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Posted in a couple areas already, but hey there! Long time lurker here, you can call me Will. Been playing since 2.0 and loved every second of it. I don't have much in terms of artistic creativity to put on the table, but I do have a penchant for writing and hope to apply that to reviews of cool (or uncool) addons.
Not exactly a 'new' member here, but I've been gone for long enough for me to make a point in posting here I think.

So hey, I usually go by the username handle ZEROrevive nowadays, but back in the day I used to be called Super Sonic, or "SS" feel free to stick with calling me that.

I've been away from the sonic fandom a long, long time. And recently started dipping back into it- including with SRB2. Been a player since at least the middle of the final demo days (Back when I was maybe 15), and stopped playing towards the end of the final demo versions. So things like having slopes, a revamp in-game OST and all the revamped levels were quite the big change for me coming back.

My main interest comes in playing with addons, since I used to help play test and give ideas for some maps back in the day. It's great to see it modding community booming now...!

I'm mostly a lurker these days, But I might chip in where/when I feel comfortable to do so. Otherwise, don't mind me- just poking around.
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