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Welcome to the SRB2 forums! Introduce yourself to the forum here. Please make sure to read the forum rules and abide by common sense. Enjoy your stay at the SRB2 message board. If you are an older member of the forums, feel free to make an introduction in this topic as well.

To start off, I am Mystic, one of the administrators. I'm a 21 year old male (at the time of writing this) from Herndon, VA, and I have been with this project for five years now. I enjoy playing video games, watching anime, and am horribly addicted to Magic the Gathering. I am the creator of Mystic Realm, as well as a majority of SRB2's multiplayer stages.


And I am Dark Warrior, My real name is Rob Tisdell, an 18 year old man who loves SRB2, and Sonic games in general. I've been here for over a year now. I've found an interest in graphics and design, and and am constantly trying to improve my skills there. I live in Worcester, Massachusetts, and am a home-schooled high-school student.


I am Bouncy, I like video games, I like rocking out to some allsome music, my most favourite band is LimpBizkit.

I have been here for a few months and I hope my grammar and spelling is better then I started off.

And I am a really lame grey recolor of Sonic with added on springs *Shot*.


I am Torgo, my username is based on this horrible movie. I am a fan of Mystery Science theater 3000 (got canceled long ago) which makes fun of the movie mentioned on the link.
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Why did they remove Grey
I am JJames, though you may call me James or the most popular one, JJ. I'm 17 years old and live in the country, AKA to the east of Seattle, Washington. I'm a young veteran at the game and at map making (and by young, I mean I haven't been a vet that long) and, as told by Mystic, am one of the few graphically competent people here, next to SSNTails and Tets. I'm not as good at map making or at SRB2 as say, Mystic, FuriousFox and Tets but I try my best and hope to be just as good one day.

It's nice to have goals. =P


WR 102
Greetings to whom is reading this.

I go by the alias of 'Flame' on many sites, messageboards, and the like. Though if you really want to be curious about my name, it is Jonathan. The alias 'Flame' is based off of my fan character who is a hedgehog with a name as simple as that. I am currently 18, turning 19 this October. This being said, I have nothing to lose by giving out my name, except my pants.

I'm a type of guy who strives to use correct punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure in whatever form of text based protocol. I often try and use some form of vocabulary beyond my comprehension, of course I fail to do so in the end sometimes.
I blame this for the fact that I have spent a few years here, realizing what mistakes I have made and so on. Of course emoticons are strongly discouraged as I hear, so you won't see me very often using a smiley of any sort.

I'm quite a bit of a tech freak. Basically, when I'm not in school, I am on my computer or doing/watching/playing something other that is electronical (Eg. TV, Video Games, the list goes on). I spend a lot of time on my computer, practically as much time as I possibly can on it, even if I have homework to do that night. You might be able to say I have developed skills in some form of management or moderation of some kind. Of course, I'm just putting this out there.

I do like to draw from time to time, but most of the time I wind up drawing something that is related to SEGA or it's mascot, Sonic the hedgehog in some way, shape, or form. I can't help it if I like SEGA and it's material that it produces

Call me a SEGA freak, or whatever you will, I just figure that I might enjoy my time here being here.
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Sonic Team Junior
I am Shuffle, I'm 17. I like to program stuff and tinker with SRB2 (that's the same thing, actually.. :X). I may not be as good as JTE, SSN, Logan, or Alam, but I'm trying to get better ;P.
I am very, very slow and seldom actually finish my projects. One of said projects is TML, but I have every intent in finishing that one.
Other interests: Video games, Porn, video games, computers, video games.
Avid Wii supporter.


Hi, I'm KingofFlames, I'm 15, and I currently map for SRB2(though I make small cramped rooms as everyone says >.>;), and GZDoom, which is one of the many ports for Doom. I also do weapon modding like TheDarkArchon, which I recently started doing and I like it. I can also draw but I suck badly at it, so I try to draw weapons but they don't come out very well....
Da name's Halkel. Halkel D. Thunderhog, I'm a hyperactive Thunderhog willing to be there for the needy (which of course i can't personally but i have high hopes) and i also sprite on my spare time (unfortunatly not usable for SRB2 but i will make some one day). We hope you enjoy your stay here at the SRB2 Fourms (let me know if i'm overdoing it.)


Hello, I'm Carnage. I am 15 years old and I live in Miami, Florida. I am currently in the 10th grade and I have been playing SRB2 for about a year or more. I've registered in the forums a few moths ago because that is when I've found it. I love playing video games and I like rap, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, and rock music. I suck at making characters and I haven't tried out map making, but I will soon. :mrgreen:


I'm Kiro (Santy)

I play maple story, and check my email... Sometimes i might play a netgame or two.


Emblem Radar Ready
Glaber Co.

Username's Glaber
Real Name Anthony
age 19 for 12 days then I'll be 20

I have played SRB2 on and off time and again. This is currently one of my on times. I recently started Wadding with my first work being the Spiral Mountain Battle Field (WiP). I'm also working on a Jazz Style Special Stage (the game not the music) and a Jazz Character WAD (proof coming soon).


My name is Sonict

My real life name is: Colin Pfaff

I have been browsing on these forums for about 6 months now. I enjoy playing SRB2, EVE-Online, and FPS's games. I have heard of this game since demo 4.32, but I never bothered to sign up in the forums or chat at the time as I was shy and didn't really have internet back then. You may have seen a couple of my maps in the contests on this forum and I am trying to make them better.

Thats all for now,


EDIT: oops, I forgot to put my age here. I am 20 years old and was born on April 1, 1986 at around 11:45 PM EST.

shadow the fox

Old Shame account.
hey im shadow the fox(STF for short). Im *Age concealed* and love video games. ive been on the fourms since july and playing the game since its 3rd demo. i am a veterian sort of. Also N00Bs that come in last in races make me laugh.

ive meet friends over netgames and on the MB(in fact, im well known on netgames as SSNwolf). :mrgreen:


Hi, i'm booman77. i'm relatively new here, but i played the games before.....

oh god this feels like my oral and written communications class


It's Mr. Computer!
I'm FoxBlitzz. I'm 16 and I'm in my Sophomore year in High School (My mom had me take an extra year of preschool). While I was into Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (2004-2005) I rediscovered SRB2 and started to get into playing it again (First time I discovered it was back on Demo 3). I abandoned JJ2 shortly after. Not like its CTF mode was any good.

In SRB2, I have made a couple multiplayer levels so far, but not many. Perhaps this'll pick up someday? I also have a Work-In-Progress 3D Yoshi character WAD I'm working on, with all my own artwork, but only the standing frames exist. It'll probably be finished in two years at this rate. D: On IRC, I host the FriendCodeBot (originally I coded it, then I had Arrow optimize and redo the code, so he manages the code now), and I host and maintain the #SRB2Fun statistics page.

I've also started work on numerous games, though only a few of them are finished (and those are the kind that are small and where you submit high-scores on).

On my public FTP (which can be accessed through my WWW profile link) you will find two EXE files, Ball.exe and CoonEarly.exe. Ball was a game I was working on back in Game Maker 4, where you control a bouncing ball that can jump. Unfortunately, it was skippy, buggy, and the jump code I used was incorrect. Due to Game Maker's lousy collision code, the ball would also get stuck in corners when moving too fast. CoonEarly.exe was a basic engine test I made in Game Maker 6, showing off much better and less buggy movement, which also contained a method to get the stuck ball unstuck. Of course, I start so many games (who doesn't?) and I never really get to complete them. Hopefully I'll get around to finishing one of my bigger projects... someday.


Hi, guys. =) My name is Callum Dickinson, I'm a 17 year old college student from Wellington, New Zealand. I am one of the coding assistants for SRB2, but I also quite enjoy developing levels. I am fluent in English and have been learning Japanese for 5 years now (which is also about the time I've been in this community), in 2012 I plan to go to study in Japan for university.
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With parts made in Japan
Hello, yoshibot here. I'm 16, and what you might call the village idiot around here. Usually I have a lot of free time, and a few wide-open access points near me if I'm needed to host something.
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