Ivo Industries Track Pack V10.1

[Level Pack] Ivo Industries Track Pack V10.1 V10.2

Hey, I recognise some of these... Maybe I've been on them before?
Anyway, great job with the tracks! Can't wait to see the rest of the Cloud(top) Cup!

P.S: I've somehow managed to sigsegv Lubrication Lagoon by accidentally boosting off through a pillar and into the Oil Ocean.
Version 10.2 update: Opulence Zone and its assets have been removed.
It sucks that this is happening, but you shouldn't get rid of a good stage because of the song issue. You could look into M2U for some music replacements (this one sounds a lot similar to what you had)
Question- When I load the map pack I get this error in the log:
Is this normal? From what I can tell everything seems to otherwise be functioning.

WARNING: Line 52: Couldn't find mobjtype named 'MT_IVOCOIN'
WARNING: Line 85: Couldn't find mobjtype named 'MT_BLUEEMERALD'
WARNING: Line 130: Couldn't find mobjtype named 'MT_PURPEMERALD'
WARNING: Line 175: Couldn't find mobjtype named 'MT_REDEMERALD'
WARNING: Line 220: Couldn't find mobjtype named 'MT_WHITEMERALD'
WARNING: Line 265: Couldn't find mobjtype named 'MT_AQUAEMERALD'
WARNING: Line 310: Couldn't find mobjtype named 'MT_GRENEMERALD'
WARNING: Line 355: Couldn't find mobjtype named 'MT_YELLEMERALD'
8 warnings in the SOC lump
Loading SOC from E:\Program\SRB2K\KRL_IvoIndustries-v102.pk3|SOC/SOC_HYUH
Loading SOC from E:\Program\SRB2K\KRL_IvoIndustries-v102.pk3|SOC/SOC_FLDM
Loading SOC from E:\Program\SRB2K\KRL_IvoIndustries-v102.pk3|SOC/SOC_BALL
Loading SOC from E:\Program\SRB2K\KRL_IvoIndustries-v102.pk3|SOC/SOC_CTSP
Loading SOC from E:\Program\SRB2K\KRL_IvoIndustries-v102.pk3|SOC/SOC_SPNG
Bruh, you shouldn't delete a whole map just because one song.

Why you didn't even look into music replacements?

Edit: Nevermind that, I'm glad it was actually made into the official SRB2 Kart new releases! Say, aren't you working on a new Map 7 to be made into replacement?
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This map pack is one of the best I've ever played, while there are some that I don't quite enjoy, there were others who were just purely amazing in terms of level layout and the designs put on these maps are really gorgeous. I'd have to point out one problem though as it seems like it hasn't been fixed yet.

There are errors showing in the log due to the objects mentioned not being freesloted. Those being:

It's a pretty easy fix as they just need to be put under the freeslot so that the objects don't get broken all of a sudden while loading other addons. Really looking forward for more updates on this one, keep the great job!
This is a very nice track pack and it still remains a favorite of mine. However I cannot get a hand with Hyudoro Hideaway for some pretty punishing elements that keep crippling every time I touch the map.


This turn is pretty easy to undershoot unless you take it super wide thanks to the quicksand and the lack of any solid (offroad) ground in the corner to keep you on the track.

This is also a pretty easy pit to reach with the right setup; if you bring a sneaker and boost onto the final sand slide in the dark at anything other than straight-on, you're going to launch yourself straight into the pit and respawn before the slide, costing a lot of time.

This next point is minor but I'd also probably flatten out the small bump where the Monitors are positioned on the wooden bridge, if only because if you approach it with enough speed it lifts you up slightly, potentially messing up a turn.

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