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Aaaand a quick update to 7.1 to fix a GBJ situation in Opulence that was surprisingly easy to get put into. Apologies to those that experienced it.

While I was at it I went ahead and updated Splashdown with new, larger chevron textures, replaced the section 1 trees with more Splash Hill appropriate ones, and made some minor geometry changes in a few specific areas. Plus I replaced the base game water textures with my own water. Enjoy!
8.0 has arrived. Following some changes due to the feedback from Jart, Motobug Motorway is open to the public. Go forth and wreck Green Hill Zone.
This has got to be one of the best map packs I've played in SRB2Kart, bar none. Of the six available tracks, I can't think of a single one that I don't absolutely adore. They're all an absolute joy to race through. Wave Dimension has to be my favorite simply for the blue sphere gimmick alone, Ballistic Reef is really great, and Splashdown is SO much fun. All the maps have fantastic attention to detail, too, which I cannot get enough of.

With that said, I do have one small suggestion. I'm not sure if it's just me, but there's a specific part of Splashdown Zone's third section where I have an issue. On the right path after the second split of the third section, there are arrows on the wall to the right of a death pit. I find myself falling off of it quite frequently since I'm going at a high speed and fail to see that there's nothing next to that wall... It probably sounds silly, but if it's not too much trouble, I think that issue could be resolved with another set of arrows floating to the left of the wall in the screenshot. That way, there'd be no question that you must go left left rather than continue straight to the track you see ahead.

With that said, I can't wait to see this pack get more stuff! It's so much fun, I really can't get enough of it!


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I dont now if this pack cause this kind of issue, but I just load the addon and dissapear Encore Mode Option and Hard Speed.

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Any pack with lua causes this issue if we also perform the trick required to make it run in RA. Basically, loading the pack loads it with a seperate game data save so you can RA it, however it also means it only has progress you've made while playing with it.

So there's no issue, its just a workaround to let it be RAed. Use the banana cheat, and you'll see those options come back.
Splashdown is such a cool track with its dynamic music, smooth turns and waterslide aesthetic. The very first time I saw it I knew it was going to be great.

Opulance has lovely detail, some great gimmicks, and as others have said, those coins at the end are a divine addition.

Motobug just straight-up feels like it could have been put into a full Mario Kart or Sonic racing game (besides the DOOM graphics, I mean, but that's just part of how impressive it is that you made it look so good).

The blue dots on Wave are super cool. I could do without the spikes, but I've always been against most hazards and I realize they're part of the theming.

It's nice to finally have a Chemical Plant Zone level with Liquidation. It was one of my favourite levels in Sonic 2. I do feel the pillars in the room with the two jumps could stand to be removed, or replaced with breakable parts that slow you down like other tracks, since bonking them really sucks and doesn't feel like it's adding anything to the track, really.
Man, these race tracks are hella fun. And I love seeing zones from older Sonic games being implemented like this. Keep up the working man!
I adore some of these maps to death, most of all Opulence. I do however have one very strong gripe with it:

Bananas are practically invisible in this part. Not only do the slopes make things harder to avoid precisely, but the map's colors are actively working against you here. This makes it much more likely for stuff like this to happen, and much more likely that the person receiving this will feel cheated. It seems like a sore spot on an other wise very polished map.

Personally I'd recommend just adding some silver coins among the gold ones, that should hopefully be a fairly easy change that doesn't hurt the map's aesthetics or fun. Frankly I'm happy with anything that makes nanas easier to see, and either way I am a huge fan of this map. I also really love Splashdown too.

Lubrication Lagoon is also fantastic.
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In Motobug Motorway Zone, you can go up the first ramp into the middle shortcut section in Hard speed. I'm wondering if this is intentional?
This is an amazing pack. We're always on the look for stuff for game night and every track out of this is a winner. I especially liked Wave Dimension and the blue orbs mechanic there.
Update to 9.1.3
Just some fixes to Lubrication Lagoon that are long overdue, removal of high friction areas that are no longer needed with the offroad fix, and a few graphical updates to certain tracks. Enjoy! Hopefully I can bless you guys with new stuff soon but working 2 jobs kills the Ivos free time.
Did you have anything else loaded? I just checked, and nothing seems out of the ordinary for me. Might be a conflict from another thing killing it.

you're right, after many try i find out it's Omnix Pack, that fixed it by loading Omnix Pack first then Ivo Industries Track Pack
I am speechless. Once again proving how good a race track can be. Not only that, but you also add incredible effort and love to all your work


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