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Ivory the Mad Scientist/Rabbit v1.5


My sister wanted to start working on another character, so here is a our
evil rabbit OC Ivory just in time for Easter.


The villainous Ivory has come to reluctantly raid Eggman's labs.
  • Using her acid bombs she able to blast badniks or melt cracked walls, but she has to manually aim her throws.
  • Her bombs change depending on what shield she currently has, and some even have special properties
  • she can't roll or spin jump, but she does have good jump height and can land on top of enemies to defeat them.
  • And finally her hazmat suit protects her from the rare toxic liquid hazard.

Includes support for Battle Mode!

  • Logan8r: The Wad
  • ArtBunny: My sister, for the sprites and design
  • Aaron8r: My brother for fixing some code
  • ManimiFire: VS Shadow The Hedgehog's wall breaking code (Re-Useable Content)
  • Alice and Timeos: Hinote, which I learned some Lua from studying
  • Dirk: For the invention of Hug and Frozen Sprites
  • Sound effects from the games Svetlograd and Zuma Deluxe


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Played with her for a bit on Battle and yeah, she's kinda underwhelming, while I like her design and the idea of manually throwing chemical bombs, her rate of fire is pretty lacking without the Bomb Frenzy ability. I also kinda wish she can throw her bombs on the ground while moving considering she can do so in the air.

I also feel she could use an extra move at least on battle to make her a little more interesting; I've alluded to this idea on the server, but I say tie her bombs with the shield abilities. For Example, with the Elemental Shield her bombs could leave a circle of fire on impact, with the Attraction Shield her bombs gain a magnetic effect, pushing enemies away where ever she drops them, and with the Whirlwind Shield her bombs leave a small tornado on impact.

I could go on, but I think you get the general idea, she has a lot of potential I feel I want to see it unleashed, but hey, it's your character, you do you of course, thanks for reading all this.


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good character, good design and... good ability? well, yes, it is true that it is very broken, but it is fun to use


Ok I did a small update buffing her in battle mode.
Her fire rate is now faster and she now has a 2 shield slots.


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Neat concept! I'm always a fan of seeing different takes on projectile characters in SRB2, and it's nice that Ivory has a distinct aesthetic to her character design.

I would definitely like to see her get more bang for her buck, though, because at the moment it feels like there's so many negative attributes that are holding her back.

Some things for you to consider:

  • Allowing the spin button to trigger her midair ability (similar to how Amy's twinspin functions now) would make the ability more intuitive to use in the air, and also allow Ivory to throw projectiles while rising.
  • As far as I can tell, there is a blast radius, but it's so small as to be almost nonexistent. Considering she has to manually aim at targets, I think it would be fair to increase this blast radius.
  • There needs to be at some leniency for when Ivory is able to use her projectile on the ground. Even Fang could walk around slowly and still shoot his gun. It does seem like an odd design choice on her considering she can already throw projectiles in the air, meaning she already has no problems shooting and moving.
  • I feel like the incredibly slow firing rate was an intentional choice to balance her having a free-aim projectile in the air, but it's so slow as to make it hard for the user to tell when the projectile is even on cooldown or not. While I'd recommend some slight buffs here, I think it would also help to have a HUD indicator to tell when the projectile is available or whether it's on cooldown. I'd also extend this to her Battle ability, which at the moment does not give the user any visual feedback for how long the actual firing rate increase lasts.

From my short time playing her in battle, I can say that it is nice being able to potentially snipe enemies at long range, but the combined firing rate, travel speed, almost nonexistent blast radius mean that it's almost impossible to hit a moving target -- hell, it's hard to just hit a target that's standing still. Honestly, her most appealing attribute in the format has nothing to do with her attacks right now; it's her jump, which is the highest base jump I've seen of any serious character. Which is definitely cool, but without a reliable attack, it's not enough to make her competitive.

I really like her gameplay concept though, so with some tweaks I think she could end up being a really fun character.
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She definitely seems like a match/battle character, since she doesn't have a lot going for her in the main campaign, where combat isn't really a big focus. The high jump is cool, but you can use fang for a high jump with his bounce if that's something you need. I can't really comment on her much since i don't really play much ringslinger or battle, but i do quite like her design.


Thanks for the suggestions, I not sure whats wrong with the blast radius, it works fine in single player and coop but in pvp it does not seem to work. In the meantime I buffed her firing rate and gave her a new ability.
I can fix the spin button and shooting and moving tho.
I also love the jump too.


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Yeah It looks like was been playing the old build. The new firing rate and ability definitely makes a difference.


Found out why the acid bombs don't deal splash damage to other players in PVP.

The action A_Explode calls a function called PIT_RadiusAttack on each object inside of the radius. If that object's type is equal to the object that spawned it, it would not damage that object (this is for some enemies that drop bombs). The problem with this is that both the object that spawned it and the object that is taking damage are of type MT_PLAYER. This would cause the function to not damage them.

It is possible to work around this by add DMG_CANHURTSELF to the damage type (which can be set for A_Explode using Var1). This would allow for splash damage to damage other players but would also allow for self damage:

(The small circles appearing outside of the objects are hit boxes from another add on)

I also noticed that you have freeslotted a few things twice, you don't need to do that, things only have to be freeslotted once. Lua files are loaded first from top to bottom, then SOCs. The identifiers will remain from lua meaning you don't have to freeslot them again in the SOC file.


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I'll Begin

Not gonna lie, I really like this character design. Definitely putting this one on my list of characters to check out later.


Ok balancing Ivory is proving to be hard, I originally just intended her for coop.
Anyways her bombs do not clash because she lacks auto aim, instead she can only throw one bomb per jump.
Sorry for any inconveniences.
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Alright, so I've played Ivory for a good bit. I can definitely say that she's one of my favorite current original character add-ons at the moment, with a simple yet fun ability and a very cool backstory.

The Hazmat suit did cause me to have a few questions though. Toxic liquid protection is nice and all, but as stated by yourself, it is rare. I personally think it would help to add a few extra seconds of air to her water and space timers (because some Hazmat suits come with SCBAs).

Besides that minor nitpick, I have to say running through levels with an evil rabbit was extremely fun. Her unique ability combines the projectiles we love in FPS games with the precision and planning needed in SRB2, and the high jump along with the ability to break walls allowed for some fun alternative paths. Excellent work on this character.

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