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Hi there! I am KomaGamer65, but you can just call me Koma. I don't really have a lot to say about myself, but I can share a few things!

For one, I have been a massive Sonic fan ever since I played Advance 3 when I was 4 years old. Stuck with the series through thick and thin, and it always remained as my favorite franchise. Fast game-play that is consistently fun, nothing satisfies me more!

Secondly, I've been following the development of this incredible fan game for a while now, I don't remember when exactly but I know it was before 2.2. I realized I never made an account on the forums, despite frequenting it for a while, so here we are! Been playing the single player, and a lot of the modded content available here, and it's been a blast!

And lastly, I have a ton of respect for anyone who takes the time to make custom content for this game. It is really inspiring witnessing all of the characters, levels, and even complete game-play changes taking form. Just know that what you all do is very cool, and you have a ton of respect from me!

That about covers it for me. Have a nice day!


Hey, my name is Robbie. I doubt anyone here would remember except maybe a few admins but roughly around 10 years ago, 9 year old me went on here as "The Speed Breaker" with some concepts for character wads and got shut down instantly lol. Mostly cause i couldn't draw at the time (must say the constructive critcism worked in the end, going to College to sit my first year of Illustration end of the year.) So search it up if you want a laugh or "Robbie The HedgeBoy SRB2" on google.

Been playing this game at 6 years old and getting back into it at 19. loving everything in this new update so far and what better time to play it due to lockdown?


Hey hey hey! I'm _Lusty_, an individual with the intelligence of a garden gnome.

I'm a fanatic for videogames, music, and always up for knowing a new fact everyday.

I'm just a dude who got more into SRB2K, but SRB2 is just as fine :P


I'm Soufon, and I've been lurking on these forums since the 2.1 days, and playing since 1.09.4, so why not finally make an account?


Fish Delish
Great greetings! I'm FishingCroagunk, and I've been playing SRB2K for quite some time now. I enjoy playing with my friends! I make art sometimes, both literary and visual. I'm slowly learning how to my own kart characters. I'm a 21 year old college student. I've also been a few various forums over the years like KOTW. I know the rules of the forums, and will abide by them. SRB2K is among those games me and my online friends play a lot, including Smash Bros and Jackbox. I hope to be a great forum member.


Hello. I'm Mario9919. I've been following Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart for awhile. I was thinking of trying to make racers but not sure how good I would be at it. I hope to fit in with everyone here.


Hi. Gambit here. I also go by MastaGambit on Youtube, Soundcloud, Discord, Steam, and other places. 26 years old. Just tryna make the best of it out here on this bitch of an earth. You can view my profile to see what my interests are. I have a deep love and appreciation for game music. A few "oldbies" here (as they're apparently referred to lol) may recognize me from the VGMusic Discord, etc. I won't name 'em here, but shoutouts if you know of me and are reading this!

I've been "aware" of the existence of Sonic Robo Blast for a long time, but I personally never really cared about it like everyone else here. No offense, but I always kinda just saw it as A) a Doom mod, and B) this uncannily neat project... for kids. Never really got the appeal, personally. Always thought the style was incredibly stale, and I always rolled my eyes seeing the name "Robo Blast" in the title. But that was of course because I never knew the history behind it. It wasn't until this year that I learned about all this stuff from some friends of mine.

So, back around November last year, I ended up reconnecting with several old friends of mine whom I met almost 6 years ago... as well as another friend of mine whom i've known for around 9 years, after having left off on a particularly unsavory point a few yrs ago. After clearing everything up and getting to know them again, they introduced me to Kart. Y'know, SRB2 Kart. This quickly eventually led to introducing me to SRB2 v2.2, after it was released. I had already known that that the latter friend had been into SRB2 for a long time (I wanna say as early as 1.09? could be wrong), as I remember him talking about it often every now and then. But I had no idea how many others among my friends were into it as well. Or that one of them had been playing it since they were 3 years old lol. We've often ended up netplaying 2.2 co-op & Kart while shouting on Discord every other weekend. I've ended up learning a LOT about SRB2's history from some of them, just by sheer word of mouth. They even know a few devs here in some capacity. It's caused me to start pouring over the Wiki to absorb more about it, as well as these here forums. Said friend of 9 yrs also ended up teaching me some of the ropes of Zone Builder & Slade a couple months back. But i've since become a little rusty on that, and will need to return to the test map I made with him to try to reteach myself everything (especially slopes and FoF'ing... >_>). Because believe it or not, I actually have some pretty demanding ideas in store that I wish to capitalize on.

So, yeah. That's me. Not sure what else to say now. If I had anything else I wanted to say, I must've forgotten it by now, as i've had this window open all day today, just adding to it as I go about my day. A total newb who, in the process of picking up some stray pieces of my life, has garnered a tiny enough bit of interest in this knick of the woods to now decide to make an account. Though it appears I already made an account last month? Hmm, must've already intended to do this earlier and then forgot about it or something. lol


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Hey everyone!
I'm Eis-Kold, that one guy who has all the ideas but no means of turning them into realities. I go by IceTheHottest on most platforms (YouTube, Steam, Twitch… and most other places), but Eis-Kold is the name that I use on most games (and I doubt it's original). I have a potato PC that I'm soon looking to ditch and I want to make content mainly for my own enjoyment. I'm a big fan of the platforming genre, although you can also catch me playing fighters, platform fighters (who would've guessed?), RPGs, racers, and FPS games.

I genuinely don't remember how I got into SRB2, but knowing my younger Sonic-obsessed self, it was probably through YouTube or some YTP. The first version I played was probably 2.0, and I've been an avid supporter ever since! As for my first Sonic game, it was either 06 or Colors.

I consider myself a talented writer and aspiring photographer, and I draw on the side as a hobby despite the fact that I don't consider myself a good artist. I'm also a sucker for spicy foods and a good anime.

My talents aside… as a person, I'm pretty introverted and socially awkward. I try my best to be social online but sometimes even that is difficult, so you'll catch me lurking here 'n there. My main goal in this life is to do something, or be someone, memorable — to leave behind a legacy that people will cherish, even if only for a generation or so.

It's a pleasure being part of this community, and I hope I can become good friends with you all!


Local Idiot

My name is SeproDep. I'm a kid who plays video games and that's about it.
My stupidity often gets the better of me, but I always try to behave.
I often go by different names elsewhere on the internet. SuperDoom1 and UltraSUPRA are common, and my YouTube channel is called Fish Activation.
My laptop is a craptop.

Swearing is bad.


Hey guys, my name is Authur, and I'm some dumb gooey boi trying to get a job in both IT and web design. Like many here on the MB, I grew up playing Sonic games since I was like five years old in the 90s. I also remember not quite being able to beat any of them until I was almost an adult. Anyway, I've been playing SRB2 since I quietly joined the MB in October of 2009, and I dunno if it was through word of mouth or seeing it on YouTube, but I got very curious about the game and decided to give it a go.

The rest, as they say, is history. Mostly of me being a socially awkward and very quiet lurker until now.

It wasn't until finally trying v2.2 a few days ago for a full playthrough that I finally felt like coming out of my shell and properly introducing myself in the hopes of making a good amount of friends here in what I can safely say is quite possibly one of the most amazing fangame communities out there. So amazing, in fact, that I honestly want to start mapping and maybe even get into drawing my own custom textures for said maps. I can't guarantee anything mind blowing, but I'll try to make it fun. Just know that I'm a little biased towards SP levels and I'm actually kind of a big fan of Circuit levels. That might change in the future the more I get involved with this game and the community, however.

I love how suddenly this game has been transformed into an amazing production of much, much higher quality, and it would be an honor to create content for it. It would also be pretty cool to get to know you guys, especially if you got any pointers, be they for getting some tough-to-get emblems or any tricks of the mapping trade I should probably be aware of.

I'm also part of the Discord server, so don't be afraid to say "hi."


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Hey people.

How's it going? Name's the one in the screen.

SRB2Kart player for a long time, I've recorded some personal videos for the game (Shoutouts to Chengi who made Sakura Shinguji and Vote4waifu who inspired me to record gameplay).

My favorite vanilla tracks are Casino Palace, Megablock Castle and Hill Top Zone.


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Hello, let me introduce myself (since I've never done that). I'm Ezer'Arch. I joined SRB2MB a few.... um... years ago.

I made a bunch of maps and stuff in the past and a slope.

Since you people liked my slope so much, I'm back, it seems. ^^'
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i'm supahsta (you can call me supes if you want)
been a sonic fan since the 2010s
and i discovered srb2 in the late 2.1 days
this community is cool and i can see why so many people are in it


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Well, ehm... Hello.

I've played this game for more than 2 years now, but I never created a MB account until April 14th.

I usually go to Spectrum's server to chill out a lil' bit.

Kinda worried about the community though... I don't want the MB to turn into a wasteland before 2022.

The Dommo

I exist.
Uh, hi?
I'm GamerDomCool. My password is *****. (If you think it blocked that it was a joke.) I like SRB2 a ton. Honestly, I even have a soft spot for the TGF version sf SRB1 (The SAGE 2020 version too). I like memes too. I have not played SRB2 for a long time (I first got it this year. 2020 if you're reading this in the future) and I already think it's my favorite Sonic fan game. I cannot mod so I only got an account so I could give my opinion on mods.
Hi? I'm Brand New


I'm brand new. I was just looking at Nostalgic Games 🎮 and toys from my childhood then stumbled upon this board. I'm not a die hard fan or expert but I hope that's okay...
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