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WR 102
Borrowed from the Legend of Zelda series, The Darkworld makes a surprise appearance in SRB2. Solve puzzles, Fool your enemies, trick your friends into attacking something that may outright be... A ghost?

It's a simple script, but I think it opens up possibilities for custom user created maps. The idea of the Dark world is well... Having a parallel world to that of the world you're in.

I've modified and updated and included the infamous "Meadow Match" (MAPMB) to give you a better idea of how this should function. There is a hidden teleporter in the map to take you between worlds. Other maps have not been updated and may produce different affects.

Short answer, yes!
The easiest method I could provide is: Consider the following grid. If you placed an object at 3 units to the right, and 5 units high..

You would have to rotate your objects 180 degrees with respect to the map's 0,0 origin. The end result would look like this:

If you place objects in one area of the map, they'll show up as "Ghost" objects in the other.
Ikkarou Tatsuru - Assistance with further understanding teleportation/control linedefs and how it precisely works in SRB2

Have fun!

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Welcome to releases! I actually remember this from years ago, so here's hoping it gets used!


Really liked the concept, wishing for someone to make a puzzle map out of this

Edit: i think you should make more maps to show what can be done with this, even simple ones
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This is quite an interesting idea...
I noticed that when players jump or spin they stop being "ghosts" to players on a different plane.
This is only a visual bug, of course.


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WR 102
Hey all,

The Darkworld script has been updated to v2.

v2 - 3/14/20
  • Improved performance on lower-end machines:
    • Significantly reduced the spawn count of "Shadow" objects by adding an additional check to see if a sector is valid to spawn in.

The map, which is provided separately from the script, has not been updated as of this time.
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