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Heyo, I am an IvoYaridovich. I used to be one of the more popular track creators back in the days when Modnation Racers was around on the PS3. So I saw this game flitting around on YouTube and I thought it might be worth it to get back into my track building ways to see if I can make some enjoyable things for people to play around with! Gotta admit that making the textures and assembling these tracks has been a joy thus far so I plan on making quite a few.

I'll arrange my tracks into cups, and do my best to keep them updated as I receive feedback on them to make them as enjoyable as possible. Without further ado, let's see what I have available. Updates coming as more becomes available! I'd also be happy to accept requests though I make no guarantees about to getting to any of them.

Splash Cup

Liquidation Circuit Zone (MAPU1)

A track that runs through a section of Chemical Plant Zone. This indoor track has sharp turns and calculated jumps avoiding Chemical Plant features. There's underwater sections and a room with conveyor belts that can speed you up or slow you down so keep an eye out! This track is fairly tight and will require some skill to keep off of the walls, but once you're familiar the track is only of moderate difficulty.

Canyon Cascade Zone (MAPU2)

This track loosely based on Mirage Saloon Zone has players following the same road between two points. Beware head on collisions with other players as you traverse this canyon oasis. With 4 laps on this shorter track, there are bound to be some interesting moments here! The track is fairly easy to navigate, your opponents will be the ones to make it hard.

Wave Dimension Zone (MAPU3)

The Special Dimension where Sonic retrieves the cyan Chaos Emerald has now been opened up for public races! Race around the emeralds hiding place, collecting blue spheres for lengthy boosts of speed! But be warned, once used the orbs do not return so manage this valuable resource wisely!

Ballistic Reef Zone (MAPU4)

The Death Egg has launched, and the showdown between Big Arms and Sonic has begun. So why not use the left behind Launch Base Zone as a race track while they do their thing. This track is a bit harder than the others, but it still remains a fair race. Plenty of sharp turns so quick thinking will be a must here.

Splashdown Zone (MAPU5)

A sprint track that has players rushing through Splash Hill Zone. Players start at the top and work their way down. Racers will enjoy high cliff sides, underwater caverns, and splitting alternate routes on their way to the end. The track gets progressively more difficult the closer to the end you get so don't let your guard down!
Showdown Cup

Hyudoro Hideaway (MAPU6)
A set of ruins deep within Sandopolis is the venue for this race track. Keep your wits through the tight winding curves as you make your way to the hidden temple, and brave its depths. Though be wary, mischievous Hyudoro have been known to steal racers items and leave them defenseless.

Opulence Zone (MAPU7)
A zone of sheer indulgence into the sin of greed. Gold lines every accent of this luxurious palace, and it seems some racers are keen to smash their ways into a gold vault even Scrooge McDuck would love to take a swim in. Credits to Fayt for help with some of the texture work here, and the community for supplying the landscapes littering the track.

Motobug Motorway Zone (MAPU8)
The Motogang has taken over a portion of Green Hill Zone and made it into a motobug paradise. A winding track weaves through the hills. But don't let appearances deceive you, everything from badnik patrols to speed bumps will make your journey through this area quite perilous. Credit to Marsh for the motobug sprites for the enemies and audience, and the giant motobug billboard.

Lubrication Lagoon Zone (MAPU9)
Dr. Eggman requires a lot of oil to keep his robot army properly lubed and flexible. So why not open his oil refinery up to public racing. Watch out for patrolling Sols ready to burn you, and speed around this slippery refinery. Also features fans, slides, and quick sharp turns. Credit to Angular for lua codes used in this map.

Floral Dimension (MAPUA)
The dimension of the green chaos emerald hosts this track of wild height variation. Feature large drops and massive jumps, this track features the return of the boost giving blue spheres. Collect as many as you can in your bid to win!
Cloud Cup

Cloudtop Spire
Acrophobic persons need not apply to race upon this mountaintop track. Racers will racer along cliffside vistas and jump over cloud filled gaps while traversing this circuit. But its not all beauty, for this mountain also has an active volcano, and drivers will have to be vigilant to not take a lava bath.

Host Commands
Hosts can choose a few options now for the blue spheres on the Dimension tracks. These can be accessed and change the blue spheres globally, by typing the following in console: blueballmode x
Replace x with one of the following numbers for the effect listed:
0 Blue Spheres are deleted, and do not exist for pick up.
1 Blue Spheres can be picked up, but do not respawn, forcing resource management
2 Blue Spheres can be picked up, and respawn, so they are always available every lap. (Default is this)

Warning: Do not change this variable mid game on the blue sphere maps. It will most likely cause problems.

I give permission for any of my tracks to be hidden from rotation via a server soc edit. People are allowed to choose to hide any of my tracks from their server for any reason they see fit.

Fayt: Various textures and flats
Callmore: Lua
Angular: Lua, and test hosting
Ashnal: Lua, and attempting to tech me Lua
Marsh: Various sprites and large high res billboards
Eldog: Dynamic Item Boxes
If I forgot anyone, just slap me upside the head on discord and what not.

5/7/2020: Thread created. V1 Liquidation Circuit Added/Released
5/7/2020: V2 Canyon Cascade added. Baseball bat applied to Liquidation Circuit lighting and waypoints disciplined.
5/8/2020: V3 Liquidation Circuits checkpoints are finally getting it together. Minor alterations to gameplay in Liquidation Circuit and Canyon Cascade. Canyon Cascade banished to Hell.
5/8/2020: V3.1 Canyon Cascade rises back to the mortal realm from Hell. Gave the first checkpoint some cake to fatten it up so people can't miss it and cause problems. Thanks for the feedback Jartcast
5/9/2020: V3.3 Canyon Cascade checkpoints force fed to be twice as fat and hopefully can no longer be squeezed around by players. Canyon Cascade slopes made less punishing, and added a visual cue to the inside edge of the second slope to increase visibility. Liquidation Circuit has had parts widened, and a small ramp replaced by springbugs to avoid. Some visuals tweaked to normalize offroad section looks.
5/17/2020: V4 Splashdown Zone makes its official debut!
5/21/2020: V4.1 Sectors in Liquidation Circuit have been supplied with knives to shank wayward racers that don't belong in them. Canyon Cascade has gotten down with the tricks and is now 33% more compatible with Acrobatics. Missing signage and water has been located and put back in its proper position in Splashdown.
5/29/2020: V5 Ballistic Reef has been released. Splashdown Zone has been modified so a few sections that could unfairly kill you have been made much more fair. The visibility in the underwater section has also been increased. Encore Palettes have also been added for those that enjoy Encore Mode.
6/12/2020: V5.1 Liquidation Circuit has been opened up and now has sections with proper Chemical Plant not-sky. Canyon Cascade had the jump into U-turn made slightly easier. Splashdown had a slight tweak to the mind control algorithm that makes people constantly vote for it. Ballistic Reefs PolyObject would like you to know its happily committed to the death zone beneath it and would like to be called the MonogomyObject. Ballistic Reef has had some minor layout tweaks. All 4 tracks have received visual upgrades. I promise something new will be coming... eventually™
6/22/2020: V6.0 Wave Dimension Zone has been released. Liquidation Circuit has received entirely new visuals. Canyon Cascade received minor visual polish. Liquidation Circuit and Canyon Cascade have purged the overused mania music for more spunky remixes.
7/5/2020: V7.0 Opulence Zone makes its glitzy and glamorous appearance. The starting line positions for all tracks have been adjusted to be more consistent with... well... pretty much everyone except me. One pure and innocent sector in Wave Dimension has once again dug into the knife drawer and is once again lethally armed.
7/5/2020: V7.1 Quick update to fix a surprisingly easy to hit GBJ in Opulence I missed, plus some updates to Splashdowns texturing, things, and conveyance.
7/14/2020: 8.0 Motobug Motorway has been thrust upon the community. All glory to the Motogang! In addition, Splashdowns visual overhaul has been completed. Motobugs have replaced the Chao in Liquidation Circuit. Canyon Cascade had a minor texturing fix. Opulence Zone had an optimization fix.
8/16/2020: 9.0 Lubrication Lagoon slides into this track pack. Liquidation Circuit has been invaded by some new badniks and had its layout altered slightly. Wave Dimension had some visual upgrades and the gay babies have been released. Opulence Zone had its gold polished by about 20%. Motobug Motorway has had its lighting taught a lesson about how night works for its encore. Splashdown is about 10% Splashier. Canyon Cascade was informed of its death in V2, and is now depressed.
9/17/2020: 9.1.3 Mostly contains some shortcut friction removal with the 1.3 offroad change, and some minor visual updates. Splashdown Motobug hazards were taught to take a more predictable path as well. The super easy lawnmower cut in Ballistic Reef is just gone now. Saw too many gifs and videos of it being abused, SO I TOOK AWAY YOUR TOYS! SUFFER! MUAHAHA
11/8/2020: 10.0 Three new tracks make their debut. Splashdown had some death pits given their knives back. The conveyer belts in Liquidation should once again work correctly. Ballistic Reef continues to be ignored. Motobug Motorway is now 20% more buggy. No one knows what this means. Lubrication Lagoon rejected its name change. It denied being changed to Lube Lake. The Opulence carpet is now 60% less moving FoFs, and should stop shanking software in its tender kidneys. Results may vary for the tenderest of kidneys, for they are juicy, and Opulence demands flesh.
Current Update: 1/2/2021: 10.1 Misc Bug fixes. Too lazy to be clever.
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Welcome to Releases!

This is a nice little entry map you got there. If I could give any feedback, it's that the lighting feels a little too uniform at times. Adding some darker areas goes a long way, perhaps somewhere in the 160-180 brightess range. No other complaints, though, the track design is fun!
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V2 is released! you should make a comment on the thread once it updates so it can go up in the releases thread, also adding the map pack's version to the name would be convenient
I didn't wanna bump the thread the same day I made it. XD

V2: Canyon Cascade was added!

Known Issues:
I'm aware the checkpoints on Liquidation Circuit are causing player shuffling. Working on a fix.

Player shuffling on Canyon Cascade while in the shared road section is probably gonna happen due to the way it had to be designed to function.

Canyon Cascade will be receiving the Map Hell tag in the next update.

Canyon Cascade is going to have the second vertex slope modified slightly to increase visibility in the next update.

Edit: Version 3 should address these issues, aside from Canyon Cascades design.
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Version 4 is officially released.

This update includes the new sprint track: Splashdown Zone! Give it a try.
Wow. I just tried Splashdown Zone and its really, really fun.

I'm a big fan of what I like to call Marathon Maps, basically tracks that don't loop but are just very long with a start and finish, and I have to say this one is by far my favourite one to date.

Really great job on, it looks good, the turns are clean, I love that the track splits into multiple routes every now and then, and the atmosphere I think is spot on. The effort that went into this map truly shines.

You really nailed it, well done.
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Okay. So I was made aware I forgot the musicdef for Splashdown. Whoops. I will make sure that and the fact I forgot Chevrons in one of section 2s areas will be fixed. XD
V4.1 Update has been released. Notes in the main post. Mostly to fix things I forgot in Splashdown but some minor updates to the other two tracks as well.
I need to race on the other two tracks more, but Splashdown's theming really impressed me on my first run through it. I'll try to give you something more concrete in the future.
Few issues i've got with splash down zone

This turn right here is just outright not telegraphed at all. You enter it from a sloped turn into a section that looks like i need to go straight into a right, but its an immediate left into the right that is legit unreadable as seen below

The left part of the water section outright just shoots you into a pit. I don't know what else what to say other than to add a bunch of track on this side so you can safely swerve into the turn after and not get chucked into the pit as seen below

Last one is more of a nitpick but I found the underwater sections colormap sorta just makes everything blur together and look samey which could lead to people reading sections wrong. The bubble arrows especially are super hard to see unless you just stop to see that they're even there

Version 5 has been released

This new version includes a new track, Ballistic Reef Zone! Feel free to try it out.
Version 5.1 has been released

This version mostly squashes bugs and grants some visual upgrades to all 4 tracks. I promise, the poly object has been properly tethered and will not wander off in a random direction in Ballistic Reef anymore. Can't stop it from performing the yeet cannon if you hit it just right though, thats just polyobject things.
Wave Dimension Zone has been officially released

Fresh on the heels of it being revealed in JartCast, the track is now out for the masses. Enjoy it, then promptly ignore it and remind me constantly of how good Splashdown is.
Wave Dimension is pretty dang fun. The collectible spheres were a really nice touch as well. Your track layouts always seem to be on point. Major kudos! I do have a small critique and that would be the shading of the mini map. It blends in with the blue at the starting position of the track, making it difficult to see.

I really like the graphical overhaul on Liquidation Circuit. It wasn't quite as pretty as the other tracks and this fixes that nicely. The new remixes are also well chosen. All in all impressive work once again!
Following some small edits based on its Jartcast review, Opulence Zone joins the roster of tracks in the Ivo Industries pack and is ready for all you dirty, dirty racers to muss up the expensive rugs with rotting banana peels.
These honestly have to be some of the best maps I've ever played in Kart.

I remember at first being a bit unimpressed when all I saw was Liquidation Circuit on some random netgames, but I came to like this map as well over time, and was pretty much sold by the time Splashdown came around.

Right now Opulence is definitely my favourite map with how much attention to detail it has (kicking gems and coins around on the last half-pipe stretch is such a little thing but it makes it feel so good!) and how fun it is to drive around overall, the MKWii tier waving carpet comes to mind.
Though that's not to say the other maps aren't memorable as they all have something to stand out like going backwards on Cascade Canyon, the spheres in Wave Dimension that make the map a lot more dynamic to play, or the overall menacing aesthetic of Ballistic Reef.

I do overall have a few directionning issues in Splashdown. However, I think you should be able to get around those by simply making your arrows twice as big so that they stand out more, and maybe use a more contrasting colour for the entire arrow. They're definitely here, but I can barely see them in the heat of action.

Keep up the good work, hope to see more from you!


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These honestly have to be some of the best maps I've ever played in Kart.

...truncated to prevent massive unneeded quote...

Keep up the good work, hope to see more from you!

Makes me happy to hear people enjoy my things. So thanks for sharing. As for issues with Splashdown, I have heard them. I heard it from multiple places, and I know I've made several releases without addressing it, so I just wanna say: I'm not ignoring anyone. I just haven't done it because Splashdown is due for a bit of an overhaul with the new tech I've learned for both visuals and mechanics, but due to its size as a sprint map, its a daunting project to start when I could use the time to make something entirely new.

For reference: It took 2 and a half weeks about to just make Splashdown how it is (then many more tweeks over the following 2 weeks as I noticed issues). It took about 4 days to get Opulence to a point where it was finished, with just some tweaks here and there as I got private feedback, and a final hour to implement changes I noticed were problematic in Jartcast. (And if we want to be super serious, the initial Canyon Cascade release literally only took a single day to create)

So in regards to Splashdown, I have plans to make it more lively and update the directional signage for sure. As well as making the texturing and detailing more interesting and unique. So it's gonna happen at some point, and I have been slowly amassing new textures to use on it. I just need to put it all together at some point.

So thanks again, and look forward to more new fun things soon. I haven't lost steam yet. :P

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