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[Reusable] Mania Hammer Drop + Spike Invulnerability

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.
It's exactly what it says in the name, heavily based off Mania's iteration of both abilities.

Press Spin while midair to perform a hammer drop. Hammer Dropping into bustable walls and spikes will break them. The Hammer Drop also does damage in a small area of effect to enemies around you.

Landing onto spikes will bounce you back and stop you from taking any damage. Be warned that if you land onto a spike a second time in a row, you will take damage.

By default, the abilities are given to Sonic as well, there's no Mighty in the game by default.

The code used for handling bustable walls/floors was taken from this port of Mighty which can be found here (mainly because I got lazy):
Credit to Appleblurt, Monster Iestyn, and Tripel The Fox for this port and addon.

Full permission is given by me to reuse the assets or code from this addon in any subsequent work.


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I'll never get hit by a Crushtacean again. Welcome to Releases.


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Now that we can comment on this new MB, i could say that is pretty neat, but i have one little issue with the hammer drop. If you jump while holding the spin button it makes the hammer drop, when you are supossed to only press spin (not holding it) to execute the move, this causes, for example, to die after getting under the lasers in BCZ1

I don't know if i explained right, it's been a while since i wrote in English

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