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Mizu Pack V5.11: New Maps! (Chroma Backrooms & Spring Casino) V5.11

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Welcome to my map pack! As of right now, I have 5 (4 Normal, 1 Hell) maps available.

First Cup: Resort Cup (maps that are designed to be tourist attractions)

Extra Map: Chroma Backrooms (Resort Cup ???) MAPID: MAPEM


While beginning to explore all the attractions, you somehow find yourself in a bizarre area with various colors everywhere. There are multiple "entities" that are eagerly waiting to watch you race on this peculiar map.
(Fun Fact: This map was meant to be released with the Jam Jar but needed some changes before I felt comfortable releasing it.)

First Map: Starlight Station (Resort Cup I) MAPID: MAPEN

An interstellar hotel with a beautiful view!

Second Map: Spring Casino (Resort Cup II) MAPID: MAPEO

This casino has a unique gimmick where it strives to utilize all the various types of springs to help you traverse the map. Hope you have fun!

Third Map: Frozen Garden (Resort Cup III) MAPID: MAPEP


A garden that sits in a balance of Winter and Spring (with a day and night variant)

Hell Map: Aerial Battlegrounds (Resort Cup ???)

An aerial base that hides within the clouds. (This map is very old, outdated, and won't be getting any updates anytime soon.

Special Thanks:
- My friends for testing out my map
- The servers NVJR and Aqua's KartHouse for allowing me to test my maps on a server
- The community resources for the custom textures/flats
- TinyPlume for letting me use their banners around my map(s) and for the custom color palette)
- My friend Pippu for giving me visual advice on my map(s)
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Latest reviews

This pack consists of 2 maps (as of v3.2a), one of them being a hell map - as such I'll limit myself to speak only about Starlight Station.

Ever since the 3.0 update, the track has become a sort of unique setting, considering it's a space-themed track that is meant to be chill and relaxing, unlike other similarly themed tracks that mainly use the vastness of space as a more active or bizarre setting. Here, the use of this as a "resort" works to give it a niche. The setting has lots of details and some easter eggs that make it worth taking the camera around to see all of what it has to offer.

The layout makes use of low-gravity sections too and it's fresh and easy to read, a huge improvement over previous versions. It's a really pretty and friendly course to go through and all issues I previously had with the track are now fixed, so I definitely recommend checking it out. Going too fast here makes you lose sights on the amazing detailing that surrounds the track, and I hope to see more in the future!
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