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sonic heroes is a good game

A little thing I made a while back, and has been sitting in my SLADE folder for over 7 months.

All models made by me, with the badniks being based off the 1.09 designs.(mostly)

Known issues:
The green snapper's feet are too big. I'll fix that in a later patch.
When a minus flips, the game lags. this is a problem with the hires sprites.
Not all enemies have new sprites yet. I'll make the rest when I feel like it.


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You'r going to SRB1's Brazil
I do a custom support for your badniks sprites well the first thing I do was just make a version of the Havocked Hive green Crawlas (Mod Link:https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=47590) Well for sprites I just taked the red crawlas of the sprites and recolored green and put all of the name sprites. This is how it looks like
(Mod used: Micro,SRBII,Micro's Badniks Sprites and the custom support)(Obviously)
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I noticed the mod changed the Eggman Statues in Castle Engman to these demon Omelettes. Does the mod change any other scenery?

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