[Reusable] Resource: Badnik Pack 1 Version 2.2.2

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


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In the past, if you wanted a badnik that wasn't just one of the base game badniks, you had to make it yourself or pull it from a mod marked as reusable. But now I present the FIRST (to my knowledge) reusable Badnik pack for SRB2!

Found in this pack are the following:

TGF Blue Crawla and Final Demo Blue Crawla
The basic slow enemy. A good fit for when your levels arn't going for the high detail of modern levels or you just want to use an old form of the badnik.

TGF Red Crawla and final Demo Red Crawla
The basic fast enemy. A good fit for when your levels arn't going for the high detail of modern levels or you just want to use an old form of the badnik.

TGF Drillakilla
The Basic Drillbot of Mine Maze. Mostly a Crawla Reskin but a good fit for caves and levels with a digging theme.

Neo Drilla
The Not so basic Drillbot and re-imagining of the above badnik. Its charge attack is based upon old concept art found in Final demo 1.09.4 and has been tweeked to have a delay before charging at you. This delay can be modified in the code.

Final Demo pop-up turret and Beta Turret
Basic turrets each with a different rate of fire.

Beta Egghead
Restored as much as possible to its Cacodeamon origins, Egghead had only ever appeared in Egg Rock Zone beta in fightable form, and in SRB2 Christmas demo .96 as an unused badnik. It is now ready for you to use.

Halloween Tech Ghost
This ghost is a little more than what it was in Halloween tech. Discovered to be able to shoot projectiles, the Ghost as a resource now shoots visible projectiles so you can see what hits you. The ghost is a basic floating enemy that's perfect for Halloween or other spooky levels.

Final Demo Skims
A good fit for classic style water levels. Be sure to place these on top of the water as they do not relocate themselves on their own.

Final Demo Crawla Commander (in appearance only)
This version of the Bot is useful for when you want a classic style Commander. Unlike the actual old version of the bot, this one is affected by the new 2.2 thinker that gives it the ability to dodge. Use sparingly.

Tgf Minus, Final Demo User Minus (or just User Minus), and 2.0 Minus
First seen in a 2d mine, and then again in the snow. Minuses are a good fit for the mountains, the Mines, or even the Frozen Tundra!

Final Demo SDURF
They're Stupid
They're Dumb
They're Unnamed Robo Fish from the final demo era and they come complete with adjustable jump heights. Just like their modern counterparts, all you do is set their angel to set their jump strength.


The Eggmobiles
Christmas demo
Based on how the boss acted in the Christmas Demo. this variant fires a missile that makes the total up sound upon impact and has "digital movement"


Final Demo Eggmobile and Egg Caliber (internal name Egg calburn)
Smover in movement and fires a normal Red missile. Comes with a spike ball varient.

2.0 Eggmobile
Bulkkier and slower to fire, this variant is what was seen in the 2.0 era

Based on it's appearance in sonic 2, the Flasher does what the name implies, flash. But don't try to attack it when it does that as that can hurt.

Unpictured for now: Final Demo Crawla Commander

V1 Initial release

V2 Ghosts now fire a projectile
bug with Minus 2.0 that causes it to stop working has been fixed
All Badniks and projectiles are now in separate SOC Lumps for more modular plug and play use.

V2.1 Fixed an issue with the ghosts causing crashes
a note was left in the soc of the ghost for how to turn off firing projectiles

V2.2 Updated Neo Drilla with some code fixed by inferno who volunteered to do it.
Updated the ghosts so their internal names no longer conflict with the base game object MT_GHOST
Changed the name of the zip file because I created a new one.
V2.2 again?
removed the map from the "Resource" file

V2.2.1 Changed the name of the wad file to reflect being the first badness pack
added in retro Jettbullets
Pop up turrets now use the Retro Jettbullets
somehow shrank the file size of the zip

V2.2.2 Added in Retro Jetty-syn Mines
Old Skims now use the Retro Mines

V2.2.2 Again?
added in the mine sprites I forgot.


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It can go into releases, but I recommend making a separate file that is just the badniks to make it easier for use as a resource.


Emblem Radar Ready
I had plans on including descriptions and gifs for everything included, but ran out of time before needing to haed off to work.
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Technically, Egghead was never officially used outside of development. The 20 hit health is based on how many hits it took to be destroyed in demo 2's engine where it was just a Cacodeamon reskin.

As a resource though you are free to change the heath to whatever you like.

Edit: Zip updated to include map free version of the wad. The 2 wads are named Example and resource Respectively.
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Badnik Pack 1 has now been updated to V2. Please see the change log for what little changes were made.


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Fixed an issue where the ghost would cause crashes when the ambush flag is not checked


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There are no plans on including them in Badnik Pack 1. Badnik Pack 2 on the other hand. I was originally deciding against that, but if there's enough demand I'll toss them in there.
Pack 2 may also turn out a bit bigger too.


jet jaw sounds
I think you should be putting all the badniks in a single release and update this rather than separating them into badnik pack 2, badnik pack 3, etc...


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I'm slightly disappointed non of these new badniks give Kirby any kind of Ability.
Well, as I understand kirby compatibility, maybe it's better if that's left up to whoever decides to use the custom badniks.

I think you should be putting all the badniks in a single release and update this rather than separating them into badnik pack 2, badnik pack 3, etc...

The plan was always that there were going to be multiple packs. It's why the pack released as pack 1 before pack 2 was planned. The big reason is that these packs also serve as a means for releasing the retro badniks when they get finished instead of making everyone wait for SRB2 the past to finish getting updated.

The packs also serve to be a resource of new custom badniks too.


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Apologies for the double post, but this pack has been updated to now include the old Jettysyn bullets and mines as well as having the popup turret and old Skim use them

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