Prophunt Prehistoric (Created by Sheepy Tina)
  • Dream Hill
  • Special Stage 3
  • Twinkle Snow (Created by me)
  • Spectator Lounge (Created by me)
  • Vessel Vendetta (Created by Fickle)
  • Prop warehouse (Created by me)

WAITTIME [time] - sets the number of seconds before the match begins
MATCHTIME [time] - sets how many minutes the hunters have to find the props
MESSAGE [text] - a fun command for the admin to use, sends a customized message to all players in the server
TAUNTTIME [time] - time in seconds before the props can taunt, setting to 0 will disable the timer


Please keep in mind this is an early release, there may be some bugs I haven't caught, there's still a tonne of maps that need to be finished, extra sub skins and I need to create a guide for creating sub skins.

Any feed back is greatly appreciated and I encourage suggestions.

Sharb - Programmer, map designer, graphic artist
Arrietty - map designer, play tester
Fluxu - play testing
Slime - play testing
VAdaPEGA - Sound, play testingBlear - play testing
Dragon Wolf Leo - play testing

special thanks

note: if you want to make your own prop mad you will need to have the spectator lounge located at coordinants 3000, 3000 (make sure that spot specifically is an open area) although nothing is stopping you from making your own area. Make sure your TypeOfLevel is set to "Prophunt"


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Vessel Vendetta's music is too loud, you can barely hear Sonic screaming. Overall, however, I like this mod. It has potential to be the best mod on the MB.
There some issues with the HUD.

First, the HUD isn't aligned to my selected resolution. (Only looks better with recommended resolution).

Second, I think the Health and Defense should be a progress bar-like style instead of Sonic's 2 HUD style.
Third, there is a typo in "DEFENCE" HUD. It should says DEFENSE.
Really wish this was updated.
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i'm really wish a 2.2.9 update soon. ohohohohoho.
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