Sans the Skeleton - v3 (now with MD2 support!)

[Open Assets] Sans the Skeleton - v3 (now with MD2 support!)

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aka Shaunt
Sans was never finished and released as a base game addon, but at least he'll get a chance in SRB2 Kart!

What makes him slightly unique compared to the other characters (if at all) is that instead of riding in a regular kart, he rides on his bike/scooter/whatever from the credits of the "Pacifist Ending" in UNDERTALE.


He weighs as much as Knuckles, but his speed is between Knuckles' and Sonic's.
His stats include 7 in speed, and 5 in weight.

Sans' one actual voice line was voiced by Timber Puppers. (Versions 1 - 2.5)
The base A1 and A2A8 angles for Sans were sprited by MirageTheBandit/WindTakadiyami.
All other sounds used are taken from UNDERTALE.

January 30th, 2019
* Added MD2

Version 3
* Removed the unnecessary shit (Honk lua)
* Made quite a few of his sounds louder
* Replaced the "gloat" line with Sans' generic voice sound effect

Version 2.5/2-5
* Minor offset update

Version 2
* By pressing the CUSTOM 2 button, Sans is now able to honk whatever horn he has on his kart.

Version 1.1/1-1
* Made one of his sounds a bit louder

Version 1
* Initial release


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Of course, it was only a matter of time before Ness finally got a character wad. Welcome to releases!
Rip the other sans in the works with a Skelly kart. Looks cool nonetheless
It'd be best for karts to be the same color as their riders, for the sake of visibility and telling who's who.
Made Sans' voice line a bit louder, I noticed it was rather quiet when I went on a couple of servers with it
Hey kid, hows it goin. I'm Sans the comic, cmon in we've got burgers and so much more.
Stay a bit you can hear my terrific humor, take a sit it looks to me your legs are sore but
Don't think twice I know all of your dirty secrets, so don...........oops wrong fourm.

Sans Kart can finally come to be! Congrats on getting into releases. Nice choice to use the scooter from the ending, haha!
With Sans riding a scooter/bike instead of a kart, it's time we add something more "unique" to that, don't you think?
With version 2 of Sans comes the most useless update to any SRB2 Kart character so far! Heck, it's so useless, that you might as well not even download it.
By pressing the CUSTOM 2 button, you can now honk whatever horn Sans has on that thing.
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Not sure if this is being nit picky or anything but doesn't Sans have pink slippers?

He does in that one Sans figurine on Fangamer. However, what Sans wears on his feet is inconsistent as hell, with blue sneakers in his Steam background, pink slippers on the figurine, and what appears to be white slippers in his in-game sprites.


I've decided to have him wear slippers because of this sprite, and his battle sprite doesn't seem to resemble him wearing shoes/sneakers (at least in my eyes.)
i'm sorry about that honk lua it was a mistake and i regret adding it, it seemed funny at the time

Anyway, with version 3 I've actually bothered to change his "gloat" voice line (used when he turns big or uses invincibility)
i thought it was good at the time and the only other good voice i could use was Cr1TiKaL and even then i couldn't find many good/fitting voice clips
I've also increased the volume on a few of his sound clips as they were really quiet

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