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[Reusable] Match Special Stages - Old Stages, New Tricks! 2021-03-04

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Tired of the same old boring 2.0 special stages in your multiplayer Co-op servers? Well, why not mix things up with these new special stages! Each of the 7 Match Maps based on the already existing Campaign levels have been modified to function at Multiplayer Special Stages for your server. Work together as a team to hunt down all the spheres, or try your hand at doing them solo (they're tricky, but doable!). Some of them even featured modified level design with new paths to make navigation easier!

(Note that this mod only changes the MULTIPLAYER Special Stages. The regular Nights Stages found in Single Player are untouched. Although I highly encourage playing through these with some friends as that is their intended purpose, f you'd like to try these Stages by yourself start a private netgame and teleport to them using Map Codes MAP60 to MAP66.)


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It's quite fitting for the co-op stages with this. I really like this


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It looks like the planned MP special stages for the 2.2 (before they scrapped it for the more conventional 2.0 ones).

I like the look of it.
MP Special Stages for Match? That'd be terrible...

Although I think it'd be a good idea, but who am I to judge opinions? And who knows, maybe someone else may think it's a good idea. Plus, they could edit the dangerous special stages so that there are no stage hazards whatsoever.
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