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Hi Yall, I go by Grinachi. I used to be a part of this fourms many moons ago under the name Grinace. I started playing Srb2 back around 2002-2003 did some sprite work for a wad or two. I've always loved Srb2 and I am a huge fan of Srb2k, I ocassionaly stream the game on twitch under my current name and I am currently working on a little animation that I call Station Zero!

Nice to meet you all and its awesome to be back.


Maelstrom Of The Wind
Okay, who the fuck are we finna curb stomp!?👀 ON MY MAMA, WE GONNA PULL UP WIT' THE STRAP--
'Sup, everyone! The name's Wind_Runner22 but y'all can call me either "Maelstrom 22" or just Wind for short. I haven't been around a lot since I created the account a while back but I occasionally stop by. I lurk around and kick back in the forums, watching chaos unfold while I sip on my Arizona Half Lemonade/Tea and eat my sloppy joes. I also have about maybe 13 years of being a Sonic fan under my belt, to the point of me being a nerd about it. I'm a pretty chill dude and pretty easy to get along with so long as you aren't a prick or dishonest with me. I recently got into playing SRB2 and Kart (Back in what, either 2019 or 2018?) and I have a lot of fun playing the game whenever I have time. Welp, that's all I am going to say right now.
Ciao, peeps.


Sonic history researcher
Hi, I'm Sparcknik I am an aspiring programmer I also do ugly animations. I've been a fan of Sonic for a long time. I like fangames and I plan to do them when I have time, for now I will focus on doing something from time to time.
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Greenie Puffial

Some green man.
Hello there, just call me Greenie Puffial or Greenie that's also fine. I first experienced SRB2 during it's 2.1 days (sometime before 2.2 was announced I think), although the majority of my playtime has been spent on 2.2.
Decided to actually register after about a year or so of lurking as a guest on the board (only really started to do so after 2.2's release) because I felt like I probably should at this point, then I can actually contribute to conversations and all that jazz on the forums.


you best believe boi!
hi my name is Neonhedgehog im huge srb2 fan ive been playing srb2 sinse the last version of Final demo
im making a 2D remake of srb2 btw and im also making a srb2 mod called Mafia sonic the hedgehog (still making the sprites if anyone asking)
i mostly go back to 2.1 for nostalgia reasons and i like to watch srb2 2.2 speedruns and srb2 reviews on youtube and even play srb2 spitscreen with my littel brother and my friends that all about my self for now


Hey all, ProfEisner here, I am part of the many that found out about SRB2 through Alpharad, and I've loved the game ever since.
I have never played 2.1, but I might one day, and I am a very big fan of Fang, he is probably my most played base game character, that's pretty much all you need to know about me.

Mr Kixx Reborn

Let's give it all we got!
A lot of you may know me but I'm just gonna do it anyway, I'm Kixx Reborn, but you can call me Kixx for short. I've been in the srb2 community ever since the 2.0 days and I started to like the game and the modding community, and boy was it worth it


Lua Beginner
Hey, community, I'm Jer2612, tracker and DAW composer. My friend group is a bit controversial around here. But I'd say I'm chill to be around.

Dr Pants

The Gun Bun
Heya! I'm Dr Pants. I've been lurking around for many years, but I'm gonna try to start being active here. Think I first came across this game on an orange magazine disk way back in the day. If anyone knows which one I'm talking about, I'd love to see it!


head empty only sluggo
Ooh boy. Jig's up, ain't it? Well, the closeted cat's out of the bag now...

Anyways, hello! My name is pobert-eii. That's lowercase, mind you. Pronouns are he/him.
I am a chiptune arranger/composer who mainly deals with PSGs and FM chips. At one point, I used to draw., but not really now? I fucking LOVE comics, but more specifically the works of Ernie Bushmiller. That man is a unsung hero of surreal gags and knew how to make a damn COMIC.

I am a long-time veteran/oldbie of the SRB2 community, with a history that dates all the way back to 2013. To say that I've "seen some shit" is a understatement.


I first came across SRB2 in the ancient days of 2009 when I came across a (by today's standards) shitty Tails Doll .wad video, where I downloaded it and began my first ever playthrough... where I had trouble with THZ1 because of those fucking purple pools. God, I've always hated those things.

I didn't really start getting into the scene until about 2012-ish and later October 2013, where at a insanely young age I began netgaming. I used to be known back then as... Bun.
That era... WAS AN TOXIC INFLUENCE TO MY MINDSET HAHAHA. It was a different time back then, where slopes were hailed as "the one thing that can't happen" and Mystic Realm and Tortured Planet were tolerated since that was literally all people could make at the time.

I was around to witness the start of 2.1 and much of the questionable choices made by "The Old Guard" (the original admin team), and I witnessed much of this community grow and create some of the most outlandish and creative shit you could possibly imagine (believe it or not, SUGOI was huge for its time). I once considered getting into the modding scene, but The Old Guard was INCREDIBLY strict at the time. I should probably get back to it, but better late than never I guess...

Around 2017 - 2021 though, I kinda began neglecting my involvement in the SRB2 scene. I was around fully to witness the 2.2 launch and Kart release, sure, but I wasn't REALLY getting into the scene as much as I used to. The factors are very complex involving personal drama, LGBT identity issues, The Old Guard being even more bitter, but the point is I'm pretty much back now. I haven't really been checking out the more recent mods with much more freedom with the Old Guard gone, but maybe I will sometime. I shall look forward to what this community has to offer now!

(psst, this new forum setup is absolutely kickass. keep it up!)


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im rox and im 19
i don't know if i have a superiority complex or if im actually just superior
i don't like bill gates
i really don't like bill gates
i hate bill gates
some speculate I am bill gates
i tell good stories
I don't capitalize the first letter of my sentences
im banned from discord wink wink


i do Mods and levels packs I am simple =P
ok I introduce myself I am ** years old, personal forgiveness and I do not want to say it for now * if I am over 13 * my name (not complete) is: Emmanuel Isaac
I am from the Mexican language and my name that I now use is Asimpleplayer because almost all my previous names ehhh are with my name, example emmanuelplays, etc. Now my head gave me this idea of a name and well, haha Okay for me, I love programming, video game development ... And I'm doing my first mod for SRB2 and then also level packs for the game and though I barely know how to use Lua, I'll do my best and that's it! greetings to whoever reads this. * I have a YT channel and it IS NOT PROMOTION, I will only make updates to my mod when I can and also to the new levels that I will implement for SRB2 *


Welcome to Station Square.
Heya, i am TotallyProperUsername
Im just, your average Sonic fan who also likes SRB2 i guess
I like to make sprites and i am still bad at SRB2K Drifiting


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Hi, I'm Raccoon/Rabbit Jefferson, uhhhh I'm 14 and I like SRB2.
I like to draw, play games, act weird, ask a lot of questions, and sonic, my favorite Sonic game as of now is Sonic adventure.
I'm Philip Founders, an experienced procrastinator. I love to do various stuff, I'm trying to make music, digital art and even an original videogame. I'm a sociophobe, yet I'm always happy to meet new friends.

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