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High Speed: Meat Boy is a fast character that isn't beginner friendly but can easily be used to do huge skips in levels that might make him suitable for speedrunners.

Wallslide: Wallsliding is an ability that makes you stick into walls and jump off of them as well, easily an ability that can be used to break levels.

Infinite lives: He possesses the ability of having infinite lives due to some hidden lore in the game..

Insta-death: He dies in one hit, making him progress through stages much more difficult, but the infinite lives are there to help him out.

Difficulty in control: Due to him having incredible speed and acceleration, slipping off ledges are common, use your wallslide to get out of them!

meatboy_soundtrack: Use this command to turn off and on the Meat Boy soundtrack at free will!
meatboy_trail: Use this command to turn off and on people having to leave their trail, reducing lag.
meatboy_lowparticles: Use this command to turn off and on having particles be less intensive to reduce lag.
Another command
meatboy_rickroll: Use this command to turn on and off people.. rickrolling?

TrustyGun - for letting me use his gibs code
Starshy - for making the A1 sprite first (i made the rest) and doing the ride, edge and transformation sprites
Seaballer - for helping me test Meat Boy and see the bugs
Blacknide - for making the model for both Meat Boy and Abomination Boy

Meat boy soundtrack and sounds from Super Meat Boy
Meat boy CSS art from Super Meat Boy
2.1 Meat boy from a rejected submission that i had lol

v1: Release

If you're too lazy to read the README file or you're just not used to reading them here's the text directly from the file:

blah blah blah do the usual stuff for models everyone knows it already i dont need to tell
rick roll was a pain to make in a short time ~Blacknide


To setup the models, go to the models folder and extract the rar there, when you go that, go to the main folder and go to the file models.dat (if it's not made then make a new one), open it with a text program (example: Notepad) and copy and paste these lines in:

MEATBOY STEAK.md3 3.0 0.0

Vulgar warning in the joke character:

There is another character that's in this wad.. He really enjoys to piss off some people with his 2000's humor, can you guess what it is..?

Kudos to this guy who made the remix

Supporters / CoAuthors



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Welcome to releases, this is pretty good actually.


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This character is incredibly fun. Welcome to releases, dumb piece of rick-rolling steak.

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so, i made what the tutorial says, but the models aren't appearing
is because of the different names?

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nevermind, i should add a / to the middle of the names
(pls update the notepad and the post to include a / on it)

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nope, still no working
you should fix it


Wow, don't think I've been this early to a mod release before. Neato.
Regardless, this is a neat if oddly simple character addition that I can't... fully appreciate, having never played Super Meat Boy myself, (please spare me, I swear I'll get around to it.)
I have, however, picked up the less-than-super original/Flash Meat Boy many a time, and can say with certainty that your attempt at emulating the essence of that game's control is spot on, with the sole exception of hugging wall-jumps to ascend vertically.
That omission could easily be chalked up to either balancing or difficult programming, though.

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