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Hello, I've been following SRB2Kart for quite a while when a friend of mine brought it up on a discord server, after downloading a hefty amount of addons. I felt inspired to make several of them. And here they are! This new update is more of a self indulging one admittedly but hope you like

Not only that but I've just updated the pack to add two new characters.

Mildred is an original character and my first character for Kart altogether. Since I'm confident on her design, I knew I could draw her in 3 dimensions. She uses the Taciturn Cynic voice from Soul Calibur VI. (VA: Ali Hillis) (Stats: Speed 5/9, Weight 9/9)

Shermie is one of my favorite King of Fighters characters, and I decided to make her for this game right after Mildred. Her voice clips are taken from KOF2002. (VA: Hazuki Nishikawa) (Stats: Speed 1/9, Weight 7/9)

Next we have Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa. She was really fun but also difficult to make, because of her asymmetrical design. Made sure to keep her multiple personality gimmick on different angles as much as I could. Have fun shoving your friends off the track and give them as much despair as she would give 'em! (VAs: Amanda Celine Miller, Erin Fitzgerald) (Stats: Speed 7/9, Weight 8/9)

Newcomer Cherry, another OC of mine, I finally felt confident about spriting her, in full rotation. She's very quick and nimble, however, she's short, and thus her weight is at the worst stat possible. For her voice I used clips from Xenoverse 2, specifically the female voice #12, you might recognize it. (VA: Amanda Lee) (Stats: Speed 5/9, Weight 1/9)

Following that we have the clumsy and unstable Ultimate Nurse from Super Danganronpa 2, Mikan Tsumiki, her kart is a little weighted, however her meek disposition prevents her from being really fast. Her clumsiness extends, hope you don't accidentally trip onto your friends.. (VA: Stephanie Sheh) (Stats: Speed 3/9, Weight 8/9)

Entering left stage is a rich girl character of mine, Erika Serrano, to sass you out of your kart, while she's not modelling around for magazines or drinking frappuccinos, she's driving around very casually not giving much of a care for the track, though her weight might surprise some of the lighter people... She uses Karin Kanzuki's voice because it was the closest fitting thing (VA: Lauren Landa) (Stats: Speed 3/9, Weight 6/9)

The download is provided as individual files in case you only want one or two of them or all of them as a single pk3. GIFs are provided for preview, along with a preview of some of the different palettes. Have fun! Hope you like them as much as I had fun making them.

-Erika Serrano (OC) Added

-Two new characters: Cherry (OC), Mikan Tsumiki (DR)
-Mildred: Redrew WANT, RANK, Stats changed (4,8) -> (5,9)
-Junko Enoshima: Fixed signpost alignment.

-v1: Initial Release

  • Spike Chunsoft: Danganronpa devs.
  • Bandai-Namco: Publisher for Xenoverse 2, Project Soul for Soul Calibur VI.
  • Dimps: Developer for Xenoverse 2
  • Yamori X: A lot of advice and criticism.
  • My friends of the Spicy Squad: for putting up with my dumb mods.

The download is provided as individual files in case you only want one or two of them or all of them as a single pk3. GIFs are provided for preview, along with a preview of some of the different palettes. Have fun! Hope you like them as much as I had fun making them.

PS: I accidentally used a different palette for Cherry in the gifs. Her default color is Raspberry.

Coming up next fairly shortly:


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Welcome to releases! Though, I felt the need to add "JadeChars" to the topic title, especially if you ever decide to expand this set later, its important to know what this is a pack for, even if individual character files are available.
No problem, taking that into consideration, the JadeChars Pack has been updated! With Cherry (an original character), and Mikan Tsumiki from Super Danganronpa 2, along with minor other character updates.
how did you manage to make shermie's hair color change alongside the costume?

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