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[Model] Jeck Jims' SRB2Kart 3D DLC v2.1 Community Contributions and more SEGA!


The Black Hunter
So uhh, I replaced the oringal mlds.dat file with the one of this pack, but all the characters that have 3d models (except for the original cast and the bonus chars) are just invisible to me.

same, i tried to add Joker, but it didn't work


No Honey model ? Strange, considering she will be in bonus char of V2.

Also I found a Tangle model in the forum but it's a MD2 so ... but it works nonetheless.
Metal mario and wario and mario combo md2 models?

Well um i downloaded mit character pack shutout to him/her but um im not able to get metal mario wario and mario combo to turn 3d if you have a solution or download link please reply with it


How do i use these models. They look so cool!!!

IIRC, install in the SRB2 Kart folder, then simply use the OpenGL launcher (not the default launcher) to use the models. Of course, if the model is for an add-on character, you have to install and activate that add-on character. Those are separate downloads.


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