• The Official Level Design Contest is back! For those not in the know, the Official Level Design Contest (OLDC for short) is a contest held multiple times a year, accepting maps of all kinds, from all users, to compete against one another. During the voting process, voters are encouraged to leave feedback on every level they have played, which makes the contest a very effective way to get constructive criticism on your levels, allowing you to figure out what you might need to do in order to improve.

    Basically, if you want to get into level designing, if you're already an experienced designer, or if you're somewhere inbetween, join the contest! Show your work, get enough eyes on it, let people give you ideas and feedback, and you might even win the coveted title of Contest Winner!

    Please read over all the rules carefully, even if you were around during previous contests. Some rules have been changed, mostly for more leniency, and you may be happy to see some of the changes, especially if you're a fan of creating custom content!


    1. Make sure that the level works properly, that it is normally accessible, and that it does not interfere with other levels. This means that:
      • Single Player levels need to be completable, and show up as the first level when starting a new game.
      • Multiplayer levels need to have enough player starts, and need to be accessible via level select.
      • Existing resources (textures, objects, sounds, music, etc.) can not be overwritten.
      • Any scripts present in your level must not interfere with other levels. If your level contains significant gameplay changes, please ensure that they are contained solely within your level slot using a MapLoad hook. In this case, please notify us in your submission post.
    2. Previously released levels are not allowed. Private testing is allowed (and encouraged!), but the level must not have been released on the MB or elsewhere.
    3. The level has to be your own work. This means that ports, remakes and edits of existing levels are not allowed, unless the original level is yours. In such a case, the level should be sufficiently different from your original level.
    4. Aside from the Single Player division, the following Multiplayer divisions are present in the contest:
      • Circuit
      • Match (with support for SRB2 Battle's Control Point and Diamond in the Rough gametypes)
      • Capture the Flag (with support for Battle CTF)
      • SRB2 Battle's Arena
    5. Each participant can submit one level to the Single Player division, and up to three levels to each Multiplayer division. Collaborations are allowed, but fall under the same entry limits.
    6. Custom assets and scripts are allowed! Custom sound and music is also allowed. This sound and music must be under 3 MB total. This filesize limit is shared between all of your Multiplayer entries.

    To submit your level, create a new thread in the Contest Submissions subforum. If you submit multiple entries, each one requires its own thread. Entries are due twice per year, at 23:59 UTC (18:59 EST), which means the deadlines are as follows:
    • OLDC Round 1: June 1st
    • OLDC Round 2: December 1st
    After each deadline, all entries are gathered into two files. One contains the Single Player entries in a small hub world, with a map voting system courtesy of the SUGOI series. The other contains the Multiplayer entries, reorganized into a map rotation per division. Within one week, these files will be compiled and uploaded for the public to play through, which kicks off the voting period of two weeks. During this time, a discussion thread for the contest will also be opened. Once the voting period is over, the votes will be counted and the results will be made public as soon as possible.

    1. To vote, make a thread in the Contest Voting subforum. It will be private during the voting period, and will be made public alongside the results.
    2. The actual voting is done by ranking all entries of a division, from favorite to least favorite. You don't have to vote on all divisions!
    3. Participants voting on a division they have entered are required to rank their own entry first.
    4. When providing comments or reviews, remember to keep it constructive!

    Now get out there and get mapping! Don't be afraid to show off your progress. Good luck and have fun!


Emblem Radar Ready
I voted on all of the SP stages, but here's how I feel about some of them.
Heroes Hall was too long

Hypertower had no sense of direction and bad music. Playing the stage with CEZ2 music only helped the stage a little.

Hectic Harbor felt a little empty and was the "emerald start" map of the bunch, but you had to hunt the emeralds down. The emeralds aren't saved if you have to leave and comeback to the game later.

sonwflake ridge felt alright, but the bees hurt the stage just as much as they hurt me. the fire powerup was also not communicated well enough to tell what it did. It also needed more ways to recover health than just Extra Lives. Spyro had health animals, maybe health "bots" would have worked here?

Toffee Tor, Ok, I just know there has to be a kirby reference somewhere here. It wasn't just the music, was it?
I played this stage as Kirby and it almost felt like it was designed to also accommodate him too.

Metallic Madness was good, but as a good future, it left little to actually do.

Valley Falls just Fails. The maze was too confusing and reminded me of Sonic's Nightmare in a bad way. The first 2d section was even broken thanks to not having a proper transition tool like a speed booster.


Pyro the Setsuna Fan
Who's that pink-haired girl named Hilda who is in the files? Was she planned to be some sort of NPC to guide the player through the Hub but she got cancelled at the last second?


the joy of creative sonic
Who's that pink-haired girl named Hilda who is in the files? Was she planned to be some sort of NPC to guide the player through the Hub but she got cancelled at the last second?
Yep; basically a thing Zipper was doing and wanted to hide in the hub somewhere but didn't have time to add her at the end. If you happen to be curious, she's from a Fire Emblem game (I don't remember which lol)


So I posted my full list in my voting thread, but I just wanted to share some of my feedback for some of my favorite levels here. With pictures.

Metalic Madness - There is a spring which fails to launch the character high enough, leading to them taking a fall to their death. It works perfectly for Amy, which perhaps was the intention, but it led to what felt like an unfair death when playing as other characters.

If you want it to be used only by Amy, I suggest surrounding it with spikes. But there's no reward for Amy taking this spring as apposed to the others, so... Also, that Amy/Fang path shortly after that is cool, but it took me a while to realize I could break that spot on the floor. I thought I was stuck. Oh, and the glass turns to dirt when you break it. I assume this is just a detail you didn't have time to address before the deadline.

Aqua Paradise - I found a pit near some spring that you cannot escape, if you're playing as anyone other than Knuckles.


Rustic Templar - There's a spot I think is meant for Metal Sonic, which I got stuck in when playing as Amy. I was eventually able to escape with the Wind Shield.




The votes have been counted! Click here for a spreadsheet containing the votes in detail, and here are the results:

Oasis Palace Zone by So2ro - 757 points
Wild West Zone, Act 2 by Dead - 741 points
Metallic Madness Good Future by Kwiin & Kanna - 740 points
Rustic Templar Zone by MK.exe - 723 points
Toffee Tor Zone, Act 1 by RoyKirbs - 714 points
Aqua Paradise Zone by Twins'R'Awesome - 677 points
Spyro Ripto Blast 2 - Snowflake Ridge by TrickyTex & Tatsuru - 674 points
Shadow of Atlantis Zone by akirahedgehog - 555 points
Overgrown Heights Zone by InferNOr - 500 points
Hectic Harbor Zone by ACStriker - 500 points
Heroes Hall by Zaxel - 398 points
Cluttered Cave Zone, Act 2 by Riolucariolu - 389 points
Concordian Coast Zone by Ktoby & Pronicthewedgehog - 367 points
Myriad Memories Zone by ManimiFire - 364 points
Wasteland Wilds Zone by SunCyclone - 341 points
Cyan Heights Zone by PencilVoid 278 points
Anteggtica Zone by Radicalicious - 239 points
Magma Falls Zone by RadicalChaos_6922 - 213 points
Valley Falls Zone by Hamsandwich - 202 points
Crystal Cave Zone by CST1229 - 201 points
Hypertower Zone by WasifBoomz - 87 points

Crystalline Heights Zone by Revan - 14 points
Disco Town Zone by Trege - 7 points
Spiral Cavern Zone by Su_per - 3 points

HydroWing Zone by JABSphere94 - 20 points
Greenflower Canyon Zone by Kwiin & Frostiikin - 17 points
Haptic Caverns Zone by PencilVoid - 6 points

Gravity Station Zone by Krabs - 44 points
Hidden Chamber Zone by Krabs - 38 points
Mountainous Saloon Zone by InferNOr - 35 points
Pipeline Panic Zone by RoyKirbs - 26 points
Grassy Clearing by Apollyon - 20 points
Symmetri-Canyon Zone by PapsTheEchidna121 - 18 points
Arena Station by Latius - 8 points

Glimmer Gulch Zone by happyalm - 14 points
Peach Castle Zone by ACStriker - 11 points
SSN's Picnic by Zolton - 5 points

Serene Shore Zone by Krabs - 27 points
Moonlight Zone by Krabs - 22 points
Big Arch by Kwiin - 9 points
Jagged Creek Zone by RoyKirbs - 8 points

Congratulations to the winners: So2ro, Revan, JABSphere94, Krabs and happyalm!

Larz T

I thought the voting thread would be public so I'm going to copy what I said in there to here.
I'm sorry I didn't get into any in depth criticism. The plan was originally to write a little paragraph critiquing each level to provide some feedback but I got really tied up with school and trying to fix my computer. Not to mention the big turnout for Single Player alone for this OLDC comeback. Really makes me happy to see this much content and to see how a lot of people are into mapping. I'll admit, I really like this new format for OLDC. Sure beats the days of downloading a RAR file and loading up each map into SRB2. This style is a lot more convenient and the presentation was stellar. Thank you for all your contributions to OLDC, mappers and all! Keep on mapping everyone


Mid-tier Pixel Artist
Damn, just shy of the Top 5 :^(

Regardless, I got plenty of feedback this OLDC and I'm ever grateful for it.

Congrats to the winners and top 5, and for the rest of the participants, hope y'all got plenty of feedback and criticism for the next mapping endeavor you go on :> (provided, you *did* decide to continue with that instead of walking away forever)


A SRB2 Fanatic
Congratulations, winners! I applaud your skills!

As for those who didn't win, next time's the charm, and for sure you'll win!


SRB20YA Founder
It sure was a relief to see CCZ wasn't the worst stage... It was development hell.

Anyways, congrats to everyone for being a part of the contest. All that matters is that we are moderately etched into history, and taking part.


But where did the hub place?

I have compiled a list of voting topics that mention the hub. Hopefully those can be used to get an idea of how it ranks... in a semi-official context.

https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=49276 (Second Post by OP puts hub at 8th place.)
https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=49259 (Hub in 2nd Place)
https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=49124 (While not in the ranking, its mentioned to get honorary first place)
https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=49293 (Missing Valley Falls Zone, thus not counted)
https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=49162 (Mentioned, but not placed in the Ranking)
https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=49144 (Mentioned, but not placed in the Ranking)

So, if you want to consider it... it got anywhere between 8th and 1st place. Which is still pretty good.


So, if you want to consider it... it got anywhere between 8th and 1st place. Which is still pretty good.
Technically, with just three votes at 1st, 2nd and 8th place out of 22 entries, it would've been last place with only 55 points.


Technically, with just three votes at 1st, 2nd and 8th place out of 22 entries, it would've been last place with only 55 points.

This is true. However, other votes got disqualified for missing a level in the division, so thus, if we only count votes that had all 22 levels, this means that first place is Metalic Madness, with 57 points, second place is the Hub with 55 points, and third place is Snowflake Ridge, with 53 points.

Also Hypertower only gets one point. Just thought this would be interesting to people.