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[Reusable] Mizu Pack V4.1: New Map! (Frozen Garden) V4.1

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


Welcome to my map pack! As of right now, I have 3 (2 Normal, 1 Hell) maps available.

First Cup: Resort Cup (maps that are designed to be tourist attractions)

First Map: Starlight Station (Resort Cup I) MapID: MAPEN

An interstellar hotel with a beautiful view!

Second Map:??????

Third Map: Frozen Garden (Resort Cup III) MAPID: MAPEP


A garden that sits in a balance of Winter and Spring (with a day and night variant)

Hell Map: Aerial Battlegrounds (Resort Cup ???) MapID: MAPER

An aerial base that hides within the clouds. (This map is very old, outdated, and won't be getting any updates anytime soon.

Special Thanks:
- My friends for testing out my map
- The servers NVJR and Aqua's KartHouse for allowing me to test my maps on a server
- The community resources for the custom textures/flats
- TinyPlume for letting me use their banners around my map(s) and for the custom color palette)
- My friend Pippu for giving me visual advice on my map(s)

Update Log:

V1: - Released 1st map of Journey Cup, Starlight Station


Starlight Station:
- Improved item box placement
- Added a few mechanics to the last part of the map
- Added more signs to the last part of the map
- Adjusted some areas to help with drifting

Added New Map: Aerial Battlegrounds

Starlight Station:
-Made minor changes to the map layout and highlighted some of the boost panels
-Moved MapID to EN
-Fixed a minor checkpoint issue


Starlight Station:
- Fixed a few textures and moved the ceiling down on the 1st split path
- Fixed the thumbnail of map that was too large

Aerial Battlegrounds
- Added a darker border around the 1st part of the map
- Fixed the thumbnail of map that was too large


Starlight Station:
- Added compatibility to Daytona Kart mod

Aerial Battlegrounds:
- Added a solid wall to the outer parts of the start section to prevent people from falling off and respawning backwards
- Shrunk the wind sections and gave the walls a small bounce effect
- Added death planes to the edges of the start of the wind sections to prevent potential softlock issues
- Shrunk the area after the last wind section and the 1st part to the last section
- Added compatibility to Daytona Kart mod


Aerial Battlegrounds:
-Made minor changes to the overall map
-Added a thok barrier and removed a row of the cannons to reduce lag on the map


Aerial Battlegrounds:
- Decreased the size of some of the areas and buffed the wider turns of the map
- The wind tunnels no longer have wind inside them due to the slow death and the bouncy wall killing people.
- Added a wind box on the cloud springs and a top path into both tunnels as an additional path
- Added more clouds to the 1st cut to reduce the chance of dying
- Added a checkpoint in the middle of the 1st cut to reduce the spawn distance from the next checkpoint
- Added a wind box to the 1st cloud to prevent softlock


Starlight Station:
- Pushed the slope back after the 1st split path to make the "v turn" smoother and made the "v turn" a bit smaller
- Made the boost panel after the yellow springs longer due to being able to still mis it

Aerial Battlegrounds
- Fixed the clouds in the 1st cut to make it possible to bounce from them at any position/height
- Added a strong windbox before the speed pad to prevent jumping over them and dying
- Added a new skybox to the map


Aerial Battlegrounds
- Fixed a checkpoint spawn issue during the 1st split path
- Placed deathplanes around the upward windboxes to avoid softlock
- Added a deathplane after the speed pads to lower the amount of time falling if exploded by Eggman bomb


Starlight Station
-Removed the encore palette due to it being broken was still in the testing phase


Starlight Station
-Fixed the 1st section of the map that made it impossible to finish a lap properly


Starlight Station
-Layout and Visuals have been overhauled

Aerial Battlegrounds
-Changed MAPID to MAPER
-Map is now in Hell rotation

V3.1 Hotfix

Fixed an issue of the custom palette affecting everything

Starlight Station
-Made minor fixes to some of the lighting and missing textures
-Added a sfx that wasn't in the file

V3.11 Hotfix (again)

Starlight Station
-Fixed a conflict that would override server intermission banners
-Fixed some minor geometry after the low gravity section
-Changed a few textures


Starlight Station
-Changed the textures in various places around the map for better visuals and consistency
-Added an invisible speed panel in the 1st cut to help with players going too fast and missing the boost panels in speed modified servers
-Extended the leading line up to the beginning part of the low gravity tunnel
-Removed the death pit in the low gravity tunnel and changed the boost panel texture
-Sloped the 2 U-turns in the low gravity section for better visibility
-Slightly reworked the 2nd cut so 9 speeds can't cheese the cut with a red MT
-Added some minor scenery in the parking garage section
-Made the U-Turn in the parking garage into a banked turn for better visibility
-Darkened some of the windows inside the parking garage to help with the turns
-Removed a random ramp after the mini spiral
-Added some more decorations and scenery for the pool area
-Moved the last 2 item sets back to accommodate the overall time spent on the map
-Changed the lap count to 2 laps
-Slightly increased the volume of the encore song
-Changed the thumbnail for the map

Aerial Battlegrounds
-moved the ceiling up around the starting section to make sure the easter egg works properly


Starlight Station
-Extended deathplanes on the outer section in the low gravity section to prevent getting stuck

Added New Map: Frozen Garden


Frozen Garden
-Added more thok barriers to reduce the amount of frame drops on the map


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just finished playing both of these maps a few times and i thought to give a few thoughts on them! since they're honestly both really fun and quite unique in terms of visuals or gameplay!

for starlight station, there really isn't anything i have to complain about aside from the textures used being a bit bland and samey, but they are at least consistent with each other, which is good! another thing is the lack of any decoration items around the stage, making it look a little bit unfinished or empty in places, which might be the intention, but either way, i think visual flare can definitely add a lot to the excitement of a stage! the last thing i want to mention is that the shortcuts throughout the stage feel, a lil generic and kinda weak, shortcuts where you just cut through the middle path of a 2 laned road usually aren't the best in making the player feel rewarded and often save extremely little time, the latter point only applies to the first cut tho since the second one has a red spring panel, which helps a lot with making it faster!

overall, this is a very decent and enjoyable stage, i liked going through it a lot!

for aerial battlegrounds: i honestly just really adore that stage, it's so damn good, you did wonderfully with it both visually and design wise! my only real issue is, again, a lack of decoration items, making some parts of the stage feel empty or unfinished, but aside from that, it's very good! (this isn't really an issue to fault the map for, but i did notice that the shortcut at the start can be inconsistent to take when using hard/firm sneakers, which, is obviously something pretty hard to account for, so i don't blame you at all!)

i'm really excited to see what other stages you end up making!


Thank you for the critique and positive remarks, Claudia! Since I recently just started making maps, I wanted to make sure that the maps worked on a functional level before I went on ahead to make it better on a visual level. Starlight Station and Aerial Battlegrounds will both be getting some QoL updates in the later future (and Starlight will be getting some design changes as well for better flow). I'm rather glad that you enjoy my maps and hope you'll continue to look forward to them getting better!

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