Omnix Pack v7.0! Sonic Riders Edition last part - Green Cave!!

[Level Pack] Omnix Pack v7.0! Sonic Riders Edition last part - Green Cave!! 7.0


It's Omnix time!

A map pack that everybody can enjoy!
Featuring 3 tracks.
Now you can play in Planet Wisp!

Amigo's City

A city that is always celebrating. Drive in this happy city while you shake your body to the rhythm of samba but also travelling in a desert theme as well

Opal Coast


Start driving near a beach until you reach a mount and a big avenue with high buildings. Watch out while you drive in the mount, some areas will eventually fall while you race there causing a little eartquake as well. Inspired by Toad Harbor from Mario Kart 8

Planet Wisp


Come drive where the wisps live! Unfortunately Eggman is destroying this beautiful place with his machines. But it's still worth remembering this area of Sonic Colors, that's for sure.

- Initial release with Amigo's City

- Release of Opal Coast

- Removed the last shortcut in Amigo's City that confused some people as they couldn't tell where to go
- First shortcut in Amigo's City was moved to a better location
- Fixed some fences that could be passed through in the last section in Amigo's City
- Fixed some of the last boss waypoints in Amigo's City
- Changed some floor textures in Amigo's City
- Fixed a specific death pit in Opal Coast

- Added Omnix pack banner yay! ^^
- Added new encore musics
- Second ramp in Amigo's City was moved a little further back so players can have more time to drift after the jump
- Expanded some areas in Amigo's City to help the mobility
- Fixed a checkpoint issue in Amigo's City
- More checkpoints in Opal Coast due to some people going backwards so they could complete the lap faster
- Fixed an issue in which your lap wouldn't be counted if you went through the sand part in Opal Coast
- Some new textures to Opal Coast

- Now with Time Attack Ghosts!! Race against them and be the fastest on the tracks
- Expanded again some areas in Amigo's City to help the mobility
- Changed some little textures in Amigo's City
- Changed the name of some textures in Opal Coast as it was having conflict with textures from other maps

- Release of Planet Wisp
- Improved some curves in Amigo's City
- Removed some items in Amigo's City as it could make the map a little chaotic
- Updated the Time Attack Ghosts

Known Issues
- None for now. If you find one tell me in the comments ^^


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Updated to v2.3 and now with Time Attack Ghosts! Race against them and be the new leader!!
Yeah, I've been off for a while, sorry about that! Still working on the next track too ^^


Even the sky ain't the limit
After having tried these maps, which you have honestly put a lot of effort into, I must say that I feel that some parts feel a bit... empty? More in the sense that more obstacles are missing. For example, Planet Wisp is a good map, but it lacks areas with chainsaws or purple sludge. I also find it a bit weird the "shortcut" at one point where the road splits into two normal sections and one in the middle where you go slower. I say weird because you can simply go left or right with hardly any turns. If you don't want to remove it, I would recommend putting an item box where you only get one specific item (let's say a pair of boots). The other two maps are pretty good. Maybe in Opal Coast I'd put 3 instead of 4 laps but still, good job.


Theres a major FPS problem with planet wisp. It will crash people's exe. There is alot going on there even at the start of the track. Hopefully there will be a fix for it. Otherwise its one beautiful track.


Omnix updated Omnix Pack v3.1! Planet Wisp is here!! with a new update entry:

Omnix Pack v4.0! A new map: Windmill Isle!!

- Release of Windmill Isle
- Improved the performance of Amigo's City
- Adjusted the item boxes in the balloon part in Amigo's City
- Added more death pits in Opal Coast
- Fixed a specific area that you could be stuck in Planet Wisp
- Added more checkpoints in Planet Wisp
- Adjusted the position of the boost panel in the little shortcut of Planet Wisp

Read the rest of this update entry...
There seems to be a bit of a bug with the glider portion of Windmill Isle. I have absolutely no idea what could be causing it, but when I load it specifically with Dig Pack, the Glider completely fails. I've even made sure to load only these two to ensure there wasn't other incompatibility.

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