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Upon seeing 2.2's Ringslinger levels, I thought it was a shame they weren't updated, but then I remembered that this is SRB2, and that if you want it you can make it. So, welcome to Jade Falls Zone!

This map replaces Jade Vallery, and it is Jade Valley, but bigger, better, and slope-ier. It's an open map with many ways to get between each room, so always be on the lookout for new shortcuts and routes. It also happens to be my first ever ringslinger project. I tried to make everyone useful and I feel like I succeeded (though, sorry Amy players, all you get is a few spring shortcuts, though if you ever feel like grabbing a WRM and an Infinity ring before everyone else that's one of them).

SPAWNING: Every player starts with 15 rings. There are 64 player and Chaos Emerald spawns around the entire map. 50 of both of these are in the major rooms, excluding the middle - these rooms are where players and Chaos Emeralds are most likely to spawn. Five are in the middle room, and the rest are scattered around corridors, which means that spawns there can still happen. The Strong Random Monitor, the only way of accessing certain powerups, is found at the peak of the middle area.

LAG: Some areas may lag intensely. I have tried to fix this issue to no avail. If the lag becomes too much, I advise you to use the OpenGL renderer as much as that may suck, since it's the only fix I've found. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue, please tell me!

  • Play for height. The advantages of the high ground can't be overstated in an open map like this, especially if you have a Rail and for contesting the middle of the map. If you have the high ground, you should probably play to keep it.
  • Use the trees. The trees block enemy shots - including Rail rings. They are a way of defending yourself from shots from afar, so watch your back when running through an undefended area and plan your movements so that you have protection near you.
  • Play around Mid... The middle area contains both the Rail panel and SRM, but you'll have to climb to reach either. Starting off from an elevation outside the room gives you an advantage when going for these goodies.
  • ...but remember the rest. If you're looking for anything that isn't either of these two, consider seeking somewhere other than the middle area, as Chaos Emeralds and players alike are more likely to spawn outside of it.
  • There are shortcuts. If you've just entered a room, chances are there are at least two other ways to get in. The more ways you find, the easier you'll be able to move between each room.

BATTLEMOD: Jade Falls supports Battlemod Match and Tag perfectly well, but Control Points could be better. To remedy this, there is a second map included within this file, Midnight Falls Zone, a midnight version of Jade Falls with a layout optimised for Control Points.

This map is known as Ba_MidnightFalls-v#.pk3, and it is solely a Battlemod map - meaning it will only work once without errors once Battlemod is loaded as well. Furthermore, Midnight Falls will only work/works best on Control Points, and Jade Falls should be used for all other gametypes. Midnight Falls uses map slot C0, and switches to Noxious Factory once the map is done.

As per usual, this is a Match map, and neither version will work with either version of CTF.



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I suppose it can go into releases, but I don't know if its just me, or are there framerate issues with this map? May just be too many Things scattered about.
Yeah, some parts lag, but there doesn't seem to be any obvious cause. It's not Things or the midtextures or the skybox or even having too many linedefs, I checked all of those indev.
I had a bit of time to give this map a run through (not in a netgame yet) since I am always excited to see remakes of the vanilla match/ctf maps. Unfortunately I ended up slightly disappointed by this, for a few reasons.

I feel like too much of the old jade valley is gone. I can clearly see the influence, but some of these rooms never needed to be replaced by something so radically different. I appreciate the idea, but somehow despite being so much more elaborate and grand, the map feels cramped and difficult to navigate despite being 4 times bigger than the original. It's quite easy to get lost, there are several annoying ledges, and slopes very frequently are too sharp which causes the player to fly into the air when running past them. I also see no need to spawn the player with 15 rings, especially since they already get a pity shield to allow them to gather resources safely.

Besides those shortcomings, this is a seriously impressive map in many respects - there are some pretty lovely looking areas, and it's gigantic while also being so high-effort. I'm looking forward to more maps from you.

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