Dietz nuts
ok so... the life icons show that I have infinite lives, when I don't have infinite lives
and nope, deleting the lua files didn't work, pretty minor issue (like very minor) but it's still an issue
(it has been like this since forever and it happens even when I'm not using any other mod)
Delete modern sonics luafiles (the ones who says ms)
Theyre prob corrupted since that can happen sometimes and it screws modern sonic completedely
Also just to ask but you used another mod besides modern sonic?
I'm not gonna say it....I'm not gonna say that if you delete the lua files, then what's the point of modern soni DAMN IT!!!!

Gamor Kat

I Found You, Faker!
if modern sonic was the last mod you activated then in the console type help and the commands should be at the top the only one ive memorized is hudstyle which the styles are: unleashed, generations, colors, rush, forces, 2006, srb2, and a secret one idk if i should say and i think thats it. for the voices you just put the actors name after the command i forgot what the command is called.
i think the secret one is hudstyle 0
(not very secret its kinda bland)

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