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Hi, im OmegaZer0 and i like playing Srb2, Among Us, Sonic GT and also the Sonic SMS 1 and 2 remakes of Creative Araya, i really like making new friends and i hope we can be good pals.
I am TotallyProperUsername (or just call me Wario i guess), i'm 21 years old and i like to sprite, ALOT.
I like videogames and i also help with some games to get them done.
Never played Deathmatch/CTF/Battle Mode but it sounds like i am gonna have pain there due to the fact that people use rings as "bullets" and they might have better aim than myself.
Otherwise i mostly play SRB2 for the addons, i should probably beat the actual game sometime.

Oh right, i love Wario. :)


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Never played Deathmatch/CTF/Battle Mode but it sounds like i am gonna have pain there due to the fact that people use rings as "bullets" and they might have better aim than myself.

Deathmatch and CTF are what's generally referred to as "ringslinger" gametypes and do have a lot of FPS like mechanics in them. Battle is a mod and doesn't have the same mechanics as ringslinger; it's more akin to a platform fighter.

Welcome to the forums!


well I feel like I might be late to introductions since I've been on the forums for quite some time now but better late than never I guess
I am human
I like wads
that is all I am willing to say


i wont be online again until 8/6/22
introducing myself a little late... but here goes. I am maze master7! i actually suck at mazes. i was going to be a mapper but i suck at that so that dream went down pretty quick. i now just sit here in the corner wishing i knew about srb2 sooner. but i have a pretty minor role in the releases section thanks to my model of the crewmate. also wish i was born pre-2007. would have been cool to have seen this game grow into what it is now.


I guess I introducing myself a late. But my name is SSGSS Gohan. Just call me Gohan for short. I heard about this game way back when 2.2 came out.


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Hi! My name is "MIDIMan", and I have a huge interest in the MIDI standard (as you can probably tell from my username). I create and upload MIDIs to under the moniker "N0@H1991".

I started playing SRB2 near the end of the final demo era (possibly 1.09.4), but I didn't do any serious modding until 2.1 came out. That was around the same time I discovered these forums, which I lurked for years until finally joining the message board proper.

Besides MIDI, I also enjoy programming, drawing, and composing original music.


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Hey :P

I know i joined a while back in 2020, but i didn't introduce myself then so i guess ill do it now.

Hello, I am Trey (i would find that quite obvious) i go by Trey in netgames (wow) and despite me only making this account in 2020, i have been playing since SRB2ME. Thats pretty much it.


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Just realized I never posted here. My name is Chezi and I joined the SRB2 community back in August 2020, primarily through the Discord server. You probably know me as the guy who is trying to bring TerminalMontage's Sonic into SRB2.

I'm a huge fan of video games and I started trying to make mods for SRB2 because I think it might be able to help me in my quest to become a fully-fledged Game Developer. My favorite types of games tend to fall into the platforming category, but my favorite games are almost always made by Nintendo, with the number 1 spot belonging to Super Smash Bros. My favorite character in across any media is King Dedede.


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hey'all, ryan here. so, ya may know me as IT Ryan [FA/SO/NX]/that one fool who always plays fang for some god forsaken reason from those SRB2 netgame servers y'all younglings never discuss. well, i began in december of last year [2020] and i have more or less just been lurkin' 'round, makin' a skin color and a music mod, both i have yet to release [the skin colors are more or less finished, it's just the example's im worryin' 'bout, as they're made from scratch due to the generator not givin' me the results i wanted, as for the music mod, im still workin' on it.]
anyway, so me? well, im ur everyday fool, nothing more, nothing less. i like to draw, write, and voice act, altho i have yet to perfect all three. i like platformers, obviously [why would i be here otherwise?], action RPGs [specifically the paper mario and mario & luigi kind, although both could be quite a slog till you realize what the fuck ur doin'], mario kart, and smash. in fact, you'll see me quite a lot on srb2, kart, 8, and 4 wii u [i don't have a switch] quite a lot for this purpose, me goin' under the monicker of "RealRyan10229" on 8 & 4, while me goin' under the usual "IT Ryan" on srb2 & kart. i run The Nostalgia Zone, a server that uses the 2.1 levels mod and is based on, well, the nostalgia for pre 2.2 srb2. i wanna make it dedicated sometime, but due to me not having anything to make it run 24/7, it's currently just a server i host when im bored. anyway, that's enough for me, what about you?


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never posted here, might as well make my presence known somewhat

yo, name's kosmo. i play fighting games and srb2kart. joined the kart community somewhere around early 2019 and i've had a hell of a good time since.

i don't really play srb2, but i dabble in it from time to time. i like a stable online game, but srb2 certainly isn't one of those atm lol.

as for what games i play, which are mostly anime fighters:
- Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2
- Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (i shorten it down to +r)
- Blazblue Centralfiction
- Garou: Mark of The Wolves
- Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (i shorten it down to melty)
- Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (i shorten it down to 3s, i play on fightcade only)
- Team Fortress 2
- Lethal League Blaze (this game is a masterpiece please play it if you can)

other things that i think is worth pointing out:
- favorite character of all time is Faust (i switch it up to Slayer on halloween because he's a vampire, how can i not)
- favorite antagonist of all time is Yuuki Terumi
- i play on keyboard (and mouse if it's needed) for practically everything i play


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Well, since I never introduced myself I might as well do it now. I'm LegoLoco7. I play a lot of Sonic, and make a lot of Sonic mods.

How I found out about SRB2:
I learned about SRB2 via YouTube I think. By then, I somehow had SRB2 confused with Sonic Xtreme. Later on, I realized they were different games, but I thought Sonic Team Junior was actually associated with SEGA/Sonic Team. I also thought at the time that I had to run the game using a special program and a PK3 or something like that, so I hesitated to try it because I didn't really wanna do all that then. Even later on, I decided to take the plunge and try it after seeing some more YouTube videos. I then realized it was just an EXE and that Sonic Team Junior was not associated with SEGA/Sonic Team and that it was one of the oldest Sonic fangames ever. When I tried it in October last year, I loved it. It has been one of my favorite fangames ever since. My mind is blown that Sonic Team Junior updates this game still. Awesome job, STJr! :wonderful:


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Ok, hi. I like snocc and have been playing SRB2 since the final demo era (demo 1.01-1.094). I was on the old MB under the name, AverageSockFan. Yall probably didnt see me bc I wasnt online on the MB most of the time.
Lol. Happy Birthday! :threat:
Thanks a lot!:wonderful: (also ignore the first part)


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Hello my name im Reddispenser but you can just call me Redd and i like snoci the hegoge and also team fortress 69 , I actually learned about this game about 2 years ago becuz of a garrulous video,
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