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A remix of a few SMK maps
A set of 4 SMK maps, updated to help make multiplayer fun.
All the maps use a custom item panel instead of regular item boxes, and each map has some sort of gimmick to make it interesting!

MAPFS - SMK Mario circuit 1 - 5 laps

A simple map with a new shortcut near the begining, and a nerf to the shortcut near the end. Pipes rise out of the ground every lap!

MAPFT - SMK Ghost Valley 3 - 4 laps

Race along this slowly falling appart track! This map has a 50% chance to replace your sneakers with pogo-springs (normally only seen in battle) to help get across them wide open gaps.

MAPFU - SMK Choco Island 2 - 4 laps

While i'm not sure how this is an island... There sure is a fair amount of mud and bumps here! Maybe avoid the moles as well...

MAPFV - SMK Koopa Beach 2 - 5 laps

Race around the beach. The map is both above and below water, with the lighter sand underwater being safe to drive over.
It seems to get very cold here in encore...​

Thanks to:
  • Marsh (Stupid meme GIF in a certain hidden map)
  • War-Dog (Stupid meme picture in a certain hidden map)

BTW: Try warping to the map after MAPFV :)

v1.1 - Updated preview pictures
Added custom gamedata, now this pack can be run in RA!
v1 - Initial release


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Probably Responsible
I was expecting mostly basic ports, but you actually went the extra mile to add item panels and put the spring item into the item rotation. color me impressed!


Cool idea! I'll be placing this pack into my rotation. The adjustments and gimmicks make these old maps fit the game's engine much better. Good work!

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