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Pizza TV (Pizza Tower TV thingy, Cancelled?)

I make a silly little thing that is not a character, no idea if it will come out but i have some good progress.

Stuff i made:
Some simple sprites for the TV.
Some crops of player sprites to put in the TV.
Background changing color based on the level (Boss and which zone, but can differ on acts)
Some stuff so that the player sprite changes in the TV (Very smart and stupid code)
Player graphics are actually functions 🤓

Also forgot to mention that you can add custom TVs for different characters.
Also a lot of compatibility stuff so you can add your favorite characters to the mod.
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is it out now????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
this fits in well with the pt char pack
Pizza Tower Lap Mechanic
Deton Demon
and Exetior's chase i guess.

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