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The rebound dash is a brand new ability for Sonic which replaces the thok. It's still a quick air dash, but this ability has a lot of additional tricks that the thok couldn't do. Also included is a demonstration map which is an edit of gfz1 that demonstrates the ability's unique mechanics.

- Bounce off walls, enemies, and solid objects!
- After a bounce, dash a second time for an even stronger bounce!
- Fine-tune the dash length by tapping or holding the button! You can also ensure a max length dash by holding forward during the dash.
- Bust walls! This even allows for sonic-specific paths in a level, which were previously impossible. The included map demonstrates a sonic-specific path near the end of the level.
- Super-rebound walls! Use linedef type 999 to make walls that give bigger rebounds.

I want this ability to be as good as it can possibly be, so please let me know what you think.

- Midtextures aren't properly checked for their height in the wall collision code. This can cause some slight wallbounce angle issues.
- Sometimes, incorrect wall bounce angles occur - this can probably be fixed when 2.2.9 comes out, exposing some new variables that will be needed to fix it.
- Kays and everyone else who helped me out in #scripting when I had trouble making the wall bounce work
- Katmint, whose Comet Dash inspired this ability
- Izzy, who encouraged me to keep improving this ability with their enthusiasm for it and awesome gifs
- Everyone else who tested the ability and gave me their thoughts


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"i'm telling you, this game is a BLAST!"
hey, i really like this alternative idea, would be cool if this characters gets more original moves to mix together with this Rebound Dash
ps: the move ability looks like Skip the Fennec dive under Force Shield


I gotta admit, this is actually really fun to play around with
it helps get through the levels and save yourself from pits that the thok couldn't normally

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Feels nice to use. My only complaint is when you hit badniks and lose some speed, that was one of my favorite things to do with normal thok.


has died
awesome, im yet again credited for "encouragement and showing cool gifs"

More updates? Incredible, incredible.


Ok yeah, this is pretty awesome - of all the abilities from SADC this one felt the most engaging and dynamic, and kept me playing the longest. The bouncing feels really good and finetuned - after playing for only a couple of minutes I could accurately judge whether or not I could make it up a wall with the rebound. Didn't feel too broken - I didn't catch any serious cheese - but definitely helped with recovery and general movement. The Sonic-specific path was super cool. Nice that it worked with Metal as well.

The one thing that bothered me most was how it interacted with enemies and specifically large crawlahops (obviously this is a niche technique but I have opinions, dammit). The fact that gravity is cancelled for a short period of time helps with precise platforming but it prevents you from carrying vertical momentum into a bounce. On the other hand, the gravity cancel had some other cool uses - like instant recovery of speed after jumping below a low-hanging ceiling in front of you.

Nice touch that it kind of fizzles out against NOCLIMB walls, though it did catch me off guard sometimes - ACZ in particular. I suppose that kind of has to be a thing if you're going to make Sonic-specific paths out of it, though. Probably this is part of the broader issue of SRB2's visual language in conveying NOCLIMB.

I also thought the visual effects were a little busy for SRB2's overall simpler style, but that's a minor nitpick.


Changelog: v7
- Changed vertical momentum when using a dash.
- Adjusted bounce off enemies and monitors to be more powerful, retain more horizontal speed, and allow for classic crawla bouncing.
- Reduced the amount of dust particles.
- Further increased the horizontal rebound force when hitting the CEZ3 boss.
- Increased dash speed by 1 fracunit
- Reduced wall bounce horizontal force by 1 fracunit

Why is this doing in characters?

No clue. Hopefully it can be moved to Lua.

Changelog: v8
- Very slightly increased rebound height
- Initiating a dash while moving upwards no longer dampens Sonic's vertical momentum
- Rebounding while moving upwards is now additive to Sonic's current vertical momentum
- Holding the spin key after using a rebound dash now allows a frame-perfect roll transition upon landing on the ground even after a rebound or two
- Fixed a bug where Sonic could spin after a rebound dash even if he wasn't moving fast enough to roll
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v9 is out!

Changelog: v9
- Increased rebound height off walls
- Increased dampening of vertical speed upon starting a dash
- Tweaked badnik bounce height. Now you no longer get a huge bounce for hitting with the tail end of a rebound dash while enemy bouncing. Try rebounding at close range for a slightly higher enemy bounce!
- Made visual adjustments to the dash trail


Playing around with the demo map, I feel like this might work better if you flipped the camera behind Sonic after the second bounce, like when Knuckles jumps off a wall.


v10 is out, it's just a small tweak. I'm very happy with where rebound is now, so consider this the "probably final" update!

Changelog: v10
- Removed spintrail for rolling and spindash
- Reduced Super Sonic's dash and bounce stats


Actually- yea? Why remove the spintrail? Was there an issue or was it personal preference? If the latter- could... You simply just add a version with the spintrail still there?
If it was just personal preference, not to sound rude but it's kinda annoying IMO when people start enforcing stuff like that when it doesn't pertain to why their thing was downloaded/what it does. And the spin kinda feels pathetic IMO without the trail.


"What if a thok could BOUNCE?"

Jokes aside, this is a really neat concept!

Who needs a wall jump when you can just do this?

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