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Mizu Pack V3.11 (Starlight Station Overhaul Update) V3.11

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After 1000 years.... There is now a new version for Starlight Station!

With a new update also comes a new title for the cup: The Resort Cup!

First Cup: Resort Cup (maps that are designed to be tourist attractions)

First Map: Starlight Station (Resort Cup I) MapID: MAPEN

An interstellar hotel with a beautiful view!

Second Map: Aerial Battlegrounds (Resort Cup ???) MapID: MAPER

An aerial base that hides within the clouds.

Special Thanks:
- My friends in Bad Milk for testing my maps and giving me advice
- Ivo for all of the textures in the community resources
- The servers NVJR and Aqua's KartHouse for allowing me to test my maps on a server
- TinyPlume for letting me use their banners around my map(s) and for the custom color palette)
- My friend Pippu for giving me visual advice on my map(s)
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Latest reviews

This pack consists of 2 maps (as of v3.11), one of them being a hell map - as such I'll limit myself to speak only about Starlight Station.

Ever since the 3.0 update, the track has become a sort of unique setting, considering it's a space-themed track that is meant to be chill and relaxing, unlike other similarly themed tracks that mainly use the vastness of space as a more active or bizarre setting. Here, the use of this as a "resort" works to give it a niche.

Compared to previous versions of the track, the use of custom textures and the smoothening of turns has greatly helped make this track feel more than a simple test track featuring vanilla textures. That said, some turns coming after a few jumps can be difficult when it comes to avoiding walls or getting a disciplined line. Beyond the really nice impressions of the first section, which only appears in the first lap, and the trippy colors, some turns can be hard to read and you will be reliant on the floor markings most of the time, which sadly can make them feel same-y despite the clear efforts at making the track feel touristic and intimate.

Still, just by how much the track has improved, I'm hopeful that it will go better from here and I expect to see a similar glow up with the upcoming remake of Aerial Battlegrounds and the tracks coming after them!
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